Your Numerology Forecast: Order, Structure and Predictability

November’s 4 Month vibrations could create some stress this week and next, because 4’s
insistence on order, structure and predictability is on a collision course with the first Saturn-Pluto square occurring this Sunday. This long-term astrological dynamic demands dismantling of old and outworn structures, so just remember it’ll be a pressure-cooker out there and go easy on yourself and others.

Monday – Karma number 13/4 (1+3=4) offers a very appropriate introduction to the week’s challenges. Use this day to examine your most important structures, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to see if they’re flexible enough to accommodate growth and spiritual expansion.

Tuesday – Change, freedom and invention are this 5 Day’s watchwords, bubbling up with creative and original insights to supplement yesterday’s analysis of your beliefs and life structures.

Wednesday – If family, friends and coworkers are feeling a bit tense, this 6 Day is a great time to nurture them all by showing up with hugs, donuts or scented candles, and in the evening maybe savory takeout or pizza and beer.

Thursday – 7 Days work best when you carve out some quiet and space to do deep thinking. If you do, tensions will ease further and make room for breakthrough ideas.

Friday – Don’t waste a second worrying about the fact that it’s Friday the 13th! Black cats and ladders are no obstacles to your success on this dynamic 8 Day.

Saturday – On a 9 Day it’s easy to think globally because 9 can see past everyday cares and concerns and intuitively embrace a more holistic perspective. Excellent preparation for tomorrow!

Sunday – This 10/1 day is aligned with Tarot’s Wheel of Fortune card, which provides very useful image to accompany Saturn-Pluto’s energies. Picture yourself sitting peacefully in the center of the Wheel rather than speeding around the outside edge at Fate’s whim.

One thought on “Your Numerology Forecast: Order, Structure and Predictability

  1. Chanel

    Saturn Square Pluto is already in action. Pluto is the planet of extremes – from the lowest criminal levels of our society to the heights people can attain when they realize their true potential.
    Saturn with its rings is the teacher. It holds things (and us) back so we can learn our lessons.
    These two planets are 90 degrees away from each other forming a square pattern. Squares are tough. This can be a difficult time in your life because you feel what is happening to you is beyond your ability to control. So, take care. When this passes you will have insight and be tougher than you were.


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