What is a Psychic Timeline?

Psychic timing “But when…” is a question that pops up in just about every reading I give. Some people believe that timing is everything, while others never have enough time.

So much of life is governed by month, day, hour, and minute. We are ruled by a square on a calendar, the placement of hands on the face of a clock. But, when it comes to predicting time, well… it isn’t always so predictable.

There are many ways, tools and methodologies used to predict an accurate and precise sense of timing in the course of a psychic reading. But no matter which tools I employ, the simple truth is this – there is no guarantee, and I think most other psychics would agree. Read More!

18 thoughts on “What is a Psychic Timeline?

  1. Sobi

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  2. Sea Turtle

    Hi Abigail,
    So, if we do not do anything to interfere…will the end result be the end result…
    Generally, do you advise a client to wait and let things unfold as predicted or to take some sort of action to spur things along?
    I have chosen to wait and let the prediction/s manifest…
    But, just wonder…?
    I have enjoyed reading your articles Abigail…thank you.

  3. Abigail Ext 9570

    Hello Red,
    Great timing for this blog again:-) Somethings in life are just beyond our control. We only control our own emotions and choices that life presents us. Many years ago I turned down an athletic scholorship to a very well know Texas College and instead choose to marry….that my friends did change my future drastically. Even though I had a prediction of something else. I was told about the once in a life time offer and what it would yeild for me. I choose the opposite. My outcome did change I choose it.
    I learned many years ago to never say never LOL The universe has a sense of humor and sometimes we end up being very surprized. We all have karma, life’s choices. It makes me smile when I hear a client of mine say I handed all the worry, frustrations that I have no control over to the universe. The scenarios and assumptions that we crowd our minds with more times than often are just that assumptions. A wise lady once said “Yesterday is history, tommorow’s a mystery, today is a gift isn’t that why we call it the present?” Elenore Rosevelt …. Embrace the blessings that you have in the here and now and watch more flow to you in the future.
    Many Blessings

  4. Abigail Ext 9570

    Hello RG,
    In response to Free Will. We are all blessed with free will. Nothing is set in concrete life gives us no guarantees. In my view a psychic reading is a “glimpse” or “Peek” into your future picture. This allows you to see what will occur should you choose to continue on the path in the same way you are now.
    When predictions are given they are never ment to give the client a green light to go directly do something to make it happen faster. For if you do this, you risk changing the outcome. The insight you receive allows you to change your path,should you want to OR, just sit back and look forward to what is about to unfold. The choice is yours. No one else can make that for you unless you give them permission.
    For instance a client calls and asks will my ex and I ever reunite? The psychic says yes you will. It happens just like predicted and the client decides that they can now start sabataging the relationship. They start picking and pushing on old junk, the stuff that broke them up to begin with and guess what happens? The other party gets upset and says I don’t think this will work out … Now we are back to the original question again will we reunite? Is that the fault of the psychic? The client choose to pick at, dredge up old hurts and run the mate off? That is free will psychics have no control over your choices.
    Psychics are messengers we are human, flesh & blood only God is infallable. I wish I had a magic wand because there are a lot of special clients I would make life more pleasant for. I hope this gives you the insight you were looking for.
    Many Blessings

  5. RG

    Very well said! I agree with you.
    Is the end result the same or is it not?
    I guess time will tell. I have faith in Gina and her predictions, and as she says “end result never changes”…so I’m going to stick with that too.
    Keep Smiling,

  6. RG

    Hi Gina,
    I defintely have faith in your guides and their “talking parrot” lol. I’m not doubting you one bit….I was just referring to the “other” folks that I’ve read with. It felt like they used “free will” to clear themselves of any predictions that didn’t come true.
    You are one of the VERY few that has stuck with your predictions from day one, and I see things more clearly now. Your always a pleasure to deal.
    Keep smiling,

  7. browneyes

    I wonder about the same things as RG. I think I understand the free will thing of course. But I have been told by some that the end result can be changed then told by others that the end result will not change but may come later than first expected. So who knows? LOL. I guess I had always just thought if we were meant to be with some certain person, it would happen no matter what. I have seen some things happen that were predicted but then others that didnt happen. But one thing for sure, with most of the psychics I read with I at least had someone to vent to and got encouragement. It did make me feel better for a while then I let myself drift off into that awful place again. I think that I felt that if I detached I would lose out completely. I guess I thought it was just turning loose of the whole thing and putting it in my past. I couldnt see how I could put it out of my mind but still be positive about the end result. Sometimes this stuff is just really hard to understand. But I am very happy for you Phillip with meeting someone you seem to click with. Good luck to you. And Jesse, Im still waiting for Mr. Hubba Hubba, lol.

  8. Fran

    Hi Phillip!
    I couldn’t agree with you more (and you’re probably saying, “It’s about @#$% time!” LOL!)
    Detachment IS freeing! It frees up your soul to accept the peace that comes in to take the place of the stress. I’m learning to just enjoy the now, what’s been given to me at this moment, and enjoy every minute of this ride, because the ride WILL come to a stop, and that’s when I get to say, “WOW!”
    Hugs, Fran

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi RG….
    Thank You….I’m known for consistency in readings, and the final outcome as well…
    …my Guides ,( whom I truly appreciate and have BLIND faith and trust in ), are very consistent….
    ..I’m just the ” talking parrot ” relaying the message.
    Thank you RG,
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  10. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Joseph and Red-
    “Just sit on the coach.” Well, that is the truth. Thanks again, Red. I have thought of so many different ways to say something like this, and, it appears that sometimes, we just have to put the cards on the table– say it straightforward. And you did that, Red, so perfectly. I could not have said it better, honestly. I always say, “The psychic can see what the outcome can be, but the client has to do the work.”
    Miss Krystal

