Which Type of Empath are You?

Answer the following:

Do you know what mood a person will be in before you encounter them?

Do you get sad when you are around another person who is sad?

Do you become really happy or excited around another person experiencing the same emotion?

Has anyone ever told you that they just feel instantly calm, at ease, or even safe when around you?

Do you hate crowds, graveyards, or hospitals because of the feeling or feelings you get?

If you’ve answered “yes” to most of these questions, your empathic ability is at work. You probably fall into one of two different categories. You’re either generative or receptive.

A receptive Empath picks up the feelings and emotions of others. These people experience immense difficulty hanging out in large crowds. They feel assaulted by the emotional energy of so many people at once. Receptive Empaths make phenomenal counselors, since they usually tune right into what another person is feeling. They’re also capable of truly understanding them.

A generative Empath does the reverse. They can take the mood they’re experiencing/feeling and foist it on others. They can actually make others feel their feelings. This is quite useful when a person is going through a crisis or is very angry. Someone who is a generative Empath, if capable of remaining calm, is able to generate that feeling outward, so others may feel it, too.

Which one are you?

41 thoughts on “Which Type of Empath are You?

  1. Ryan Caslar

    I wasn’t an Empath for a wife I was married to for 15 years, I am for a person I was with 15 years ago. I have the ability to read her like a book and know when she is lying and not shake it tell I get the truth. She says that I am highly intuitive but I haven’t told her it is only with her. I was previously an energy transferrer but for selfish reasons and I regret I took it to far. Why did it take me 15 years to realize who I needed to be around to feel it or know I can be more then just a sort of succubus? I am a Pisces and have also kinda figured certainl things out for myself.

  2. Thabo

    I have recently confirmed to my self that I am an empath, I’d like to thank all who have share their light with on this, at first I thought I was only generative sharing my feelings with people, but found that I’m also receptive since energy vampires are after my energy, I noticed that when I project my energy that’s a window opens for them to drain me, but I have gained control on the flow of emotions and energy I generate and receive I have gained the ability to control what comes in an out. By using my imaginative power I can channel energy from and thank God that seemed to make one of most powerful empaths that exists, I noticed this when I caught a bad vibe from an energy vamp it was intensely draining I didn’t believe this happening to I couldn’t figth It back I didn’t understand who was doing this but when they started laughing and enjoying it, I realized I was Betrayed by those I shared my energy with they gave me up during the open channel of giving and receiving, I walk out from the computer labs where we at but still it was on me, OMG I was really getting hacked… But finally accepted the situation I evoked the burning fire within I wasn’t sharing but I was crushing them, I turn the tables around so fast that I noticed that not a few where on this scheme but a fairly large group, ever since than I was fully awakened and always keeping guard on my energy, fellow empaths I advise you to be careful to who u tune ur energy with, the are those who seek to abuse it. As long I am awake and enlightened I will crush and share with those are worthy of my spirit.

  3. Elicia

    I am a receptive empath, im always cutting off conversations and avoiding people. I definitely hate funerals, tooooooo much emotions come at me. I just avoid being in public honestly which is very unhealthy. Im looking for solutions.

  4. camille

    Thanks for the comment.. since young I’m a generative empath. I acquiring the moods of everyone since my mother always so angry at home… i tend to becomg angrier at my school resulting aggressive behavior. My teacher even separate my seats to other children . until now. I’m 100% generative. what can i do to stop manipulating me. so hard to control.

  5. camille

    generative Empath does the reverse. They can take the mood they’re experiencing/feeling and foist it on others. They can actually make others feel their feelings. This is quite useful when a person is going through a crisis or is very angry. Someone who is a generative Empath, if capable of remaining calm, is able to generate that feeling outward, so others may feel it, too.

    generative empath suits me. I feel bad always. and i take the ,moods of my friend resulting in so good…

  6. Paul T.

    Hello, I have empathic powers myself…. (sorry i’m shy and tired), everyone and everything tends to be comfortable around and yet i know how they feel and what they want, sometimes i get telepathic images that go with it.

