The 12 Days of Gratitude

Our California Psychics believe that living with gratitude makes life, richer, fuller and much more abundant. Hence, in the spirit of giving and receiving, we’re celebrating the 12 days “before” Christmas with a blessings countdown – and you can join in! Let our psychics show you how to extend your gratitude through the season and beyond.

Simply begin or end each day by reflecting on the good things you did, saw, felt, heard or experienced… Here’s how:

Day 1. Be grateful for the energy of gratitude
Counting your blessings (or expressing your gratitude) attracts positive energy, happiness and prosperity, according to our psychic team. Gratitude is a beautiful spiritual vibration that we create from tapping into universal grace, love and modesty.

Day 2. Be mindful of ways to give thanks
The secret to true gratitude lies within its unique nature. Gratitude can be expressed with a grand gesture of charity or the smallest of thanks. Whether your gratitude rings loud and clear from the church choir or is whispered from a lonely mountain top, it is a unique state of spiritual grace. People express their gratitude through prayer, meditation or in a daily journal. No matter how you count blessings, giving gratitude allows more blessings to find their way to you.

Day 3. Experience how gratitude feels
How many times have you let someone go in front of you at a cash register because you had a cart full of groceries and they only had one or two items? How did you feel when they thanked you? What if they didn’t thank you but took their place ahead of you? How do you feel when you let someone into the flow of traffic and they do or don’t thank you?” our psychics ask. These are small examples of how gratitude creates positive energy. When we disdain things it creates negative energy. It’s not just a question of manners. We all need to be the changes we want to see in our lives. This is universal law.

Day 4. Appreciate your blessings no matter how small
Abundance can only come to your life if you are thankful for your current blessings. Remember, “Those who are rich are not those who have more, but those who see what they have as more than enough,” quotes a member of our psychic team. If you do not put out grateful energy you put out negative energy, which only brings with it more negative energy.

Day 5. Get emotional strength from gratitude
When we begin to feel sorry for ourselves, it’s time to seek out things for which to be grateful. “I advise my clients to write down something each night so they can begin living out of enough-ness rather than the need for more,” one of our astrologers suggests. Feelings of jealousy and anger leak our personal power. When we no longer covet what someone else has, we can find contentment. Many clients have applied this principle and later said they felt their lives coming back into control.

Day 6. Be grateful for what is working beautifully
“In my work it is important to bring focus to areas of my client’s lives that can go unnoticed during times of stress or fear – the things which are working beautifully, ” tells Joyce ext. 9598. “By helping to change their focus from one of fear to one of gratitude, I can help change their state of mind from one of agitation to one of peace. They can then see the unlimited possibilities before them.”

Day 7. Do something good for those less fortunate
“Holidays are a time for reflection, reaction and expressing our appreciative feelings to our dear ones, those in our inner circle as well as creating an agreeable attitude for those less fortunate than ourselves,” says TeriLynn ext. 9625. Simply say hi to strangers or donate time or money to charity. The universe responds when we send out positive energy and it comes back to us for giving from a pure place within our spirits.

Day 8. Use simple expressions of comfort and joy
The best way to get joy is to spread it. Gratitude isn’t a one-way street. For many clients expressing gratitude is a wonderful rewarding treasure chest. Once it becomes second nature to do small things it’s amazing what unfolds.

Day 9. Live fully in the present
Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where it’s difficult to be grateful. Perhaps your ex has a new partner and you are stuck at home with the children, with little money and even less happiness. This is when it’s most important to be grateful. “There are your beautiful children, a roof over you head, food on the table, your pets who accept you in good times and bad. Sure, there are those of you reading this who may say my life’s a mess – but what about the fact that you can read this… that you have the eyes that allow you to see this?” our psychics ask.

Day 10. Let life’s challenges initiate abundance
When you welcome your challenges in life, you validate your own existence in a positive way and everything changes for the better. “When faced with what seems like an insurmountable challenge, you have but one choice,” describes a Tarot reader and clairsentitent. “That choice is to dig deeper within yourself than you ever believed possible, to question the dedication and worthiness of your very soul, and then throw caution to the wind and take your fate in your hands.”

Day 11. Embrace what you can give
It is not the money but the gift that counts. It should be from the heart… that way you won’t be so broke after the holiday season. Make things, do things, bake things! “I read a man who was devastated over the breakup of a long term romance. He was successful and well thought of and had everything he wanted. He knew he should be grateful but couldn’t be. My guides told him to go to a specific organization that dealt with the dying and volunteer,” reveals an intuitive. “About a month later he called back with a sparkle in his voice. He said he had found real joy in just taking a deep breath, because he had been exposed to many people through his volunteering who were unable to take the same deep breath.”

Day 12. Be grateful for life itself – live each day fully
Thank the universe for your current blessings throughout the year to stay spiritually rich. Gratitude validates our very existence in a positive way, many of our pyshics agree. It awakens feelings of joy from the inside by turning on the divine spark in each of us – and that encourages more good things to happen!

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