  11. RG

    Hi Red/Gina Rose,
    Great article! I appreciate the insight on this. It makes more sense now regarding timelines, and i’m sure we all appreciate how hard you guys try to interpret it and get as close to “real” time as possible. Lets face it, we’re ruled by the clock.
    I was wondering if you ladies could shed more light on the “free-will” topic. Is free will such a thing that could change the end result? Or is it just something that can alter how you get to the end result. I’ve read with a few people and at the end of the reading they always say “free will can change things”, in a sense I get the feeling that they are giving themselves “security” to fall back on, should their predictions not come true.
    See, what I don’t understand is that how can it change the END result. Wouldn’t that remain consistent?
    For ex: In my case, I’m waiting on someone and he’s been in touch off and on…now hypothetically, lets say he’s got a work assignment for 6 months that he’s taken up. Would it be safe to assume that now its just going to take 6 months longer to get to the end result because of his free will to accept that job offer?
    I’m just throwing this example out there to HELP me better understand the concept of “free-will”.
    Gina Rose has been the ONLY one thats kept a consistent reading and has NEVER changed what she’s told me since day 1. Others have made predictions and then when we call them back to ask what happened, we get the same answer “free will”. I know things happen and predictions change, but to some degree there has to be some consistence right?
    I’d really appreciate your feedback on this. Or anyone else that can help. I hope this isn’t offensive to anyone, but I’m really just posting this for my own knowledge.
    Hope you ladies and everyone else has a fantastic day.
    Keep Smiling
    P.S. Thanks for the reading last night, Gina….you made my day, as always!! :):) HUGS!!!

  12. Phillip# 9485

    Just an observation on a personal note. Back in July I got a reading from Jesse(and I hope she is reading this). she told me she saw a woman entering my life around October. Even though I vaguely remembered this prediction, I am not obsessed with it and promptly moved on. Now that was approximately 2 and 1/2 months ago. So here it is October 2, and I went to a free matching site, that I joined at the beginning of 2009. I had not been there in weeks, and generally when I do go there I am just browsing around. Really not taking it at all seriously. In other words, absolutely detached. I notice this time that a woman has taken a look at my profile. I read her’s. Now I do not have a run of the mill profile and I made it very clear what my requirements are for a partner, as did she. And it was an exact match. The best part is that she is about an hour away, and actually lives closer to my daughter than I do. Bottom line, Jesse was right on target, and I believe that the timing was impeccable because I did not adjust my behavior in any way as a result of her reading. There was no need for me to cling to the results, and that detachment gave it wings. I believe the reading showed me the possibility, and my detachment locked it in. I do not know if I am making any sense here, but that is what it feels like. We do create input in any situation, and releasing our attachment to the result is the best way to work with the prediction. I welcome imput. Wonderful topic RED.

  13. LORNA ex. 9580

    It’s about TIME someone wrote this article. Thanks Red!
    We are a very “happy ending”, outcome fixated society. We race against ourselves to “get there”.
    I have had callers in a bad marriage ask me WHEN they will meet someone new. No ending, no healing time, just plow into the new life without reflection. What exactly is the rush? I can say to a caller, “I’m feeling 3 months.” They will say, “Oh, I can’t wait that long!”
    Can you force tulips to open before May? Sometimes we race toward the conclusion only to discover we are going the wrong way. And…..once you do get there, guess what? There are more things to wait for!
    Cherish the time you have. We are not guaranteed tomorrows. It’s really about now – not later.

  14. Fran

    Hi Red!
    Thank you for this great article. As a client, I know that many of us can become anxious when it comes to timelines. We just want the things predicted for us to HAPPEN already. But, I’ve embarked on the arduous journey of detaching from it. It’s much easier to get through each day when you don’t think of the “WHEN” so much. And….I’ve discovered for myself that I’m not anxious about it anymore. It’s almost as if there’s this newfound peace in my heart because I’m not focusing on a date anymore. It’s still in the back of my mind, but I don’t let it rule me. I’m more focused on the whole package….the end result….but without stress. A lot of this has to do with trust….trusting in the reading received, and trusting the Universe to follow through, if we just let it.
    Red, you’re awesome! Thanks again.

  15. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Red, great article on time.
    I always tell my clients that time is fluid, we are reading for the energy of today, and something as simple as someone having a flat tire can effect timing. I do, however, read for my clients on what time periods have energy around them on the day we are reading.
    Gina Rose is correct as well-there are many lessons built into a waiting period and it is very beneficial for all of us to attempt to, at the very least, acknowledge the lesson is there.
    Ext. 9146

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi….. I agree with Red…excellent article.
    My Guides are on the spiritual plane….there really is no such thing as ” time ” , as we know it anyway, on the spiritual plane.
    ( Believe me, I know this… as I’ve died and crossed over twice….what seemed like a very long time, hours in fact, on the other side when I crossed over….amounted to just minutes of being clinically dead on this side).
    I’m usually pretty darn good & close with timelines, but as Red stated, there are MANY variables on timing that come into play. What I’m known for is the end result….that is mainly the question I pose to my Guides when I do a reading.
    When there is a waiting period, for anything..be it love , career , or what have you…sometimes,there are many Karmic lessons built into that ” waiting period” for ALL of the soul entities involved in the situation.
    Thank You Red….for helping to explain this topic.
    Blessed Be )O(..Gina Rose ext.9500


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