Do You Have Angelic Eyes?

Do You Have Angelic Eyes?

Your Angelic Eyes are a Combination of Angelic Traits

When we think of angels we think of spiritual light beings filled with unconditional love, assisting for the purpose of our highest good. But my guides tell me that there are incarnate angels here on Earth. Some angels incarnate as humans, simply to experience the contrast of painful emotions. I am also told some souls take on angelic traits for many different reasons—some relating to past life experiences or some connected to soul purpose experiences.

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For this purpose, it does not matter which path of origin—there are still common angelic traits linked to creating your human personality. The combination of those qualities gives people what I call Angelic Eyes. When I help people identify and understand their Angelic Eyes, it helps bring clarity to relationships both past and present. Those with Angelic Eyes stand out with their level of compassion, love, understanding and forgiveness. They tend to be selfless and others find them to be great listeners. In fact, many have such a mesmerizing energy they attract others, even strangers, with little to no effort. Strangers often overshare simply because they feel the security of their brilliant aura.

Healers and Helpers

Angelic Eyes want to see the good in all. Most are intuitive and insightful and genuinely want to help. They are healers at the very core of their being. They are very giving and tend to give more than they receive and often, have difficulty saying no. Generally, those with Angelic Eyes will not ask for help because it goes against the core of who they are.

Loving a Person’s Potential

Seeing and experiencing life through Angelic Eyes can be very rewarding and fulfilling when you attract those who appreciate and respect you. However, having Angelic Eyes can mean taking on relationships that refuse to be helped. Remember, we are human and humans feel both pleasure and pain, conflict and joy. Relationships created through Angelic Eyes can be very rewarding at first and then stall. Yes, you see a beautiful soul with the potential to have a wonderful life together and you fall in love with that person’s potential. You feel drawn to help them be better. You want to heal their pain. You want to help them achieve love and balance. You want to help them create a happier life you truly know they deserve.


However, having Angelic Eyes can also attract relationships that leave you feeling helpless and hopeless or exhausted and overwhelmed. Those with Angelic Eyes can find themselves feeling frustrated. Sometimes the one you love so deeply cannot see their fears or issues and a cycle begins to emerge. The more you try to help, the more they will resent and feel you are trying to change them. People with Angelic Eyes often stay longer than they should, even when the relationship becomes dysfunctional. They accept the abuse, negative experiences and sacrifice their happiness all because they hope their partners will finally start to appreciate them. Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? No.

A Familiar Feel

If you put others needs before you own, and you stay longer than you should, it begins to stagnate the growth within you. You must find a way to empower yourself to stop. Remember, you are in control of your decisions. As healers, you want to heal. You see a wounded soul and you are drawn to heal and help sometimes even subconsciously—all because of your Angelic Eyes. When you start to look at yourself and your relationships—both past and present—you may start to notice a familiar feel to these Angelic Eyes.

A Perfect Life?

Just because you take on the characteristics of the angelic realm, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the most perfect life. Sometimes, quite the opposite is true. It is imperative to set up healthy boundaries, learn to say no and acknowledge your angelic qualities within. Sometimes, just understanding yourself helps you understand why and what you are doing with that person. It is okay to help. It is okay to offer support, but you must remember free will exists. Please understand you can only do so much.

You Can’t Fix People

Understand you cannot fix people. They have to fix themselves. Did you hear me? You cannot fix them! You must stop beating your head against those unmovable objects because it’s not healthy. Remember, you are a good person and deserve to be with someone who honors and respects the angel you are. So be an angel and take care of yourself!

If these words resonate, I can help bring clarity to your angelic self. Let’s talk! I would love to help.

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28 thoughts on “Do You Have Angelic Eyes?

  1. Peter

    My whole life, people have only approached me to want something from me. Having only been employed in places with extremely low vibration energy, I have experienced the most negative types of personalities. The most deceitful, hateful, fake, unstable and jealous were all around me. I find that I am not getting better and negative people are keeping me from growing in life (usually through guilt). Having changed my perspective on alot of things, it seems that my energy is shifting to a higher vibration, I have no desire to help the ill anymore, i prefer watching from the sidelines, choosing who I help.

  2. Steven J.

    The best way to love someone is to help them help themselves. The hardest lesson to learn is allowing a person to change when they are willing, not when you want them to for your satisfaction or control. Patience and understanding with them and yourself also promotes positive change for all parties involved. A great tool for promoting self fulfillment and happiness is to learn how to become a student of self-management. Once learned, we all become more productive and willing to help others unconditionally.

  3. sabrina

    thank you so much everything you said is exactly me but im wondering about arelationship I had rather or not this man really loved me or had bad intentions I could be wrong sometimes I have a tendancy to read into things according to how I feel.

  4. jo thomas

    “Perfect Timing! Soooo Helpful! Just Maybe “I don’t Have Angel Eyes! are An Angelic Heart!
    ….When I’m in a Hurtful Relationship! {I Move,Quickly} no One Likes Me Better Than Me!
    {I’m Not Afraid to say NO}! I’m 69 yrs. Young![smile] And C U T E!! I have a cousin that thinks ALL Men Love You/us because “they” say So![yawn]!
    ….And I’m frustrated with a family-member that’s married to a fellow,with grown male-Son- Forty-yrs.-old married,has (2) children by Another! does’nt have a job! neither does this present-Wife! {I agree that One Can’t FIX-A-Person} HELP! Is One Thing; And pure sorrowfulness Is Another!! But, of course I don’t Live There,Sooo,There is a Time To Speak and a Time To Keep My Mouth Shoot! Season’s Greetings! God Bless Us All.

