10 Ways to Be a Better Lover

Better lover There is plenty of information available about what you can do to have a happy and fulfilling sex life – but there are also some tried-and-true things not to do. Because in the heat of passion it’s easy to make mistakes, here’s a list of 10 simple ways to avoid screwing up your sex life. Follow these little tips to steer clear of negative energy in your most intimate moments. Read more!

7 thoughts on “10 Ways to Be a Better Lover

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  4. aishah

    have someone to cast a birth chart on the both of you,,,why waste time.you need to understand what you,ll working with..peace POET AISHAH

  5. Shaunna

    That all sounds fine and dandy, until you try to tell your male partner what you like Mitch.

    Maybe if the rules have not been founded between the two of you as it is fairly early in the relationship, the man may be more accepting of pleasing his lady, but if the woman does not voice her wants early, it does tend to make the man guarded where he feels he cannot please her as she was always satisfied before, so now why the change?

    99% of men react in a negative way where they feel there man hood is being threatened.

    I guess this is the difference between a female versus a male. A female sincerely appreciates wanting to please her man and is willing to do so, even if a little compromise is required if the man is a little too liberal for her comfort; she will try.

    Yes, I agree, there are two kinds of people – the giving and the ones who only want to get. I am 52 years old and have experienced both kinds.

    The majority are the ones who just want to get as it does not threaten their vulnerability, but gives them control where they can deny that a woman could want a bit more than just their presence to bask and adore in.

    We all would love to be adored for just who we are when in a relationship, but when it comes to making love, most men are too vulnerable to consider it as such and would rather consider it just sex, especially in a new relationship.

    Sex is comfortable to men where they do not have to show vulnerability, but spooning with their partner or sleeping over is way too intimate and only occurs once the man has become familiar and comfortable on a deeper level with his partner.

    Now this is where the issue begins. If the woman has been dissatisfied with how her lover relates to satisfying her and thinks in time it will get better, she better think again unless she has conveyed to her partner she is not totally satisfied, but in time it will get better, giving her the option to voice her wants at a later date.

  6. Mitch

    I’m 64 & spent a lot of years chasing females & enjoying all of them. So when I say I still have to laugh at gals who complain that guys don’t know what to do or they aren’t making the right moves. Listen up Ladies. You have no one to blame but yourselves. Men are not psychics. Not all females are the same & respond the same. You can take a hundred females & not find any two of these complicated creatures the same. You take a hundred men & you have to types. One will do what ever has to please his woman. The other is out to only please himself. It’s up to you to choose the right type to date. Then if he’s a little slow catching on. You don’t have to fake it. Tell him what he isn’t doing right. He’ll only be to happy to please you.


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