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Holiday Gift List by Zodiac Sign

Holiday Gift List by Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

Give a Compatible Gift This Season

Giving and receiving gifts is a beautiful way to show how much you love someone, and a wonderful way to receive love from others. It’s delightful when it’s clear someone’s done their research or homework to find out what you would genuinely enjoy having, and this is where our holiday gift list by Zodiac sign can prove quite helpful and useful.


If it’s fast, fun, or gives them a hair-raising experience, then it’s just the thing for your Ram. Any cutting-edge tech will give them joy. A trip to an amusement park such as Universal Studios or Six Flags, or a Disney park like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will make them squee with glee, too!


Food is a great delight for the Bull. They adore gastronomical yummies. Your loving care in giving them food or dining experiences you know they will especially love and enjoy will endear them to you even more. Or you could give them something luxurious, like a cashmere blanket for them to cuddle in.


The Twins are sure to be ecstatic with gift baskets or gift cards, or go little bit further and procure concert, dance, or movie tickets. Their ever-present curiosity makes it easy to give them things science related, like a telescope for star gazing. Also, a book series for any age, such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire), or The Chronicles of Narnia will fill them with glee.


The tender-hearted Crab is certain to love anything homemade. The more love and thought you put into making something for them, the more they’ll treasure it forever. A scarf you knit in their favorite colors, or a scrapbook you put together, or even a favorite food you make for them will be very much appreciated. They also adore anything plush or comfy like velvety robes, silky pajamas, soft slippers.


If it combines glamour and frolic, it’s an unbeatable gift for your Lion. A ticket to the hottest party, concert hall, or restaurant in town, or even a gift certificate to their favorite dress shop is sure to make them happy. Giving them high-end jewelry or make up you know they’ll love, or their choice of perfume might cost a bit, but they won’t forget your generosity.


While the Virgin enjoys anything practical and useful like kitchen stuff such as a nice set of pots, pans, dishes, silverware, a cutting board, tea kettle, coffee maker, etc., they love antique items, and will adore something monogrammed such as a personalized address stamp, a wax seal stamp with their initial, or even a fancy pen set.


Your Venusian will adore something for their taste buds, such as fancy chocolates or even their favorite kinds of cookies. You can also satisfy their artistic side with art supplies or a bespoke drawing of their pet. There are many wonderful pet portrait artists to choose from. (If possible, have it framed so they can proudly hang it up on their wall right away.)


Your beloved Scorpion, strong as they may be, can be downright shy about volunteering what they might want for a gift, so find out what they really want and need by asking them. They are sure to appreciate it. They would certainly love a trip to visit wolves, to go skydiving, or something to do with the occult, like tarot cards. You can also enchant them with sensual lingerie, cash, or genuine black leather anything.


If it has to do with travel, such as a sturdy backpack, passport holder, compass, hiking shoes, or even plane, train, or boat tickets to anywhere they’d love to go, your Archer is sure to enjoy it. They usually have a great sense of humor too, but before you give them–or anyone–a gag gift, make sure they’re cool with that kind of thing. Of course, you’ll want to make them laugh, not feel upset or resentful, so it’s very important to always follow up with a well-thought-out real gift.


Of course, they’d be gratified with a gift for their work or career such as a genuine leather briefcase, a thoughtful set of work clothes, or something both useful and fun like a cooking class gift certificate, but you might also pamper your Goat with items of comfortable luxury. Perhaps a cashmere sweater, genuine leather gloves, a set of comfy fleece sheets, or soft, plush towels.


With all that fearsome electrified energy running through the Water-Bearer’s brilliant brain, they do love high tech: Robots, smart anything like a laptop or cell phone, portable chargers or wireless headphones, and the latest version of their favorite video games. They can also delight in low or no tech classic board games, however. Monopoly, dominoes, cards and the whole group together to play with? Heaven.


While the Fish may adore aromatherapy, essential oils, and diffusers, scented candles, music, poetry, movies, carved leather journals, and even a beautiful crystal ball, they might flip for a camera and all kinds of photography equipment, too. Or if they love coffee or have other favorite libations, there’s all kinds of great packages of these goodies you can give them.

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