  5. Anna Niro

    Thank you for this article . It made me feel better about these traits. As there’s always that struggle during difficult moments of just wanting to be” normal” but of course you realize that you are!

  6. Anna Niro

    This is definitely me. I have been doing healing work for many years and its been a real challenge with my personal life. Boundaries is definitely key to having a more balanced and fulfilling life while dealing with your transformations.

  7. giereza

    hi Psychic Deejay ext.5435

    thank you for the message in my life or the advices,
    now i learned and think about that angelic eyes,if who i am and what i am
    also the move that i need to do,

    all you say is truth about me and what i am doing..
    yes its difficult for me to say no,and i trying all my best to other than my own.
    many friends told at me why i not know how to say no to them?

    thank you so much for that Psychic Deejay ext.5435

  8. Rico Marciano

    For no apparent reason I can think of now, I opened this Angelic Eyes Article and it had my name written all over it, actually it was a little scary. After reading this article I felt drained, however, it opened my eyes as to why my life has so many extreme highs and lows. I desire to accomplish goals that for some reason, has evaded me. Feel free to look-up my linkedin profile and read about my motivational fitness programs for the disabled, which I had no thoughts of doing–people just came to me from all over.


  9. shazina

    I want to ask about my life, my date of birth is 6th oct 1970.
    I am still single want marry soon. can you tell me till that I can get this happiness.

  10. shazina

    I want to ask about my life. what you say about my life. my date of birth is 6th oct 1970.
    I want to ask when I can get my life partner bcoz I am still single.want marry soon .can you tell me till when I can get this happinessto find my partner.

  11. elizabeth

    how true . this is me, but i have awakened to my spiritual gifts as a healer and have taken control of my life and destiny.i hope more people read this and have the courage to make these changes, it will change your life as it did mine.we are meant. to be healers and guides not door mats.

  12. Judy

    Oh WOW!! You’ve got me right on! I always try to see the good in people and try to see the good in themselves and it’s like beating my head against a wall. Because of this I’ve been married twice and in a ‘relationship’ for 7 years which was more like trying to tame a wild animal and I’m so tired of it. I know I can’t fix him, but I can’t walk away. How’s that for being self punishing?

  13. lynette

    I tend to feel things and sense when things are gonna happen my dreams have guided me as well as listening to my inner I attract many people and have listened to amazing stories i also attract vampires who want to steal my energy i fight and move forward lately i have been down and feel those who want all of me and its not pleasant

  14. pat breeden

    hi I would love to know more about if I have Angelic Eyes , BUT it all sounds like me to a tee, Ido try to fix people, and help all people . But I always get the dirty end of the stick, but 253.00 for 30 min is way to much for me , so I’M JUST SOL . THANKS FOR LISTENING ,SINCERLY; ALWAYS THE LOOSER

  15. Daniella

    Now I understand so much better some aspects of my life, that never made sense before, what an insight I am truly impressed. Thank you. My grand mother used to say that I was an angel, she said it in a way that stuck with me, until now I never really understood why she felt that way about me and not her other 34 grand children.What you say in a few words describe me perfectly,amazing new perspective on my life for

  16. louise

    I have a comment what happens if you have eyes that no one has ever seen before because they are different. Because I have green eyes and I have people tell me that they have never seen anyone with the eyes like me. I would like to know does that mean anything or what.

  17. linda

    I hurt when others are sad or hurt, or scared, I know I cannot fix everything, so I try to give hope and happiness to everyone I meet, sometimes so much I actually feel drained and stay alone until I can build my own strength back up, most everyone I befriend or encounter comes to me for comfort or advice, or just to have someone listen to them. When I was little I told my mother I wanted to be an Angel when I grew up.

  18. PR

    Deejay..Have you been spying on me?? You have described my whole life in a page. I am a Virgo 2nd decent. We are the healers of the world. We want to be happy but, we can’t until we know everyone else is happy! We spend our time analyzing, digging, toiling, or whatever it takes to find out what another persons’ issues are and how to heal them, that is so true. I have done this my whole life, in every relationship I have been in. I just broke off with the last one because I finally realized his addictions were beyond my help. I could not “love them away”. I have finally learned exactly what you just stated. I deserve to be loved for who I am, It’s not my job to change anyone for the better and I can not heal the world. I am getting better at saying “NO”, but more importantly, meaning it. I have learned to put myself first and love myself first. Hard for a Virgo, but we learn eventually.

  19. Chrissi

    I seem to have a circle of friends who have Angelic Eyes possibly even I do as I also have been drawn to situations which in reality I should have stayed well away from and been both physically and mentally abused as a result losing both my home and damaging both my physical and mental health, resulting in long-standing low self esteem from which I am only just emerging with the courage to be myself and not to ‘make myself into something’ which pleases others even if it conflicts with both my own and my spiritual beliefs

  20. sherpeace

    This is sooo true! I did this for 20 years. More, actually, if I count trying to fix my parents & sisters and brothers.
    Finally, an intuitive chakra balancer and healer helped me to look for the mate that was good for me. She told me I already knew him. I racked my brain trying to think who it could be. Then one day, I got in touch with a teacher I had worked with. We met up halfway or drove to each others’ homes. I knew and trusted him. He asked me to marry him so I moved back to San Diego so we could be together. Six months later, we married. I now have a wonderful life and feel that all the suffering I went through was worth every second that I spend with this man, my husband.
    People, if you are in a relationship that is hurting you, GET OUT ASAP! There is something good waiting for you when you can free yourself from being the saving angel! I promise!


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