Soul to Soul Dreaming and Astral Sex

“I’ll meet you in the garden tonight!” is what my lover would say as he left for a business trip. That was how we would stay in contact when one of us had to be away. We created a garden that we both would be able to visit in our dreams. We would each go to sleep thinking of this place, and by accessing our higher selves we met on the astral plane in our dreams. You can get a clearer instruction on how you can do this in the blog “Psychic Sex.”

The idea is to follow your spirit connection to get closer to the pure spiritual essence of your soul, your being. In order to comfortably do this, you need your physical body to be safe and relaxed, either in a meditative mode or asleep. Then you travel up the golden cord to your highest self. It can manifest in different ways. My highest self appears to me as a very Zen version of myself that is wrapped in a blanket of golden light. From there I use my visualization skills to “see” myself in my mind’s eye; I direct myself to the location of choice and use a doorway or gateway to “enter” into this space.

There are different ways to access this mode of soul travel. If you are skilled at it you can actually use astral projection to visit existing places and people, however this practice requires some study, and I suggest a mentor. There are aspects of leaving your body that you must be knowledgeable of before that great of a separation. For now soul to soul dreaming, or even “soul visits” can start you in the right direction.

This is also a valuable tool to work on issues in a relationship that have “hot topics.” In other words, if there are things you wish to “say” to your lover yet are uncomfortable talking about, or if your lover is sensitive on the subject. This you can do on your own. Follow the energy up to higher self then ask your higher self to relay a message to your partner’s highest self. In your minds eye see yourself sitting in front of your highest self and very calmly ask them to pass the message through and wait for a reply. Your highest self may speak the reply to you, or you may hear it yourself, or as in clairaudient readings, simply “know” the answer your lover’s highest self replied.

Keep in mind that conversations between higher selves are free of the weight of our mundane fears and sensitivities therefore you can find the heart of the matter out without all the hindrance of the ego and lessons getting in the way. If you have trouble with this process, call your psychic as we can delve into the “psyche” of their mind for this information as well!

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  5. mizzywizzy

    so would the other person be concious you were doing this, like would you tell them or would you just tell there higher self?


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