Psychic Deejay

Psychic Deejay

What To Expect

Deejayis a clairaudient Empath who typically uses no tools other than a host of guides and angels. Her main guide Asieta is her constant companion and spiritual protector. While studying religion and metaphysics, she was led to Tarot, which raised her already sharp intuition to a higher, more intense level of “knowing”. Deejay feels readings are a valuable tool to effect positive change in the lives of others. She strives to lead her clients down a path of self-realization and growth. “Relationships are important and the one that we tend to overlook the most is the one with ourselves.” She believes in the power of the individual and urges her clients to take action to create the lives they desire. “We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We need to be more proactive in our lives and less reactive.” Deejay can read on all matters, but specializes in love, destiny/life path and career. She is a no tools reader, but she can use tarot or oracle cards upon request.

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Why Should I Call a Psychic?

"Why should I call a psychic?" I immediately go back to my first reading and how she just clearly started telling me how I would one day do psychic readings. read more