2012 Myths

I just saw the trailer for the new 2012 film coming out in two weeks…a little apocalyptic for my taste. I’m also not sure why John Cusack is in it…it’s a long way from Say Anything. But I digress — it got me wondering a bit about what 2012 really means

Our own Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 had some very interesting ideas on this controversial topic:

We live in interesting times the prophets say. Our time marks the return among the patterns of the stars, called the Shift of Ages. This grand cycle affects not just Earth, but the entire Universe which is evolving alongside us.

The Stone Calendar of the Aztec’s is a cosmological map showing how we are exposed to and participating in unfolding multiple galactic energy fields and patterns. It predicts critical times the system crumbles into chaos and emerges to reorder itself into a new kind of system. It teaches our future is unfolding moment by moment and is implicitly connected with each choice we make. That is why your actions in this moment can have powerful effects on our entire planet. As all forces converge, you make a difference. You are always adding your thread to the web of life, empowering yourself and the rest of us at the same time.

The famous prophetic Mayan Calendar shares a universal message: We are all one and life has a purpose. The timeline of Mayan chronology shows a wave pattern of cycles, a creative and evolving Universe, a cosmic plan that is an ongoing evolution. It’s a tool that provides us with knowledge of the yin/yang energies that guide evolution. It’s a meter of the movement of creation to tune into the flow of evolution, develop your intuition and become co-creator of the divine. It’s our personal evolution of consciousness.

Because evolution is a wave pattern of dark and light, intensified conflict between the Old World and the New World will be experienced. We will see this astronomically, personally, and on Earth as shifts occur. The key is to stay centered as we will be challenged when it appears everything is falling apart. Our focus should be about creating balance both on a global and an individual scale, unifying East-West, body-soul, spirit-matter. We are living in a conscious Universe in which the destiny of humanity needs to be fulfilled and prepared for the forthcoming Golden Age, which is marked by our calendar in 2012.

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  2. n.c.ojha

    ur thought is right it is go to end of world because sprit go to avter of kalik it is last avter of god in world who ride of horse.it fix before also write in our western calender.

  3. F.S. Woodman

    Wait, wait, wait, wait!!!! If everyone is talking and thinking in a material way you are mistaking yourselves compleetly.-
    Everything you see is energy, and what is coming to an end is the sistem you know, so fare goodbye to your SUV’s, Wall Street, your money sistem & shares and prepare yourselves for a new life .- How will it be made I don’t know but it shurely will be amusing, specially to see all the big figures that sustained war and poverty around the globe trying to adapt to the new circumstances. Materialism is dying pronto, come and have a seat in the front row, relax and enjoy .- F.S.Woodman

  4. Latosha

    I agree totally with you, I mean if you fear something and get past it, you should def., help oher get past there, I mean what if that was youasking for a way to get past your fears….we should start by helping others, just like the way we once wanted answers and help!
    thank you Latosha

