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What Each Zodiac Sign Should Bring for Thanksgiving Dinner

What Each Zodiac Sign Should Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner | California Psychics

Zodiac Food Compatibility

Ever notice how each Thanksgiving dinner celebration has contrasting flavors in different homes, families, and gatherings? Look to the Zodiac signs of those participating in bringing food to the dinners, and it will help you understand why. A Fire sign like Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius will often be creative and bring foods with a bit of “kick” in them, while a Water sign like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces will seek to bring foods they deem nurturing. An Earth sign like Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn will go for foods seen as traditional, and the Air sign, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius will put some real thought into what they bring. Read both your sun and rising sign descriptions here to give yourself some inspiration for what your Zodiac sign should bring for Thanksgiving dinner.

Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Aries | California Psychics


The Ram likes to get things done fast and efficiently, so snacks, including fun veggie plates, zippy dips, various chips, and maybe even some sweet and spicy nuts can be ideal for them to bring. If they are feeling creative, and they are always creative, then a Waldorf salad or fruit filled Jello dish can be a delicious addition to any Thanksgiving dinner gathering they attend.

Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Taurus | California Psychics


Have you heard the song “Tradition” from the film “Fiddler on the Roof”? If you haven’t, please treat yourself and gain a deeper understanding of the Bulls in your life. If you have, then you already know how well it fits them. They love traditional food dishes. And what food is more traditional than hot, creamy, buttery mashed potatoes?

Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Gemini | California Psychics


In addition to their sparkling charm, the Twins do love to bring satisfying wines, beverages, and libations to Thanksgiving dinners. If something brings delight to a meal, they are on it. And you can count on their ability to satisfy both sides, for they will include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices.

Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Cancer | California Psychics


Green Bean Casserole is a warm, nurturing, and very tasty dish, which is right up the Crab’s food alley. It’s not only yummy, it’s got all kinds of ingredients that are good for you, and it will make Cancerians very happy to bring this appetizing dish to dinner.

Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Leo | California Psychics


Every Lion worth their salt (have you ever met a Lion who wasn’t?) brings glittering flair to everything they do. If they choose to bring dessert, get ready to ooh and aah over it, starting with their pumpkin pie. Known for their generosity, they might bring a pecan pie, too. And a show-stopping lemon meringue pie. Did you think they’d forget the apple pie? Think again. And they’ll bring it all with ice cream, and probably whipped cream, just for good measure!

Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Virgo | California Psychics


The Virgin appreciates the healthy aspects of yams and sweet potatoes, but they also enjoy nurturing their sweet tooth (and yours) now and then. They know a bubbling hot dish of Candied Yams/Sweet Potato Casserole, laden with golden brown marshmallows and brown sugar will satisfy most everyone.

Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Libra | California Psychics


Being thoughtful as well as charming are classic aspects of those ruled by Venus. They will take pleasure in bringing various kinds of golden yummy biscuits, which might include traditional flour as well as gluten-free choices, dripping with golden yellow butter.

Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Scorpio | California Psychics


The Scorpion knows how to nurture you, and it will fill them with ardent joy to bring you the main course of roasted turkey, seasoned to perfection, with crispy brown skin and meat so tender it falls off the bones. If they know you enjoy it, they’ll also bring a sweet ham, with golden honey and brown sugar baked into its DNA.

Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Sagittarius Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Scorpio | California Psychics


The Archer will make a hot, bubbling, golden brown gravy so exquisite that you will savor it and talk about it at every dinner. You didn’t know the Centaur can be a fine chef? Well, you will once you taste their heavenly cooking.

Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Capricorn | California Psychics


It’s a given that cranberry sauce is to be expected at just about every Thanksgiving dinner. The Goat will bring a tart, sweet, and tangy cranberry concoction with just the right flavor to enhance all the other delicious dinner flavors.

Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Aquarius | California Psychics


The Water Bearer knows that a delectable dressing with luscious herbs and cornbread makes the turkey even more mouthwatering, and they will thoughtfully prepare this gratifying food to add to your dining bliss at Thanksgiving time.

Zodiac Bring Thanksgiving Pisces | California Psychics


 The Fish will inspire you to give even greater thanks with their thick, gooey, and exquisite mac and cheese dish browned to a golden color on top. It will be so divine you will be tempted to devour every scrumptious bit of it.

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