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Dating a Gemini Woman

Dating a Gemini Woman | California Psychics
Gemini Woman Traits The Gemini woman is, without a doubt, the most social of all the Air signs, so it’s no wonder that she’s ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. She’s a true people-person with ... read more

Each Zodiac Sign’s Favorite Movie Genre

Each Zodiac Sign's Favorite Movie Genre | California Psychics
Entertainment Tailored for the Zodiac Just about everyone loves movies, and while many of us might love multiple genres, here’s a list of each zodiac sign’s favorite movie genre. You may notice there are ... read more

Dating a Cancer Man

Dating a Cancer Man | California Psychics
Cancer Man Traits Like his ruling planet, the moon, the Cancer man might come off as a bit mysterious at first. He prefers to hold his cards close to the chest, and he doesn’t like to give his secrets ... read more

Dating a Cancer Woman

Dating a Cancer Woman | California Psychics
Cancer Woman Traits The Cancer woman is an emotionally intelligent, affectionate person who, when you meet her, will probably strike you as the embodiment of femininity. This isn’t surprising when you ... read more

Dating a Leo Woman

Zodiac Compatibility: Dating a Leo Woman | California Psychics
Leo Woman Traits The Leo woman, just like the sun she lives under, is brilliant, bold, and warm. Any room she walks into is immediately brightened thanks to her vivacious personality, and any conversation ... read more

Dating a Leo Man

Zodiac Compatibility: Dating a Leo Man | California Psychics
Leo Man Traits There are few members of the zodiac that shine brighter than the Leo man, which makes sense, since he is ruled by the sun. When you first meet a Leo man, if a crowd is not naturally ... read more

Dating a Virgo Man

Dating a Virgo Man | California Psychics
Virgo Man Traits Virgo is one of two signs ruled by Mercury, but the similarities between Virgos and Geminis tend to end there. Where Geminis are social butterflies, the Virgo man is more reserved. While ... read more

Dating a Virgo Woman

Dating a Virgo Woman | California Psychics
Virgo Woman Traits It might surprise you to know that Virgo is ruled by Mercury, because the Virgo woman is nowhere near as verbose and outgoing as her fellow sign, Gemini, also ruled by Mercury. The Virgo ... read more

Dating a Libra Man

Dating a Libra Man | California Psychics
Libra Man Traits The Libra man has a lot in common with his ruling planet. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, he is rather a hopeless romantic, and he enjoys being surrounded by beautiful ... read more
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