Birthstone Traits: Diamond, Emerald, and Pearl

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Diamond, Emerald, and Pearl

April, May, and June Birthstone Traits

We’ve reached the second quarter of the year and we are continuing our exploration of each month’s associated birthstone. Do you know the details about your birthstone? Let’s explore the birthstone traits for April, May, and June.

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The April Birthstone is Diamond

Considered by many cultures to be the most desirous of gems, diamonds have numerous mythological associations. At one time, it was believed that lightning strikes created diamonds. The Sanskrit word for diamond is “vajra,” which is also the word for lightning. Diamonds were also considered to be the “tears of the gods,” and were associated with both Venus and Mars. Through its connection to Mars, god of war, the diamond was believed to endow strength, courage, and invincibility to warriors who would wear it for these protective properties.

The ancient Greek name for diamonds is also their word meaning “invincible.” They also believed that diamonds were splinters that had detached from falling stars.

The ancient Egyptians would often place a diamond in the loop comprising the top part of the ankh, a symbol denoting eternal life. In this placement, the diamond was representative of the sun, power, truth, and courage.

In modern times, diamonds came to be associated with the ability to enhance the love between marriage partners because of its association with purity and strength. Therefore, it became common to exchange diamond engagement and wedding rings as a symbol, and perhaps talisman, to ensure eternal love.

Diamonds were used by the high priests of the Jewish people. It was believed that the more truthful the accused was, the more brilliantly a diamond placed before them would sparkle and shine. On the other hand, it would darken or become dull when placed before a guilty or dishonest person.

The May Birthstone is Emerald

Spring, with its profusion of lush greens, is in full swing by the time May comes around. It seems very appropriate that the birthstone for this month is the emerald, which is associated with hope, rebirth, eternity, fertility and beauty. The cool, green color of the emerald is a very calming color and aids inner peace, balance, and healing. It also assists with self-reflection and represents growth, wisdom, and patience.

The ancient Romans dedicated this stone to Venue, the goddess of love and beauty. The mummified remains of ancient Egyptians were often buried with an emerald that had been carved with the symbol for “flourishing greenness” on their necks, symbolic of eternal youth. The emerald was also the stone most favored by Cleopatra.

In the Hindu culture, the emerald is associated with more mature love. This may be because the color emerald green is aligned with the heart chakra and allows feelings of compassion and unconditional love to freely flow. The ancient Romans believed that an individual could restore his or her soul by wearing emerald.

Due to its association with fertility and sexuality, emerald has also been believed to aid in overcoming infertility and to protect against a difficult childbirth. Other historic healing uses of the stone were to help restore balance, especially regarding the nervous system, as well as resolving imbalances in the respiratory and digestive systems. In more modern times, emerald is believed to relieve the symptoms of depression, as well as other mental/emotional disorders.

The Main Birthstone for June is Pearl

The majority of June is ruled by Gemini, the sign of the twins, so it seems very appropriate that this month would also have multiple birthstones. For this article, we will only discuss pearls. Come back to the blog in June to learn about the others.

Pearls have long symbolized purity. They are also associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, who was born of the sea.  Ancient Greeks believed Pearls were Aphrodite’s tears of joy, hardened into gem form. They believed that women could prevent shedding their own tears by wearing pearls on their wedding day.

Pearls have many spiritual associations, including that of wisdom gained by an individual’s experiences. They are thought to be calming and having the ability to balance one’s karma and to bring good luck and protection to the wearer. Children, especially, are thought to be protected and kept safe when wearing pearls.

Ancient Persians believed that pearls were created when a rainbow descended from the sky and met with the earth after a storm. Additionally, they believed that the imperfections often found on pearls were caused by the thunder and lightning that accompanied the storms which created the pearls.

The early Chinese civilization believed that black pearls were formed in the head of a dragon. It was said that the pearl could only be recovered once fully formed and the dragon began carrying the stone in its mouth and was slain. These black pearls represented wisdom to these early peoples.

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