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Pisces and Leo Compatibility

Pisces and Leo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Pisces and Leo

Leo, the lion, and Pisces, the fish, may not seem a likely pair, but somehow this couple breaks stereotypes and astrological barriers to come together. Leo loves to be in love, and Pisces is a romantic at heart. Pisces will fall for Leo’s strength, spirit and their generous nature. Leo is enamored with Pisces’ sensitivity and creative soul. They can give each other what their partner might be missing; for instance, Leo can inspire Pisces, and Pisces can teach Leo to soften some of their harder edges.

Sometimes Leo seems to take advantage of Pisces desire to please. Leo loves attention of any kind, and sexually, they want to be adored. Pisces is all too happy to give Leo a lot of attention, especially since Leo’s power and confidence are a turn-on. Pisces will show their dedication by giving complete focus to every detail of lovemaking. Leo will repay Pisces with imaginative and spontaneous playdates and other little surprises.

Love by Element: Water and Fire

Fire and Water can be a sexually steamy love match and a risky proposition.  Fire is powerful and uncontained, but water can be equally powerful, especially when it has the power to douse that flame. For Leo and Pisces, however, this isn’t really a problem—Leo likes to take the lead and Pisces has no problem going with the flow as long as they have free time to recharge their batteries. Behind closed doors, Leo can be passionate, but their watery lover will show them how to dive into the depths of their emotional ocean. This is one Fire and Water couple that could really beat the odds of survival.

The Good Side of Pisces and Leo

When Leo and Pisces come together for a love match-up, it’s romance, passion, and definitely one for the astrological books. This is an unlikely pair that somehow find a way to complement each other’s diverse styles. Of course, there are differences, but the similarities are oh so sweet. Leo and Pisces find a real bond when it comes to romance. Pisces is emotional and romantic, and Leo just loves to be in love. Pisces desires connection—both spiritual and physical, and they enjoy attention from their lover almost as much as Leo does. These two are both creative and full of imagination, but even how they differ can complement one another. Leo shows passive Pisces how to be more courageous, and Pisces shows aggressive Leo how to be a bi t more subtle.

The Bad Side of Pisces and Leo

Although Pisces enjoys Leo’s penchant for partying, they also need their downtime. Pisces is a sensitive soul who needs a break from the world on occasion to recharge their batteries. Go-all-night-long Leo may get annoyed with Pisces’s disappearing act. Also, neither of these two is a saver—in fact, spending is a favorite pastime for both. If one or both doesn’t have some Earth signs in money houses, this could spell trouble for their financial future. In that case, they’d do well to enlist the help of an accountant or a financial planner because these two would rather party their way into old age, than work through it.

Keys to a Successful Union

When Leo and Pisces come together for love or any kind of relationship, it’s dramatic and dynamic! These two creative souls can be vastly different in many ways, but when it comes to love, romance, and soulful pursuits, they click, however not in the traditional sense. Theirs is a unique, odd, and unexplainable connection that is wrought with an undeniable sexual chemistry.

Here’s the key to success: Born five signs apart speaks volumes about their vast differences. Therefore, being solidly sure of themselves will help them to love and accept their partner. Own the title of being the couple no one can figure out, because it’s hard to disagree, but it works.

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