  7. Not Reclusive Enough in Idaho

    I have the misfortune of working with the public. It is more than I can bear and leaves me constantly drained. I am constantly trying to find the work that will distance me from the public, but it’s as if I’m forced to stay in the thick of things.
    All my life I was a receiver, but have learned recently that I can project on to others. Usually to get them to leave me alone or be quiet. I just need peace, and people are too chaotic.
    People who are mentally ill are very hostile towards me, I think because I can spot them a mile away. There is a quality of static they give off I can pick up. I really don’t like being around them.
    I have no luck with men. I know when they are lying and it destroys the relationship. Not one honest, clear-headed, single man for MILES.
    I’m not interested in healing others, or fixing their problems. I have my own problems, and ills to tend to. I just need a clear space around me that I can live in.
    It sucks being a flame when you’re not interested in moths.
    Hope you all have better luck.
    Beware of the well running dry for all the stones thrown in.

  8. Rise'

    I have read the above comments and understand the concepts of each comment. I was 5 when my grandmother spoke of peole who passed on. I couldn’t understand it until I could feel tragedy in my life and that of others and warn them. I even warned my own son of his his empending death how and how would be driving. I was 100 % correct. I even told him of the name of the driver of the car. I saw the care and explained to him, he didn’t listen. Atleast I can see he has crossed over to a very wonderful place.
    I had a friend who wanted to know if she was getting married , I told her where she would meet, I missed the guys name by two letters, and I was exact with her. I kept having the same dream repeatedly about a man who died and told him
    in the dream to reveal himself. I was 16 – he gave me a name and I did research and the dead man’s middle name was the name he gave me. He was said to have committed suicide. He showed me his death.

    My son died ten years ago and came to encourage a close friend of his to hang in there. He told me he would send her white feathers to let her know he was with her. She cried when I told her, because he had already sent them and kept sending them in odd places until she didn’t need them.

    People ask question I answer, by the feeling I am sent. This is a gift if ity helps others. I believe that is why we have the power. I too feel peoples energy and it is amazing, thanks to my grandmother , who was part Indian, the spirit are free and are all around to guide us. Crowds are places I avoid. I have all theh energy around me now to fill my days and guide others.

  9. Catherine

    Hi, I have read these comments and am very glad to see I am not alone. I started out as a receptive empath and learned to shield at a young age. Over the years I found I could also project my emotions onto others as well and I use this ability to improve my environment so I don’t have to shield as heavily. I use it now in my job to help the people around me raise the vibrations so everyone comes out a winner or at least has fun losing. (I work in a casino) I love being around other people most of the time, but only since I learned to separate my emotions from outside emotions.
    A few other things to add. This trait runs in my family. I have 1 sister who is a very strong empath and all 3 of my children have this gift as well. My oldest daughter has premonitory dreams and is always calling me to ask what they mean.
    People open up to me very easily and always tell me they feel calm and relaxed around me or just speaking to me on the phone.
    I also have a natural healing ability and if I happen to catch the cold or flu that’s currently going around, I am usually over it in a couple days.
    I can also project this healing energy to others that I choose and if an accident happens when I am around, it is not as bad as it could have been.
    Ex: I was in a store about a month ago and heard a sound outside. A guy in the store looked out and went running. An SUV was upside down in the parking lot next to the gas pumps. He pulled the girl from the vehicle and all she had was an injured hand. He found her dangling in her seatbelt. I sent her some healing energy and I hope her hand is ok.
    I had to learn all this on my own by reading and trying things, but I think we have these gifts to help others and I feel it is my responsibility to use them the best way possible.

