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Patience in Love

In romantic love, there are times when the virtue of patience can play an important role in a couple's future. As people learn about each other in their relationship, as the bonds of love grow, it's not ... read more

Succeed in Love

As with every other area of existence, a rewarding and long lasting love life requires attention and planning. Yet, somehow, most of us expect our one true soulmate to suddenly materialize so that ... read more

Sound Business Advice

A business reading can be much like a relationship reading. People call to get the best dates to begin a new business relationship, find out what the future looks like and learn how to navigate roadblocks ... read more

Same Sex, Same Issues?

Whatever your partner's gender, most relationships aren't just blissful candlelight dinners and snuggles on Sunday mornings. Disagreements can erupt over almost anything, from hot-button topics like money ... read more
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