The Rewards of Experiencing Ascension Transformation

Rewards Experiencing Ascension Transformation

 My Ascension Transformation Experience

Our souls are being called to higher levels of expression as our consciousness expands. There is a vibratory shift taking place, raising the frequency rate on our planet and all of life upon it. Our bodies are shifting, as the DNA within us is activated, progressing and evolving forward. Our minds are opening as our very essence is accelerating and upgrading. This may seem very New Age, however, it has been actively ongoing throughout life as we know it. It is a natural process of our evolution. So, there is an evolution of mass consciousness and individual, very personal ascension transformations are taking place.

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Why is This Happening?

Why are we experiencing ascension transformation? We recognize that the fear perception of the world resulting in disharmony, aggression, violence, greed, dishonesty, mistrust, abuse, unhappiness, war, etc. cannot continue if we are to all live “harmoniously as one.” So, we are being guided individually and collectively in raising our levels of awareness and wakefulness, opening up to and moving into a peaceful and harmonious existence. We are going through a spiritual and physical enhancement in order to transition from merely surviving to enrichment and thriving. And then, onto an even more incredible, much desired, spiritual expansion, shifting into love and oneness.

It is happening for us and it will continue to move forward and onward. Accepting our foreseeable transformation allows us to go with the flow, rather than to buck against the current. Resisting or denying it simply prolongs the inevitable. We each will return back to The One Source (God).

Like Remodeling a House

Consider the chaos and disruption involved in remodeling the interior of a house, like adding additional rooms or a second level. The house goes through a transition of demolition, cleaning and clearing out, then expansion. The house becomes brighter, larger and capable of holding more life within it as a result of its transformation. The house becomes grander, creating a higher-quality living environment.

It can be very challenging to deal with living in the house during the remodeling upgrade. There are usually many frustrations along the way and unforeseen issues. It may even seem to have been a bad idea at times during the remodel transition. Remembering to stay focused on the final outcome is key.

My Story

I went through a personal, accelerated ascension transformation beginning in November of 2009. I was 59 and spent eight months distressingly uncomfortable. I did not understand what was getting ready to emerge from within me. My constant companion was a powerful, energetic force determined to course its way through me. It was almost impossible to sleep. My immunity weakened and I contracted an intestinal virus lasting almost three months. Barely able to tolerate eating most food the first 5 weeks, I dropped 28 pounds becoming very underweight. It also became increasingly unbearable to be alone during this time. What the blazes was happening with me?

Determined, I continuously sought out information as to what was going on. Feeling beat up and tossed around in this unknown journey, it helped to be around others who were compassionate, and positive minded. I found people who recognized I was in spiritual labor. My frequency was vibrating at a much higher rate as I prepared to give birth to my new life.

Grounding and Connecting

Grounding and connecting with nature brought serenity, along with long walks, exercise, meditation and remembering to be grateful. The intensity eased while listening to beautiful, soothing music, and participating in spiritual art classes.

Non-Western Therapies

Therapies such as Reiki and acupuncture assisted in moving this powerful energy through me and helped everything to feel balanced for a while. As time went on the power surges (as I like to refer to them) became less overwhelming. The payoffs were tremendous! Gaining a better understanding of love, forgiveness and oneness, I received an even deeper connection with the angels, my guides, my higher self and with Source (God, Creator). My gifts advanced and I stepped into a new level of personal empowerment.

Meeting My Soul Mate

My life mate/soul mate finally came in! Yes, we finally came together and met! We have been together now over four years and married for three years. It is definitely possible to meet your life partner/soul mate later in life. Even if you have not had the most desirable relationships in the past, you can have a healthy, happy, lasting relationship. Your past does not have to be your future.

An ascension transformation is a significant sign of many wonderful things coming in. Just ride the waves in and enjoy the rewards awaiting you.

Psychic Sterling ext. 6326

22 thoughts on “The Rewards of Experiencing Ascension Transformation

  1. Sterling x6326

    Michelle, Amanada, Brenda, Htun Lynn, Sonia, Andrea, Keele, Trinity, I am Ra, Alexandrina Wong, Karen, Nancy, and Jessica; thank you very much for your comments and inspiring responses. I am honored to receive feedback from each of you. It’s great to know what I experienced resonated with you personally.