  10. Ginny

    Hi fellow empaths –

    I also am all three types. My sisters have referred to me as “the empath” for as long as I can remember and in high school I was “the shrink”. At work, it is my unspoken job to boost morale, even though I’m not in Personnel – I work in Accounting. The weird thing is, I do it because I need a peaceful environment, and I have found that I can create that rather easily.
    Do you all get accused of being “overly sensitive” like I do? How about “too nice”? Even my therapist told me I was “too compassionate” and that “the world would be a far better place if more people were like me”. She dismissed me after four sessions because she said there was nothing wrong with me and I was too mentally healthy to need her services.
    Oh, and besides hospitals and crowds, how about courthouses? They’re awful too. Do you ever notice you can be the only one in a store at the mall or wherever, and the next thing you know the store is completely packed with people? Or do complete strangers approach you and start telling you their troubles? A psychic friend says that people are drawn to the positive energy.
    My biggest problem is that I haven’t figured out how to block it out yet. When I feel another person’s pain, it’s as if it’s my own pain, and the only way to stop my pain is to stop that person’s pain. It makes it really hard to have relationships because you end up constantly rescuing the other person and they end up becoming really dependent on you.
    I am now studying Tai Ji and although it is technically a martial art, it is not aggressive, but rather a gentle form of self defense. Part of it is also mental and emotional self defense and I hope that as I further my study that I will be able to deflect negativity and lead a more balanced life.
    Oh, and for those into herbal remedies, St. John’s Wort doesn’t help. The flat, numb feeling is worse than the pain, and there is no happiness at all. I am convinced that the answer lies within mental discipline, but I am still very slow to realize when the source of pain is not my own, and I react before I can determine the source. I am currently reading “Full Catastrophe Living” by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the hopes that meditation and “mindfulness” will help me to control the stampede of feeling from others. If anyone has any suggestions on how to control your own empathic reactions or blocking the ambush of others’ pain, I would love to hear those ideas.
    Thanks and Blessed Be,

  11. Empathic Friend

    It may take years, but you can control the amount of energy other people can drain from you without your knowledge. You have to get in tune with your core being. It takes time, but it’s worth the effort.

    Empathetic friend

  12. Candie

    I just read this artical and was wondering can I be both? People get around me and tell me what a calmming effect I have on them and how they like being around me, but, I have noticed prior to that how I feel when I am around some people or in a croud of all sizes I start feeling like my life had just been zapped out of me. (I learned at an early age I really didn’t like get togethers or school because of how I felt, but, of course then I had no idea of what was going on) Any comments? Like is this a good thing? is it possible? Anything? Thanks.

  13. Sensitive

    I love crowds, and people. Just Sometimes I do not want to be with some of them. I have dreams where the past, present and future is revealed. Even awake I can see that too. I can be around people and see, hear and smell things and feel things. I meditate, or lay down and think of them, whether they are near or far. I can see them in my minds eye, feel, smell, feel etc. as if I were there. I send love and healing “The Cure” as is always the best path. I pray for protection for myself and others always. Peace, love, grace, beautful blessings to all.

  14. mark potter

    i got bolth problems; i am always assulted by others feelings, motives and intent; i cant stop it. ialso can project my emotions; bolth are floodgates i cant stopright now; most times it hurts.

  15. Shirl

    Hi all,

    I too, am receptive, generative, and a emotional empathic. I am a healer. I feel energy, send energy, see energy, have dreams that come true.

    It is natural and quick for me to love, care for people, and animals. Their souls touch mine.

    I have effective hearing, smelling, feeling, and people attach easily. They gyrate to me. I lend an ear and don’t judge.

    I stay out of crowds too.
    I can walk down the street and two blocks over people get healed.
    Everyone has a story, and everyone I’m in contact with tells me their life history.

    Sometime the pain of others is too great.
    Ex: One person killed themselves in my high rise bldg. I woke in the middle of the night, felt extremely depressed. And while not prone to taking my own life, never entertain those thoughts, was feeling like jumping over the balcony. Feeling was over powering and I had to quickly check in with myself, to get it was their program I was feeling not mine.

    I hear, where do I know you from, did we go to school together, I feel so much better meeting you, or talking with you, why is that? On and on…

    I seek not to harm, but heal. Love is the only answer. That is the code I’ve lived by for 60 years.
    Blessings Everyone!

  16. Richard

    Receptive Empaths may indeed make very good counselors. The dark side of this is that we also make very good manipulators. It frightens and shames me when I think of how many times i’ve done the latter, frequently being barely conscious of what I was doing at the time. You’ve got me thinking about ways I might be able to more consciously and compassionately use this ability as a means of atonement.

