Growing Up Psychic: Leo's Story

A Clairvoyant and Channeler, Psychic Leo ext. 5265, had a history of always being seen as an oddball by his family and schoolmates while growing up. He says, “I never understood the ‘psychic’ thing until I was in my twenties.” Before that, these gifts, which he calls both “a blessing and a curse,” would elicit constant comments, like, “How can you know that?” “Who told you that?” and “It’s like you’re an old man in a young man’s body.” He adds, “People didn’t know what to make of me, I had to keep defending the things I would blurt out, especially to strangers.”

“I once told one of my high school teachers, ‘Your husband is going to divorce you,’ and, of course, she threw me out of class. The principal asked me why I would say something like that … but the truth is that I really didn’t know,” Leo explains. At that point in his life, Leo couldn’t tell the difference between his thoughts and the thoughts of his Spirit Guides. They’d been conversing with him since the age of seven or eight. “I couldn’t tell anyone that spirits talked to me — everyone would have thought I was spooky,” he remembers.

He vividly recalls telling his older brother that he wouldn’t marry the girl he was dating, he would marry “Tasha, and have four kids.” They had their fourth child four years ago,” Leo says, and yet his family is still skeptical about his abilities.

By his late teens, strangers would get Leo’s number and call for “consultations.” No one ever called and asked for ‘a reading.’ The word got around that Leo was good with problems and predictions. “Again, I just thought I had the gift of communication, and with my entrepreneurial spirit, I made a business of it,” he states.

Eventually, Leo began to put the pieces together and realized that he was indeed psychic. He reveals, “I guess, you can call me a ‘reluctant psychic,’ because it’s taken me so long to understand and embrace the fact that most of the things that make me so different are due to my talents. I can see people’s auras, interpret dreams, and pick up what they feel and think.”

He concludes, “I enjoy helping people understand the source of their problems, especially in love and relationships. I begin my readings by having callers ask a question to get them to a place where they are ready to receive the information I have for them. After that, I normally don’t ask questions. I hear and see and feel the messages from my Spirit Guides and pass on the information until there isn’t anything left to tell.”

7 thoughts on “Growing Up Psychic: Leo's Story

  1. Nevaeh

    Dear Leo-This is a lovely story that touched my soul-you have a gift indeed. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Welcome to CP you are soaring with the spirits-Nevaeh #5203

  2. Pat

    Hi Leo,

    Thanks for sharing your life experience. I too have had the similar experience being told I was a old women in a young ladies body. I was also could tell things before they happen. It’s great that you have shared and so many of us share the similar gifts. Keep reaching, teaching and inspiring others.
    Be blessed

  3. A

    Hi Leo,
    You must be really good because getting an appointment with you is a challenge (LOL). Can’t wait to read with you!

    Best to you and many blessings,


  4. r0sina1981

    Hey Leo,

    Loved your story. I’ve had a couple of psychics tell me I’m very empathic. I pick up on alot of people’s emotions when I’m near them and I’ve always hated being around a large number of people at once since I was a child. I’m also having a lot of dreams with premonitions. It used to bug the hell out of me but I’m getting used to it. I just need to tune into it and strengthen it. However, since my car accident, my anxiety disorder gets in the way. But welcome to CP!


  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Leo,

    Well…. I was blessed in having been raised by a well-known psychic and pioneer in this field….

    …but, reading your story…that is why I started training psychics over 29 years ago… help them understand and hone their gifts and,… not fear their gifts.
    Your story is what I’ve heard for many years from other psychics trying to make sense of their gifts.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. believerBeliever

    Hi Leo,

    I loved your story! I know you will do very well here in the CP community. It’s not often that a new psychic “starts” at $4.50….that’s saying alot.

    Best Wishes


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