What Does it Mean When Your Eye Twitches?

What Does it Mean When Your Eye Twitches? | California Psychics

A Message from Spirit

Sometimes the spiritual world decides to give us a physical jolt. Just like goosebumps on your arm or the hair standing up on the back of your neck, your eyes twitching can hold deeper meanings. Medically referred to as a blepharospasm, eye (and eyelid) twitching may be due to quite a few things grounded in the scientific realm. While there may be a simple physical culprit, there may also be a spiritual reason your eye twitches.

Eye Twitching in Ancient Folklore

Many cultures have folklore about what this sporadic twitching truly means. Eye twitching can represent both good and bad omens. Both Nigerian and Indian superstition believed that if your left eye was twitching, it could be a sign of bad luck. In Hawaiian folklore, eye twitching usually signals the arrival of a person. The right eye may signal an impending birth, the left eye may signal the arrival of a stranger, and frequent twitching of the left eye may signal a death in the family.

Ancient Chinese folklore has an incredibly detailed list of what eye twitching means depending on which eye and the time of day or night. For instance, if your right eye twitches late at night, it is a bad time to sign a contract. If your left eye twitches around the witching hour, a distant friend will come to visit you. Meanwhile, other cultures believe that eye twitching can mean that you need to get a good cry out or move on from somebody.

Connections to the Evil Eye

It is widely believed that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Anything you feel inside may come to light through them. Even in modern times, there is a strong belief that you can send negative energy simply by glaring at someone. Superstition surrounding the “evil eye” dates back to 3000 BCE in Egypt. This could be the reason behind superstitious connotations regarding death, sickness, and bad deals or misfortunes when it comes to eye reactions. It’s curious that good and bad meanings can vary on the left or right side from culture to culture.

Subconscious Messages

What can eye twitching mean for you, personally on your spiritual journey? Perhaps neither good nor bad omens are to blame. Your left and right eyes mirror the two hemispheres of your brain. According to the left/right brain theory, the left side dominates sequencing, linear thought, and logic. The right side evokes imagination, intuition, and nonverbal cues. What can this mean when it comes to eye twitching?

If your left eye twitches, it may be a sign you need to sort through a problem logically and meticulously. The left hemisphere also rules verbal communication, so there might be a conversation you have been putting off or a desire to speak up about something. In this case, a diary or journal session might help unlock what you feel the need to say. Once things begin to add up, the twitching in your left eye may cease.

If your right eye twitches, it may be a sign of untapped creativity and expression. Are you experiencing an artistic block? This may be the perfect time to take up a new hobby, break out a paint set, or get outside and get moving. Physical expressions such as dance, yoga, and nature walks might put your twitch at ease.

Right and Left Side Energies of Reiki

Another theory or practice that breaks the body into right and left sides is reiki. In reiki, it is believed that the right side of your body holds energies that correspond to traditional masculine traits and the left side holds energies that correspond to traditional feminine traits. If we were to apply these characteristics to the eye, a left eye twitch may signal positive feelings of determination and assertiveness or negative feelings of aggression or impulsivity. Applying these characteristics to the right eye when it twitches may signal positive feelings of compassion and generosity or negative feelings of dissatisfaction.

Your Body Could Be Telling You Something

There are a plethora of medical explanations for eye twitching; it can be a be a sign that your eyes are fatigued or that you are under stress, to name a very few. Getting a good night’s rest, giving your eyes a rest from computer and phone screens, and cutting back on caffeine may alleviate tired, twitching eyes. If your eye twitching persists, check in with your regular physician. A psychic advisor may also be able to help you understand why you experience frequent eye twitching once you’ve ruled out all physical issues.

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3 thoughts on “What Does it Mean When Your Eye Twitches?

  1. Lori

    Eye twitching, I never really thought that much about it other than my eyes were strained. About 15 yrs ago I was at a bingo hall and this lady sat near me, she said my Mom told me to come today because my left eye has been twitching all day, I said oh are they sore, she said no in my culture (Italian) it’s money coming in. Well she made me a believer because she won $10.000.


      Oh I pray that’s true good me. My left eye has been twitching for days. Everything I looked up seem to associate left eye twitching with bad news or bad luck. Thankful to have found this post and read your testimony.

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