Can You Leap Consciousness?


Although metaphysicians and spiritualists have known this simple truth for centuries, science is finally starting to admit (and prove) that we are not limited to a three dimensional reality anymore than we’re obliged to adhere to linear timeline. Once this simple fact is accepted and the illusions of limitations have been challenged and overcome, one can use this truth to their greatest advantage in order to successfully navigate their journey through life!

As multidimensional beings we are capable of making quantum leaps out of the moment, into our past or future, as deemed necessary. For example, if one is feeling lost or confused in the moment because they have projected their past upon their present, it is totally appropriate to seek the counsel of a future self for guidance, insight and reassurance. Only, because there are an unlimited number of probable futures and thus, future selves in which to call upon, to ensure success, one must call upon the exact future self who is experiencing the results of intentions set in the moment.

At first, aside from having to really work hard to wrap one’s brain around this concept, this skill does require patience and perseverance. However, once you become adept at the basic principles and familiarize yourself with the energies that best reflect your present intentions, you’ll discover it’ll become easier with practice.

It is important to note that once you contact this probable future self for insight or guidance that, when you integrate with them (in other words, catch up to yourself), you’ll have to consciously go back to your past self to serve as your own spiritual guide. In effect, you’ll be going back to the future and back again. Failure to do this will result in leaving either one of your past or future selves stepping off the edge into the void. This is why so many of us feel so lost at times. We failed to complete the leap.

To help you wrap your brain around this concept, let’s say your 24 year old self is the one in need of insight and guidance. So, you call out into the future to your 30 year old self. Your 30 year old self, who is living in the residual of the intentions your 24 year old self had set, answers reassuringly that your 24 year old self is now on the right path and to keep going for it. Your 24 year old self now receives confirmation that you are indeed, on the right path and you move forward in time with more confidence. Soon the 24 year old self is now the 30 year old self. This is when the 30 year old self must go back in time to the 24 year old self to serve as a guide – thus, the leap is completed and the journey continues.

What do you think? Can you leap consciousness? How would you go about doing that?

5 thoughts on “Can You Leap Consciousness?

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  2. likestwotype

    I’m somewhat lost… Why does one go back to the 24 year old and guide him? If he has already made the journey what’s to guide to? What did my person miss here? Help! … I’m intrigued by this “leap conciousness” thinking …

  3. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Sahara-Wow this one really made me have to think! I have done similar exercises just like this. Excellent article. I applaud you as this type of writing requires intense focus! Very challenging-this was impressive. I feel that you should consider trying to put materials like this together in order to get it published-I am not sure if you realized just how talented you are…. Bravo!
    Miss Krystal


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