Venus Enters Libra, Then Mars

Two transits will be igniting the flames of romance: Venus entering Libra on October 14, 2009, followed by Mars entering Leo, two days later.

What’s more, the New Moon in Libra on October 17 brings a new cycle of energy to partnerships during the next couple of weeks. For relationships, it doesn’t get more promising than that!

With Venus as its ruler, Libra is all about love. It’s also the sign of partnerships, equality and compromise. Venus transiting her natural sign of Libra (through November 6) heightens our desire to be in love – and to cooperate with each other. Even better, this loving energy is accompanied by passion, because Mars will be in fiery Leo during the next eight months.

But this isn’t just about romance. You can channel these influences into your creativity, because Libra rules art – whereas Leo rules the urge to create. It’s time to get in touch with your inner muse!

To discover how Venus and Mars light your life, find your Sun and ascendant signs below:

Libra: Socializing escalates while Mars is stimulating your friendship sector. Activities with friends will energize you and bring opportunities. Getting involved in your community can also bring satisfaction – and perhaps a romantic interlude as well. Even better, Venus in your sign makes you a magnet for romance. Simply put, your grace and charm are irresistible! Sharing your artistry will attract romance as well. Look for love through group gatherings and artsy activities.

Scorpio: While Mars empowers your career goals, romance may go by the wayside. It’s time to embrace the limelight and promote your projects. Still, Venus in your sector of the unconscious will give you a subtle urge to express your heart. Intimacy can deepen by sharing the lessons you’ve learned through past relationships. Examining former lives will bring insights. If you’re solo, romance can be found through a former lover, or activities connected to your past.

Sagittarius: With Mars traipsing through your sector of travel and philosophy, you might just be too restless for commitment. The call of faraway places is energizing your sense of adventure, and people from other cultures hold a fascination for you. Your spiritual side is also getting a wake-up call, so spiritual activities take precedence as well. Venus is gracing your friendship sector, so friends will bring joy and opportunities. Romance can be found through friendships and group activities.

Capricorn: Mars firing up your sexual sector makes intimate affairs a delight – but not without a price. Feeling vulnerable and dealing with old emotional wounds will be the challenge. It’s time to work on any anger issues you have, as well. Balancing intimacy and “alone time” will be necessary so you can recharge. On a lighter note, Venus blessing your career sector may bring romance through career projects. Or perhaps a colleague will want to mix work with play!

Aquarius: With Mars arousing your partnership sector, interactions with your sweetie can evoke some lusty romps. However, because Mars intensifies irritations, expect some verbal fireworks. On the bright side, sparring can turn into sexy interludes between the sheets. If you’re solo, now is the time to clarify what you want in a partner. With Venus dancing in your area of culture, education and religion, romance can be found during cultural and spiritual activities, trips and classes.

Pisces: Mars in your sector of work and health energizes your work projects and exercise routine. Not very fun, you say? Well, getting into shape and paying attention to practical matters will help you attract someone who has their life together. Fortunately, Venus in your sector of sexuality turns up the heat in your love life. Experiencing a deep, even mystical connection is the focus. You’ll need some time alone, too, for emotional balance.

Aries: With Mars in your romance sector and Venus in your partnership area, you’re ready for some serious fun. Passion won’t be a problem, because Mars is your ruler, so it’s the cooperation that Venus requires that will provide the challenge. If you’re in a relationship, it’s time to express what’s in your heart and strive to compromise (when necessary) with your sweetie. If you’re solo, a close friend may play matchmaker, or you may find romance through an artsy activity. Your creativity will be on fire as well.

Taurus: With Mars energizing your home life, what better way to express your passion than throwing a party for friends (or just for two)? Try heating up your boudoir décor with some fire elements, such as candles and warm-colored sheets. Venus is dancing through your health and work sector, so look for romance in work projects and healthy activities. If you’re attached, sharing work (or working out) with your sweetie will sweeten your relationship.

Gemini: Mars is firing up your way with words, while Venus is revving up romance. Sounds like your inner flirt is about to take over, doesn’t it? Whether you’re naughty or nice, it’s time to express your ideas, but watch out for argumentativeness. Combining your considerable brainpower with the desires of your heart will rev up romance. If you’re solo, look for love while traveling, or seek out someone special online. Activities involving entertainment will inspire romance as well.

Cancer: Mars is traveling through your arena of finances and values, so expressing your appreciation to your sweetie through a loving (or spicy!) gift or gesture will energize your relationship. Sharing what’s important to you will be important as well. Venus is lighting up your home environment, so creating a beautiful ambiance will bring satisfaction. Why not throw a party to show off your artistry? If you’re solo, a family member may introduce you to someone special.

Leo: No doubt about it – you’re all fired up with passion, compliments of Mars cavorting through your sign. What to do with this powerful energy? is the question. Focusing exclusively on romance might just overwhelm your partner. Channeling some of your energy into creative projects will bring satisfaction (and admirers, too!). Venus is inspiring your eloquence, so verbalizing your feelings and ideas will inspire romance. Networking will bring opportunities as well. Look for love during a trip or a class.

Virgo: Hidden desires are percolating in the background because Mars is energizing your sector of secrets. A cozy night in a very private setting can make passion sizzle. On the other hand, you’ll need plenty of time to recharge, which means taking time alone and dealing with issues from the past. Venus is illuminating your sector of finances and values, so sharing your gratitude and appreciation will deepen your relationship. If you’re solo, look for love during activities that involve nature.

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