Pisces Monthly Money Horoscope

June 2018

You have almost no astrological activity to mention in the second or eighth houses giving your financial picture a “no-news-is-good-news” backdrop. However, the Universe always has something to say and mid-month on the 19th, Venus in Leo will form an uncomfortable angle to Saturn in Capricorn. The astrological term is quincunx, meaning that two houses that normally don’t affect each other get into a 150-degree angle that prompts some attention on our part. For you, this means that Saturn in Capricorn, your 11th house of solitude and retreat, will be at this awkward angle to Venus in your sixth house of daily work, craftsmanship, and habits. Translation: Whether you work for a boss or a client, this aspect will make it hard for you and the other party to see eye-to-eye or come to a full agreement. Since astrology should be used as a GPS for your life, you can use this information to get any projects completed before the 19th when everyone is more likely to be satisfied. After that, you’ll have to work fast to give the boss what they want. If you think you need some ideas on how to get the ball rolling, seek advice from a Career Psychic.

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