  2. Sterling x6326

    Anne 12/21/14- “Power surges” was my phrase to refer to the power surge of energy (the higher frequency) moving through me physically, at times in a boost almost too much to handle. I am rarely sick, am a hearty eater and normally slender. I became ill from the continued stress and fear I was in. Two months into dealing with this powerful energy coursing through me my immune system weakened and I contracted an intestinal virus. I also dealt with emotional issues coming forth to be healed. What is differrent from what I experienced, is an illness showing up first, calling forth what is asking to be healed from within. This can then lead to an acension transformation steming from the initial illness. “Healing” from underlying issues is differrent from being “cured” of a physcial illness. I’d be happy to help you further and deal with specific things for you in a private reading.

  3. Sterling x6326

    Charles Aayon Pyatt 12/21/14-
    1. It is my understanding and belief we all fully ascend eventually, returning to Source (God, Our Creator) through forgiveness, shedding what keeps us attached to this physical plane and continued life times of learning.
    2. Each ascension transisiton is differrent and not always to the extreme I had. Mine was a higher frequency I needed to adjust to and limiting beliefs I was outgrowing. Puberty and aging are other examples of common, uncomfortable, normal experiences of transistion and progression we each go through. We continue to ascend, transmute, and grow as we continue living physically as well as on the spiritual plane. For example, our guides and angels grow and ascend spiritually as they assist us.
    3. Solar flares are one of many things affecting us in various ways.
    4. I highly recommend reading “A Course In Miracles” and “The Disappearance of the Universe.” I can specifically guide you further in a private reading.

  4. Sterling x6326

    Peggy, 12/21/14- I understand the fear you are experiencing concerning death and dying. I have gone through this as well. The spiritual plane is vast and limitless, even beyond our comprehension. Death as we call it, is a transisiton out of the confines of the physical body, the vehicle we use while in this dense earth dimension. The fear being generated is coming from the ego and its manipulative need to try and control things. Fear of the unknown is very common in all of us. I can help you further in a private reading.

  5. Jessica Evans

    After Years Of Enduring So Much Pain, Abuse, Anger, etc…And Almost Dying In A Fatal Car Accident 5 Years Ago July 6th 2009 While I Was 17 Weeks Pregnant. I
    thought my life was just supposed to be just me and My Miracle Butterfly Daughter, How Ever 4 and a half months ago I FINALLY FOUND MY SOUL MATE\OTHER HALF! For once in my life I do not cry tears of sadness, or betrayal, I feel like I have what I have been searching for!

  6. nancy

    your comments were inspiring, for I am waiting on my soul mate after having a broken heart who I thought was my soul mate. I do find myself ‘weeding’ out people in my life right now.

  7. karen

    Hi Psychic Sterling,
    As Trinity above said so clearly that this is wonderful news. I to thought I was going crazy or had done something so displeasing to God that he was taking every thing from me one at a time. But loving and trusting him so I just couldn’t imagine my loving all caring Father doing this so I chalked it up to I was just losing it. I have been and still am going through the things mentioned above that took place with you. Thank You so much for shining light on what’s happening to me. And more so, is that I am so ready for the changes in my life, I have been dealing with this now for about 3 to 31/2 years and here lately I have begun to understand that there was a process happening inside of me I just didn’t know what . Thanks again for opening my eyes I feel so much better and am thanking my Father in heaven for doing this for me. And yes Trinity it is a Wonderful Merry Christmas and I am looking forward to my new life with anticipation.

    Merry Christmas and May God Bless Everyone this Christmas Season and all Year long.

  8. Alexandrina Wong

    This personal story is indeed very poignant for me.I have had great agony during the last three months adjusting to the return of one of my second generation unemployed female in our home .each day I would get really upset at the way in which she responds to the responsibility of small tasks in the home. on leaving church yesterday my inner spirit said to me be proactive ,this is the season on peace and love.Somewhere between yesterday and today there surfaced in my thoughts in almost a jolting but pleasant way,My organisation had chosen ‘creating a culture of peace’ as the theme for our 16 days of activism.We re=create our world each day,sometimes even without realising it and in so doing give birth to new consciousness and new life.

    Happy Holidays to all.

  9. trinity

    This is so beautiful, reassuring and happy. This describes just what I have been going through for some time, and for much of that time I had no idea what was happening to me. I was quickly and easily into victimhood, why me? pain and hopelessness. Fortunately, I was able to tune in to beautiful periods of hope and joy. I managed to tell myself that I had control over where I went in my mind, but was not always able to escape the other, dark emotions. You have so beautifully expressed and explained what I have been living for so long. You have reinforced my intuition that this is preparing me for something better, and reminded me to go with it rather than fight or give up in despair. This is such a wonderful Christmas present bringing joy, visions of great and beautiful things to come, the path to our reason for being here and realizing all its gifts. I thank you from the deepest part of me where my soul resides, for this beauty, balm and holiday cheer which will accompany me for the rest of my life.

