Why Should I Call a Psychic?

There Are More Reasons for a Reading Than You Might Think…

“Why should I call a psychic?” I smile just writing the question. I immediately go back to my first reading and how she just clearly started telling me how I would one day do psychic readings and teaching and helping others through my gifts. She knew I had many special gifts and if I was unaware at this moment the energy was there, the veil just lifted and the awareness of the journey would be fast, rewarding and long lasting. This journey would take me to heights I had never imagined. It was so true. I had gone that day with a friend to a psychic fair because I was already feeling my life changing.

I was tired of my dead end relationships and I was attending workshops to gain insight into relationships and overall improve my life. My eyes opened to an undeniable purpose that day and set my life into a new journey. You see, I had always talked to angels and had visions and direction from above.

It truly was just natural for me. Honestly until that day I never realized there was more I was suppose to do or share and it was so natural I just thought everyone saw and heard spirits. My first psychic reading changed my perspective on life; it brought clarity to my purpose and forever changed my awareness. I made friends and acquaintances that day that have continued to enrich my life even today.

A psychic is there to give you the messages or clarity to get you through situations that you feel confusion or frustration or simply need validation. Sometimes the reading is to give you the jumpstart to a new journey. So often we don’t see how we’re acting or presenting ourselves because we’re an emotional mess with a narrowed focus on getting what we want for the moment and we can miss the big picture. I believe you feel more likely to open and say anything when we know it is strictly private and without judgment. Just knowing you can ask or say anything allows you to be yourself even more.

Whether you research a psychic’s bio or listen to the guidance of our great customer service angels, you want to feel, listen or attach to the words that draw you to a particular psychic, and yes it can be more than one. In fact, it can be several. Many times you are drawn with divine guidance to the psychic that will give you the growth, steps or messages you need to hear. Yes divine guidance will often step in and put you with a specific connection in order for you to hear or receive messages just specifically for you. Sometimes it’s the psychic’s phase or words or messages or visions, that give you the clarity or understanding for a specific situation. I know for myself I often just repeat what I’m receiving and it seems a little off for the reading and I have to ask if it makes sense to them, and 99% of the time it makes perfect sense to them.

Remember everyone is different you may need one reading for a given situation or you may need several. You may need the perspective of one psychic or the collective guidance of many, to give you the boost, the clarity, the solutions, the plan, the goals or more to address your personal situation. Sometimes you just need an energy boost to quit putting yourself in situations that are not for your highest good.

Calling a psychic is so different and personalized for each and every one of you. For some it’s just like talking to your best friend, for others, it is like a counseling session, for some it’s a teaching moment, and for others it’s connecting to the other side. It’s a place to feel safe and secure to equip you with the knowledge and tools for your highest good!

2 thoughts on “Why Should I Call a Psychic?

  1. Psychic Deejay ext 5435

    Thank you Psychic Whitney I am glad you enjoyed it. Calling a Psychic is definitely a resource that should be in everyone’s tool kit!

    Love and Light and Always Divine Blessings
    Psychic Deejay, Ext 5435

  2. Psychic WhitneyPsychic Whitney

    I love this blog post, Deejay! It really hones in on the basics of why a reading can be so enlightening to help others on their journey…thank you so much for your gifts and for putting this out there.

    Psychic Whitney, ext.5716


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