Your Daily Focus: August 13-19

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A Guide to Each Astrological House

What is an astrological house? In astrology, the houses are the twelve “slices” of the zodiac wheel. In a personal chart, each astrological house is associated with one, sometimes two, zodiac signs. This house may also contain some planets. This is the placement of the celestial bodies at the time of your birth. However, each astrological house also has a “ruler,” a sign that is traditionally associated with that house. These move in the same order as the Wheel of the Year. This week, let’s start a two-part exploration of the houses, beginning with the first six and moving from there.

On the wheel, everything moves counterclockwise from the 9:00 position. If a zodiac sign or planet is in your chart, it is one of your natal placements, as it refers to the positioning of the stars at the time of your birth. The key to interpreting your astrological chart is to understand what traits each zodiac sign brings to the table, and then to understand how that interacts with the energies of the astrological house they were in at the time of your birth.

Saturday, August 13

“The first six houses in your chart, the underside of the wheel, make up who you are inside. Your rising, or ascendant, sign changes the most rapidly, and is found by measuring the horizon line at the time of your birth.”

The first six houses walk people through their personalities, as well as their relationships with themselves, their families, their desires, and their health. These are the deeply personal houses of the wheel, and they can offer valuable insight into why people are the way they are.

Sunday, August 14

“The first house is ruled by Aries. Whatever sign falls in your first house will determine the face you present to the world.”

Your first astrological house is also your rising sign, and it can give a lot of insight into the way you present yourself in general. The first house gets the wheel spinning — it’s a kick-off point. When your natal planets return to your first house, you will feel more comfortable with yourself.

Monday, August 15

“The second house is ruled by Taurus and is a large indicator of your innermost personality.”

The second astrological house can help deepen your understanding of your inner self. Some of your more innate qualities aren’t necessarily reflected by your major celestial placements, but looking here can help. For instance, people born with Cancer in their second house are usually empathic leaders at heart. If your second house’s sign matches up with its ruling sign, Taurus in this case, your sense of self will be especially strong.

Tuesday, August 16

“The third house is ruled by Gemini. It details early childhood experiences and sibling relationships.”

Mars in the third astrological house could indicate a struggle in early childhood. If it’s in Pisces, one might glean that the issues were emotional; Capricorn, perhaps financial. Likewise, if Venus is here, say in Libra, it shows a childhood of luxury and beauty.

Wednesday, August 17

“The fourth house, ruled by Cancer, holds maternal relations and conflict. As such, it usually describes one’s relationship with their mother figure.”

Whether you have planets in the fourth astrological house or not, your sign here can tell us a lot about your relationship with your mother in early childhood. For instance, Aquarius may indicate emotional distance, while Virgo could indicate closeness. It could also refer to other maternal figures, or someone else who displays that same kind of nurturing energy early in your life.

Thursday, August 18

“The fifth house is ruled by Leo, and it deals with deep inner desires.”

This astrological house is about what you want on a deep level. If Leo, the ruler, is here in your chart, that means you may desire spotlight, attention, and luxury. If it’s something like Taurus, you may instead dream of a safe, cozy place away from others.

Friday, August 19

“Virgo rules the sixth house, the house of health.”

This is the astrological house you should look to for insight into your body. Each sign rules a different part of the body and, depending on the sign in this part of your chart, many believe that it can be used by traditional astrologers to look for future health issues. Pisces here may indicate depression or mental health struggles, while Scorpio rules the reproductive organs and the hips, where you may look for things like PCOS or joint pain in the hips.

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