  10. I am Ra

    Yes you my dear IS so right, we are moving through space and time as our rising begun in the year 2000, it really has begun. If only our species knew we would BE celebrating all over this planet. As we remember how powerful we really IS. This ascension now IS grestest of all others that has came our way. Those who have tapped in know what time it really IS. I AM IS I AM ALL ONE-ness. The contract IS complete “as above so below”. As we prepare to shift forward in time into the future. I AM honored to meet you and as the founder of common launching soon in 2015, it would BE a pleasure to also have you join our team. Operation Rescue of 7 billion souls IS in progress as we will look to the sky in 2017 and witness two moons in the sky as a sign of our transfomation coming in the future of 2021.

  11. Keelie

    Thanks for that post.It resonated with me deeply and I am very aware that it has been happening to me in waves for some time. I’ll ride the waves and look forward to my remodeling.

    Happy holidays!

  12. Andrea

    love the story seems like i am going through the samething ,except that i do not understand what is happening to me .thank you

  13. Anne

    I like to know what you mean by ‘power surges’, and how do you know the difference between what you went through and just an illness? Ive been through an awful lot the last two years and my immune system is still weak. Was it the stress of everthing I went through or something more?

  14. Vicky

    Wow, my high school sweetheart re connected with me a little over a year ago, I moved out of state to be with him but after 2 months came back home bc of my son. He has stressed his love for me over and over and I have fought it and tried to run away, recently I decided to live life day by day and accepted his love he is planning on moving to my state in the next couple of months where we will continue our journey through life.
    I just turned 43!

  15. Charles Aaron Pyatt


    I read about your ascension experience and I have always found the subject fascinating and exciting. I’ve lost track of keeping up with subjects like these due to job hunting and school but I do try seminars and regular meditation & not sporadically like now. A few points I’d like to make along with a few questions. I may/probably am one of those pre Indigo kids talked about by P.M.H. Atwater who was creative, thought differently had learning disabilities has depression and continues to fight it.
    1. Do I get to ascend or would I be left behind since not all get to ascend? 2. Would some or all of us go through the hell you described yourself enduring? 3. Is the increased solar activity on the sun part of this ascension process or is it reacting to all the strife on Earth if at all? 4. Would you be willing to recommend things I can do, resources I can check out to improve, lessen the effects of what you went through, self improve and prepare for the ascension process?

    Thank you for bringing this information forward. Have a safe,happy new year and I hope to hear from you soon!


    Charles A Pyatt

  16. Htun Lynn

    My Dear Sterling,

    Good day to read out your Life Up & Transforming Techniques.
    Sure! I am willingly to follow your glorious ways what you explained and mentioned above.
    Deeply trusted that kind of my Life Transformations are start happening on my way now!
    I promise to keep going on that and execute to arise all that good fortunes for Peace & Cool Life without fail ahead……

    Warmest Regards and Wishes to You,

    Yours Htun Lynn
    Yangon, MYANMAR

  17. Brenda

    This is amazing and I am very grateful for your having written it and my having read it. This is exactly where I am right now, and I comprehend and accept that I am experiencing an accelerated ascension transformation, but I am not comfortable in my own skin much of the time. It is encouraging to know someone else has experienced this and that there is a gift(s) on the other side of the confusion and (growing) pain.


  18. Amanda

    Very hepful…i had a breast cáncer at 59 and i Knew this situation relate with my state of concience. Today, i am very grateful, every day and in every situation. Namaste.

  19. Peggy

    This happened to me in 1993 as Uranus and Neptune were crossing my descendent. It was an amazing experience. I encountered one of my greatest fears and walked through it. Sometimes very frightening, sometimes I was floating, light as a feather. I was 49 and 50 at the time. Chiron returning brought me back down with a heavy thud. At the time I felt that down the road a ways I would again experience this incredible lightness of being. Alas, now at 70 it just has not returned, as far as I can tell. Right now I am carrying heaviness, and fear…which is probably why I came back in with a thud. I sure hope I can walk through this new fear. It is now the fear of being sick and dying. Oh well…I am happy for you.

  20. Michelle

    This is so apropos
    It is like you are talking to me
    I needed that boost

    I think you are an Angel!

    LOVE and LIGHT

    Michelle D’Anjou Astie


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