  17. Debby

    I have been reading each comment listed and WOW,I am almost speechless.Almost.I am so familiar with each of these since childhood.What I didn’t understand then,was why I exuded powerful vibes that either frightened or attracted people.It took me a long time to come to terms with my gifts.I have a most unusual ability to hone in on deviants and aparently I frighten them or make them feel so uncomfortable that they have to leave the premises.All I know is I get this overwhelming feeling of evil seeping into me whenever I meet someone of that ilk and though I maintain a calm demeanor,they quickly slink away in shame,guilt or fear.I have other gifts and
    have since learned to be comfortable about my own uniqueness.I have been told that I make one feel as if he or she is at home.Comfortable.Because of this,people find it easy to speak to me,often opening up right before my eyes,like a blossom, confiding secrets,dreams,regrets or troubles.At the end of each conversation with someone new,that person is usually embarrased and amazed at what they have reveiled,never having told another soul before me and I always acknowlege each as a blessing,assuring that their conversation is safe with me.

  18. Jeannine

    I am 45 years old and just discovering that I have psychic abilities. I’ve been working with Verbena, who first brought to my attention that I am clairsentient and introduced me to 2 of my spirit guides about 2 months ago. Then during the next couple of visits she announced to me that I am also clarvoyiant and clairaudient. I’ve been blown away by it all.

    As I read this article and the subsequent comments, I started thinking about how horrible and agitated I always feel whenever I am in a crowd, of any size. Local and state fairs, and shopping centers (especially during the holidays) totally do me in! And now, the more I am thinking about it the more I am realizing how I feel what other people are feeling; like “I don’t know where I end and they begin” (the words of my dear friend Anasela!). I never understood why right out of the blue I will get a feeling of despair and my eyes well up with tears, or break out laughing hysterically for absolutely no reason. And, like Miss Krystal described about movies….I always thought I was just a whimp, but she hit the nail on the head because they truly are torture for me; friends laugh as I sit there with my eyes clamped shut; and just plugging my ears isn’t enough, I also have to somehow cause noise in them to totally block out any of the sounds!!!

    Hospitals however do not bother me, they are actually quite the opposite. I almost get a soothing feeling there. What is that all about?

    Verbena, it appears we might add receptive Empath to the list! This is all so mind boggling, but exciting.


  19. Josiane

    I noticed that some people are wondering how to cope with being receptive…
    Here’s a bit of my story:
    I use to be a waitress. As you can guess, it was sometimes really hard for me to my job!! I could feel the mood of all my customers, and going from table to table could be quite a challenge!
    I ended up finding a way to USE it instead of being crushed by my feelings. Once you feel others, you can find ways to change their moods. If someone was sad, being gentle and nice usually helped lifting their mood. Humour does a great job too. If there’s anger, you can always try to make jokes about it, or say at one point that you feel things are tensed, and that you don’t have anything to do with it.
    I believe that feeling other people’s feeling is a gift: not for us, but for others. We are kind of invisible heros, able to give what is needed, because we understand and feel what to do.
    Have fun with it! Enjoy it! And when you don’t feel strong enough… stay home and comfort yourself!!!

  20. Dylan

    I loved reading this…helps me makes sense of some things.I am hypersensitive to the energy of others, and find it very difficult to be in crowded rooms for any length of time. I also had to drop out of message school because of this. It’s overwhelming sometimes….. Dylan

  21. Derek

    Hi, I know what you mean I am believe I am also both. I am mostly receptive but at times when really upset about something I can blast others but that is only in extreme sense. I have to shield myself in large crowds, and hospitals an such.

  22. Faith

    I remember as a little girl, i was plagued with nightmares. As i grew up i realized i had (and still have) extremely strong emotions to feel what other people are feeling. Even people on TV shows, movies, the news, etc.
    As Bill Clinton coined the phrase ” I can feel your pain”. I really can, lol.
    I also feel the joy and happiness but unfortunately there seems to be much more sorrow.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings to all

  23. Kaylene

    I believe that I am both. Is that possible? I can sometimes Manifest more then just feelings in others. I sometimes think that I have manifested an entire vision or senario based on my pure will power. Which can be frightening, because sometimes I am not so sure about the reality of others involved and their true wishes. It is hard to explain. Any help would be helpful. I am extremely sensative to others appearances and even though I am very outgoing and like to be in social setting, I deffinently have to sheild myself in crowds. You will usually find me off to the side alone, which is nothing like my personally. Anyway, I would almost bet that I am both if it is possible and I am even questioning if we could step it up a notch. To some sort of Will manifestion? LOL :)’ing too!

