Pisces and Libra Compatibility

Sign Compatibility: Pisces and Libra  

Pisces and Libra can share an intense and almost intuitive connection, especially in the boudoir. Money may be an area where these two have different outlooks, but together they can find a happy medium where the bills get paid, the vacation gets taken, and there’s still some left for a rainy day. Pisces is the dreamer and Libra more the realist, but they can easily balance each other out, and form a dynamic relationship. Libra’s social contacts and savvy ideas can help creative Pisces cash-in on their creative talents.

Libra lights up Pisces’ house of love and commitment. When Pisces and Libra come together, they can make one hot couple, especially in bed. Both Pisces and Libra are die-hard romantics who are sensitive to one another’s needs. Pisces desires an emotional partner in life, and Libra’s nurturing ways can be just what the doctor ordered.

Love by Element:  Water and Air

Air and Water couples aren’t always an ideal match, but with a little compromise, they can make it work. Air signs like Libra operate from the head since they’re thinkers. Water signs lead with their hearts as they’re highly emotional. If they maintain a balance and allow for their differing styles, they’ll enjoy an incredible connection. These two will enjoy hours of stimulating conversation about life, love, different cultures, and current events.

Of all the Water signs, Pisces tends to be more social, but Libra is one of the most social in the zodiac. They will continually add new friends to their circle which is good for them both personally and professionally. Behind closed doors, Libra sets the stage for romance and Pisces brings Libra to a new level of intimacy.

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