Dreaming Way Tarot: June 30 – July 6

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The Power of Tarot

The figures in the Dreaming Way Tarot were conceived by its creator, Rome Choi, while he was dreaming and, voila’, he had its name! His Tarot interpretations are informed by his study of Transpersonal Psychology at Seoul University of Buddhism and by his practice of Zen. His characters are fascinating, showing a combination of detachment and mindfulness in attitude and expression. This deck has really grown on me as I’ve begun to see the ingenious way the dress and posture of the characters express the card’s meaning.

Kwon Shina contributed the artwork for the deck. I think they collaborated very well in their conceptual vision and its unique spin on the Tarot. I hope you enjoy our stroll through the Dreaming Way Tarot this week as much as I have!

June 30 – Sunday

The Hierophant

The Hierophant upright relates to spiritual leaders of all traditions who are truly wise. They have more wisdom than power in the material world. Sometimes we can give this designation to true elders in society regardless of their position. This is by no means everyone who is old. Many people grow old without growing up and have little wisdom to offer. The key is to know who is truly wise among our acquaintances.

In this card The Hierophant appears in a wooded setting and is deep and contemplative. He appears to be meditating and his attitude is receptive and humble.

Question: Who can I call on today for crucial insight into my situation?

July 1 – Monday

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a spinning wheel on which a young woman weaves her own destiny. This picture tells us that we make our own fortune by getting involved. She intently kneels before her loom and her green wings tell us that her focus is practical and grounded. She is intent on her work as her body leans forward in concentration. She gives all of herself to her work.

Question: What practical steps can I take today to set good fortune into action?

July 2 – Tuesday

Six of Wands

The Six of Wands shows that success comes through teamwork with others. The group is shown moving forward together sharing the same vision and goal. The scenery is verdant and spring-like. The time is right to close in on success with our work-tribes’ cooperation and support.

Question: How can I give and receive more support to and from others on my team today?

July 3 – Wednesday

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight rides a “dark horse” of anonymity, moving steadily and carefully along. He carries the pentacle of success but knows he is still far from his goal. He is stable and wise and seems to know what is worth reaching for and what is not. We sense that he will reach achievement in time and that it will be solid and durable.

Question: How can I show more patience and reliability today? How will it serve my long-term objectives?

July 4 – Thursday

The Devil

The Devil wears stylish shackles she has purchased by “selling out” on her deeper values. She holds a couple in chains who appear to be in a toxic relationship with each other. Though beautifully coiffed and turned out she sits isolated in black. Her own control issues imprison her and others. Her manipulation, though skillful, contributes to her misery.

Question: How can I set myself and others free today?

July 5 – Friday

Ace of Pentacles

The card shows a Pentacle floating in the sky. It is a “big win” as opposed to a daily or weekly perk. Though pentacles relate to money and property, the larger meaning of the suit is that it is anything we dearly value. The picture shows a bucolic country setting and a peaceful and secure home. The neighboring houses nestle peacefully around it with sufficient space for privacy but sufficient closeness for community. The weather is gentle and we can almost see the animals grazing quietly in the fields. The green roofs of the houses show a love of nature and the earth.

Question: What do I really value today? What matters most? What matters least?

July 6 – Saturday

Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands, though wearing a jester hat and surrounded by sunflowers, is contemplative and perplexed. Her giving, positive nature is still for the moment as she gazes inward. Her sunny perspective is absent in this depiction but the background clues us into her usual mindset. She will return to being noble and caring after she withdraws, accesses, and regroups her objectives.

Question: Which people, places, and projects are worth my energy and efforts today and, which aren’t? How can I create joy for myself and others today, once I’ve decided where to focus?

Whoa! What’s this? A final card has stuck to my hand, not an infrequent occurrence during Tarot readings. I have noticed that it is best to pay attention.

So, for tonight:

The Hermit

Paradoxically, unlike other cards in this deck which seem more fortunate, the hermit is shown smiling. He lights his way with his own lamp which he carries through a forest. His lamp draws from a greater light which has ignited his own through creative solitude, prayer, and meditation.

The destination of his trek is uncertain but because he carries his light with him he is able to step forward deliberately and safely with his guiding lamp. The card reminds us tonight to reach out for the guidance from Spirit, which is ours for the asking.

Question: Have I remembered to ask my angels and guides for help with the issue that troubles me tonight? Have I sought out a serene and tranquil environment to look for, and receive, healing?

Thanks for joining me for a look at the Dreaming Way Tarot this week. See you again!

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  1. Rebecca Campbell

    Wonderful reading, i now know its ok to go on with my plan for tomorrow, my fortune awaits me! I’m going to go see lawyer tomorrow morning to start a lawsuit! I ask the angels to be with me in support! If you see anything for me in the way of winning a lawsuit, a judgment in my favor and money, please email me!


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