  24. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I have had something happen ever since I can remember..I can’t watch violence on tv. I immediately can feel the “attack” and I just can’t desensitize to it…I always have to turn my head or close my eyes….It’s been like that since I was a little girl…I love Johnny Depp Movies, but in the Sleepyhollow film, I must have closed my eyes about a thousand times-I was just born this way. I know other psychics have this, too. Miss Krystal

  25. Caroline Couch

    When you’re able to do both what is it called? And how do you control it? I get serious headaches when people around me are stressed, and because of it have begun to avoid everyone but a select few. I’ve also noticed recently that when I’m stressed my animals tend to flock to me, and usually it’s in the bathroom which is the only place in the house I can usually be alone. How do I control this, so I can use it to help others? Please help!
    Many Blessings,

  26. Corrine Ext. 5194

    Hey Gina,

    That’s totally cool, as a kid I would work in the animal shelter locally and my abilities we’re coming out strong. I believe I developed my abilities by using them when I was working with animals (especially horses). I could feel where their pain was and gently massage the area and their entire demeanor would change. I swear they knew I could feel what they we’re feeling. Just like you said especially with older animals, it gave them such peace before passing knowing that they we’re alone in what they we’re going through. At least that’s what I’ve always felt.

    -Corrine Ext. five. one. nine. four.

  27. Corrine Ext. 5194

    Hey Verbena,

    I actually found this really interesting since when I do feel pains etc, on occasion they’re on the opposite side(mirrored) of the caller. Ex. if it’s the person left arm, it’s my right arm that will hurt.

    I always wondered if this was because your using the opposite side of your brain when your using your psychic ability.

    -Corrine Ext. five. one. nine. four.

  28. Corrine Ext. 5194

    Hey Gina Rose,

    Great explanation, I totally agree with you. Being a physical is probably one of my favorite things about being a psychic.

    Just out of curiosity do you usually get tastes and smells too with this? When somebody around me is drinking lemonade my face will pucker up and I can taste it which totally freaks people out(and me sometimes). It’s way to sour for me so I have tell people ahead of time what’s going to happen and not to be freaked out if they order something bitter or anything heavy on the pallet.

    I’m definitely a physical empath there is no doubt about it, but I just thought it was really weird I can actually smell the smells people are smelling etc. (like reading people who work with horses, smelling the barn like your right in it)

    I would classify this as part of the physical empath abilities, but I was wondering if you got those feelings as intense too?

    My husband’s mother suffers from chronic pain and every night before bed it’s so intense feeling her pain that I can’t sleep and neither can she. The only way to make it go away is helping her through it so I don’t feel it as much because she’s not feeling it.

    What do you do as an empath to dim these feelings? It’s hard to be polite out at dinner with the pucker face, and there are certain tastes that I hate which my sister eats all the time.

    Talk about somebody leaving a bad taste in your mouth. lol

    -Corrine Ext. five. one. nine. four.

  29. Abigail Ext 9570

    You need to find your own ways but for me I balance my Chakras, I meditate, I surround myself with the white light, golden light for protection. I also wear cyrstals. I empower my earings or other pieces when I leave my home. Citrine is a golden colored cyrstal that does not absorb negative energies. It is also an abundance stone. There are so many books that you can look things up in. Have fun learning you will…you already are.

    Many Blessings


  30. Barbara

    when Im around outhers I can feel and no things befor they say eneything to me some times I scare em and the think Im a freek of nature outher look at me in disbalief but I love to no the unknown and I can also tell when a person is going to die when i was 13teen my dad beat me because I told my mom she was very sick and needed a doc 2 monthes later my mom had brain surgery 3 tumers in her head also I new agin she was dieing yet my family did not balieve me my mom died my dad hated me after that but threw the years its made me stronger and now I help my kids and there friends and family also I have a lot of animals and i dont like big croudes Ive left places because of nagativity in em can you please tell me what I am and that Im not a horable person I love to help outhers

  31. Becky

    Hi Abigail,
    Well, currently I am a teen.I also get very anxious around large crowds, mostly leading to physically getting sick. Is there a way to “tone it down”? People I’ve met (two of them kind of psychic) say they instantly felt comfortable when I was around. I’m guessing I’m receptive as I’ve been told I “absorb” emotions.Anyway…I hope you can help me understand. Thank you

  32. Pola

    @Jaela: Thanks for bringing this up! *laugh* I´ve been wondering what kinds of empathy there were in life for a while so this was pretty helpful to see there wasn´t just one and that we all react differently to them.

