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Venus Enters Libra, Then Mars

As autumn brings crispness to the air, you may find yourself desiring a cozy rendezvous by the fire. But it's not just the cold that has you craving heat. Two read more

Take Control

Do you find yourself derailed by other people's plans for you? Are others controlling your decisions, objectives, dreams? Need we remind you that your life is yours and you are not in the possession ... read more

Sound Business Advice

A business reading can be much like a relationship reading. People call to get the best dates to begin a new business relationship, find out what the future looks like and learn how to navigate roadblocks ... read more

Ego Wrangling

You know the types: The swell-headed "geniuses" who believe the world revolves solely around them... the friend whom you've dubbed "Mimi" because all she talks about it is me, me and more me... the ... read more
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