Astrology of Strong Women

“I believe influence is the union of power and purpose,” wrote former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in an article about Oprah for Time magazine. Astrologically, the Sun and Moon describe your purpose, while the power to manifest your goals is the domain of Saturn and Pluto. More specifically, the Sun represents your outer direction, and the Moon represents your inner life. Saturn represents material accomplishment, whereas Pluto represents pure power. When these cosmic elements are strongly placed in your chart – and you are living your purpose – you’ll have the leadership necessary to influence others.

Oprah: enlightenment
This feminine powerhouse is an outstanding example of a woman who lives her purpose. Her Sun in Aquarius shows that her destiny is to bring enlightenment and change to the world, while her Moon in Sagittarius suggests that she’s a teacher and philosopher. Aquarius is an air sign that rules brotherhood, which makes Oprah a powerful communicator who brings people together. She shares information (Aquarius) and insights (Sagittarius) through her talk show, and helps others through her Angel Network and other philanthropic activities. Sagittarius also rules publishing and activities abroad – so O magazine and Oprah’s efforts to improve the lives of Africans are natural manifestations of her Moon influence.

The road to success for her, however, has been marked by great challenges – beginning with her childhood in poverty. Her Saturn in Scorpio is “afflicted,” meaning that karmic tests of strength, character and determination paved the way for her great accomplishments. Interestingly, in Oprah’s chart, the planet of accomplishment (Saturn) is in the sign of power (Scorpio, ruled by Pluto). This combination creates the desire and the ability to transform people’s lives.

Diane Sawyer: truth
Another woman with a knack for leadership and the sharing of information is Diane Sawyer. The co-host of Good Morning America has had a wide-ranging career as a TV news reporter, political correspondent and administrator for the White House press office during the Nixon Administration. Sawyer has her Sun in earthy Capricorn, and her Moon in dynamic Leo. The Capricorn placement indicates that she’s ambitious, realistic and disciplined, with the ability to climb the ranks of a male-dominated profession – right to the top. Morever, with Moon, Mars, and Pluto in Leo she’s a natural leader. Sawyer has Saturn conjunct Mars, where determination (Saturn) meets assertiveness (Mars). When she sets her mind to something, nothing can stand in her way. Sawyer’s talent as a correspondent also comes from her Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius, the sign of the teacher and truth-seeker. And with Pluto aspecting her Mercury, much of her influence comes from a compelling way with words and the ability to uncover the truth.

Suze Orman: communication
Through her best selling-books and TV shows on personal finance, Suze Orman has endeavored to guide people on the road to prosperity. Along with being a financial advisor, communication is her forte. And how appropriate – her Sun is in Gemini, the sign of communication. Like Oprah, Orman’s air-sign emphasis (she may have Moon in Gemini as well, depending on her time of birth) indicates a destiny of sharing information. Her Saturn in Virgo also indicates a destiny of service (she holds a B.A. in social work). Additionally, Virgo is an earth sign, which gives Orman a talent for giving practical and detailed advice. All in all, her influence is founded upon her sharing of knowledge and being of service to others – empowering them to be independent and prosperous.

Hilary Clinton: transformation
Another woman with a Scorpio-influenced destiny is Hilary Clinton. Her Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Pisces indicate she has the ability to transform existing conditions (Scorpio), especially for the underprivileged (Pisces). Both those signs are strongly connected to healing, so her effort to transform the U.S. healthcare system was an appropriate project for her. Intensifying Clinton’s influence, especially in the political arena, is a conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Leo. As with Oprah, Saturn and Pluto are linked energetically, so accomplishment and power are fused in both their characters. The additional Mars element in Clinton’s chart enhances her aggressiveness when she pursues what she wants.

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