    @Gina and Maryanne: Thanks for the insights too. Empathy is definitely my nº1 gift. I´ve been receptive for the most part, but have also experienced generative several times and physical a few others, so it´s good to be able to recognice how it started and how it grows to find new ways to improve it´s different aspects! =)

    Cheers to all ^^v

  33. Caroline Couch

    Dear Jaela,

    When you’re able to do both what is it called? And how do you control it? I get serious headaches when people around me are stressed, and because of it have begun to avoid everyone but a select few. I’ve also noticed recently that when I’m stressed my animals tend to flock to me, and usually it’s in the bathroom which is the only place in the house I can usually be alone. How do I control this, so I can use it to help others? Please help!
    Many Blessings,

  34. Abigail Ext 9570

    Another wonderful article. When I was a teen I was not able to go to the concerts with my friends I would literally get sick with anxiety, and then physically. Funerals were the worst for me. I would pick up the loved ones left behind grief. I had an older girlfriend who worked in the nursing home when I was a teen I would go visit. They all loved me but the sadness and grief, being able to feel someone leaving was to overwhelming for me. I was not prepared for that yet. When my kids got sick I would get sick…. I have learned how to protect myself now. Warning if you take an empath to a sad movie bring the tissue! Also they will do anything to protect children or animals it goes with healing energy. Some of my psychic friends say they are so glad they are not empathic and others who choose to shut it off. Its a preference which you choose. I did not have people around me when I was growing up that understood me so the excuse was I was really smart. I’ve sure attracted the teachers like a magnet. Oh yes people will start telling me thier stories standing in line at the grocery. LOL I just smile and think if you only knew. I get the don’t I know you alot or have’nt I met you before? I just smile with that one too as I have useually never met them its my soul energy that is familiar to them.

    Many Blessings

  35. Kell

    Hi Jaela. I believe that I am a receptive empath. I dislike large crowds and hospitals greatly. I always feel “beat up” when I leave places such as a mall where there are a lot of different people with different emotions. I don’t believe that I do the generative type, although several people have said that they just feel comfortable around me. I had a complete stranger open up to me one day while waiting for my oil change who told me that she just felt so comfortable talking with me. So, maybe I have it a little.
    Thank you for this article. It is very helpful to me.

  36. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    And….lately, I’ve find myself using the physical empathic gift in working with the animals at the no-kill shelter I’m affiliated with. It’s a good , practical way to keep in practice using the physical side of my gift… as it is helping the animals that come in there with their aches and pains….especially the older animals.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  37. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    interesting article….

    However, there is a third type of empathy as well as the two ” emotional types ” of empathic abilities already mentioned in the above article…..

    …I’m a receptive and generative empath,or what is commonly known and referred to in this industry as an ” emotional empath “….

    ..but,I built a career reading for doctors, mainly Psychatrists and their patients because I am also a ” PHYSICAL empath ” as well…..I feel the physical pain of those I read for as well….. for example,their knee hurts, my knee hurts. And I literally,physically, hear energy in others.

    Many of the holistic healers I’ve met in my 44 year career fall into the ” physical empath ” category.

    I only draw on and use the two emotional types of empathy in my CP readings as we are not allowed to read on medical issues….

    …but in my private readings, I employ all three types of empathic abilities when Doctors refer their patients to me. I am a triple empath.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  38. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Hi, Jaela,

    Thanks for a great article delineating the difference between receptive and generative empaths.

    I started as a child being only receptive, which I still am, of course. Able to feel and read people’s emotions and feelings and utilize that information to the client’s benefit in readings.

    However, as an adult I find I have grown into being generative as well, with several clients very kindly telling me that the sound of my voice in readings and the peace emanating from me helps them to relax.

    So, bottom line is-glad to be a bit of both.

    Thanks again for a great article,


    Psychic Maryanne
    Ext. 9146


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