  5. Vanessa

    Yes, but….it does not appear that this change will happen suddenly during 2012 or that there will be an apocalypse, of course. It is a gradual process that happens more rapidly during the years surrounding 2012 but is spread out many years — another 20 years or so before we see great changes in the world. At the same time, if your consciousness is open, you will see great miracles everyday, so even if there is chaos around you, your existence can be blissful. This is what I experience today, most of the time, although I do have my personal setbacks and issues to clear like everybody does.
    If there is anything major that happens in 2012, I would more likely think it is fabricated to continue to instill fear in people, much like the mass media is attempting to do with the movie. That is still the old paradigm in operation — control by fear.
    We are all one, this is true, but we are all individual at the same time. We do not need to get lost in “oneness.” We are significant as individuals and what we accomplish is of significance for all. The chaos is already all around us. The greater chaos will be mental and emotional in the form of mass confusion among those who do not “get” the new paradigm even as the world changes and adopts this new way of thinking and existing that can span dimensions, space and time.
    My guides tell me that the most important mission for us all is to help relieve the suffering among those who are experiencing difficulty transitioning and with consciousness expansion. Some will do great; those we do not need to necessarily worry about, although everyone is likely to have moments of confusion and pain. Many among the masses, however, will suffer enormous confusion and will need much emotional support.
    Those of us who have guides, spiritual leaders, angels, master teachers, soul mates, etc., will lean on them to get through the turbulent times. By the same token, we need to allow others who struggle to lean on us. It is important to share practical tools and knowledges so that those who are struggling can learn to use them and seek their own spirtual pathways that will give them strength to get to the other side of the turmoil.
    Yin/yang is interesting in that as we progress on this journey, more soul mates will be matched up, both physically and across dimensions. I had a fascinating experience with this…I was asked by my master teacher (in a dream state, who is also my soul mate) to buy a metal detector and search my back yard — and what did I find? A handmade silver disk engraved with the yin-yang symbol. It is profoundly important and has multiple meanings and messages. Soul mates are going to be critical to getting through the discord and conflict that lies ahead before we get past it to the new way — the new era of love and peace. Soul mates can provide each other the kind of love and support unmatched by any other relationship and their love sets the tone for the new era to come. We must keep faith because even though things may look bleak for awhile, they will turn around; it is just not going to happen overnight, although, evolutionarily speaking, it is in an instant.

  6. mytuk

    2012? In agreement with Shauna, a raising of the vibrational level.
    Some say with ascension, manifestation of matter will become easier, on the downside, fears will manifest easier also. If this is the case, then awareness and preparation should be taught globaly, in order for people to face and walk through their fears so clearing them. In so doing, easing a period of potential chaos.
    Anybody out there that has an inkling of what I mention, and has already ‘walked through’ their fears, should reach out and help others do the same.

  7. Maria

    Directly to: Psychic Shauna, I had some visions that left me seriously out of breath,I also had a vision with a messenger and the Chariots were on top of the messenger.I had this vision like the movie about 4 years ago. Shauna, I believe if we all contribute to accept that we are all responsible for each of us around the World that, helping one and other life would be better. There is so much we can do. I still asking my self why was I chosen to see this?. Can you help. I wish the best for this world and for the spiritual realms of heaven.You all have a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving.I would like everyone to think about it.We will not only be helping others but also ourselves.

  8. Lynda

    I think we are all here for a purpose and yes the ying/yang is here as well as remember all we need to be is just peaceful, loving, compassionate, caring, giving people! I beleive our world is in hard times but I also believe if we all show some compassion and just “be” good to one another, it all starts with little steps ! Love and desire are the spirits wings to great deeds !!

  9. kamal jeet singh

    yes i agree with shauna. in 2004 when Mars came closest to Earth in 65ooo years there was a talk that as Mars is the God of Wars there will be great bloodshed. I told my wife that in Hindi Mars is called Mangal which means Peace and Well being, so it may be other way round also. At that time i started rewriting the World Song,
    the idea of World Song came to my mind for the first time when Cruise and Pershing missiles were being deployed in West Germany at the height of Cold War. at that time only the first line We the people of this World came to my mind. I wrote a complete song and kept it in my dictionary but that was lost.At the time of 9/11 attack I was so much shaken and I was thinking what shall be done. in 2004 whne mars and earth came closest i again started writing the song.
    I am of the firm conviction that if the idea of world song is taken to its logical conclusion that will be the Golden Age when World Song will act as a common bond between all Religions and with the passage of time their will be a fusion and violence in the name of Religion will be thing of past

  10. Stacey

    Maybe this is a good place to add this tidbit of thought. We are all one. We are all a part of the whole. Everything came from one source. So all is originaly of God. And get this, this is the part that makes the most sense. God is like a mirror. The mirror never changes, but everyone who looks in the mirror sees a different face.
    Love to all

  11. ochen vincent

    Like Hellen Blavatsky (Founder of Theosophy) once said. All things that exist in the Universe both Material and those unseen is GOD. This then means that Man is GOD but man is also the DEVIL.
    2012 to means that we will enter into a new state of conciousness and become a perfection and hence DIVINE or we will Become GOD as religions call the Divine.
    Vincent Ochen
    Kampala Uganda


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