Your Weekend Horoscope: A Quest for Perfection

A Quest for Perfection

Your Weekend Horoscope

Everyone wants love and passion and lots of it thanks to an alignment between Venus, expansive Jupiter and powerful Pluto. However, a quest for perfection could ruin the fun. Curb the urge to be critical and to exaggerate your lover’s shortcomings. What you give your attention to grows, so focus on what works. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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Your passion is primarily being channeled into the workplace. There could be a project (or perhaps even a special person) that you want to give all of your energy and attention to. Your efforts are likely to make the right impression, so be sure to go all in!


Your Weekend Horoscope shows the planets supporting your quest for big-time fun! Time spent with your mate or favorite date will prove to be immensely pleasurable. If you are single, your upbeat vibe could attract a new love interest. Make it your mission to meet and mingle.


Your home is likely to be to the place where loved ones want to gather this weekend. Your welcoming vibe and superb hospitality make everyone feel at home. Whether you want to hang out with the whole family or plan a more intimate affair, entertaining at home is the way to go!


You could be on the verge of making a declaration of love. You are ready to let a certain someone know how you feel and there is no holding you back. Whether you deliver your message in person, over the phone, or by email, you will express your sentiments in a beautiful way.


You love to make money and your Weekend Horoscope indicates that a certain project you’ve been working on could be about to pay off. This is definitely a more prosperous time for you, but you should be careful that an increase in income doesn’t lead to an increase in spending.


Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in your sign increase your self-confidence and bring your unique gifts and talents to the forefront. This boost of self-assurance allows you to fearlessly pursue the object of your affection. Creative projects and relationships with children also benefit from your empowered vibe.


Your ruler, Venus, in alignment with expansive Jupiter and powerful Pluto, fuels a secret love affair or undeclared passion. You are doing a good job at keeping things under wraps, but the intensity of your feelings is likely to show. How long can you keep it on the down low?


Your ruler, Pluto, aligned with Venus and expansive Jupiter, strengthens bonds within your circle of friends and also brings a desire to make new connections. You feel empowered when you collaborate with like-minded folk. Look to the people around you to introduce you to influential, new acquaintances.


Your ruler, Jupiter, aligned with Venus and powerful Pluto, allows you to shine in your community and your professional world. Charm will definitely open the door, but it’s your strength and power that will get you a seat at the table. Be prepared to show off your assets.


Potent Pluto, in your sign, aligned with Venus and expansive Jupiter, indicates that your feeling of personal power is strengthened through increasing your knowledge. This is a great time to take a workshop or to pursue an experience that will expand your horizons. A love interest could be the person who teaches you something new.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that the planets are perfectly aligned for big-time passion! This is an ideal time to plan a super romantic date. Your powers of attraction are pretty strong, so even if you are single you should take advantage of this vibe by spending the evening out on the town.


Your partnerships, both business and personal, get a major boost from Venus, mighty Mars, and benevolent Jupiter in your relationship sector. Existing bonds are strengthened and any new alliances that you make now are likely to have the strength to go the distance. Are you ready to upgrade your relationships?

3 thoughts on “Your Weekend Horoscope: A Quest for Perfection

  1. Denisha 6038

    Psychic Krishni,
    Thank you for sharing this information. I love being able to check what is happening over the weekend for my self and other family members. It helps me, know what they are dealing with.

    Brightest Blessings,

  2. Toni

    This is good information – and always helpful! I check every week before the week begins as it is always good to know what direction to focus on in the coming days!


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