Success Story: Transform Yourself

Tap Into Life Success With a Psychic Reading!

Kathy from Palm City called us and had a great experience. We asked her about her call, and got some great answers:

Who did you read with?

Paige ext. 9158 and Elliot ext. 5862

How would you describe your psychic?

I had hit rock bottom with no way to ascend up to the surface. California Psychics helped me in the past, but this time was different. I needed some serious help to get out of my despair. Luckily, I read with Elliot and Paige, and they said exactly what I needed to hear. Elliot explained that my constant worrying and despair were upsetting my grandmother on the other side. That was all I needed to hear to stop the incredibly negative self-talk I was hiding from the world. You can’t hide anything from spirits! I vowed never again to worry myself like that. Instead, I would take the steps I was afraid to take in order to change my circumstance.

Both Elliot and Paige, in two separate readings, told me I need to stop worrying about my children and that they would be just fine. Their father had caused a lot of havoc in their lives, but that chapter is now over and I need to let it go. My children are healing and doing fine. Without California Psychics support and the two psychics just knowing I needed help, I don’t know where I would be today. Elliot strongly insisted that I needed to continue the work I am doing to help people, because the spirits insist that this work needs to be done. I trust these two readings and no matter what, I will heed this advice, because it comes from a divine source.

We also asked Joanie from Lahaina what she thought about a reading she’d had:

Who did you read with?

Psychic Asia ext. 5486

How would you describe your psychic?

I found Asia ext. 5486 to be a very clear communicator with rapid impressions that always proved accurate. Her personal style is warm and bright. She’s very truthful while being comforting and often funny. Asia is my all-time favorite psychic!

What was the reason for your call? Why did you call a psychic? How were you feeling before you called a psychic?

I called for help with uncertainty in making some important decisions.

Was it what you expected? How did you feel after the reading? (More clarity, empowerment, confidence…)

I felt heard and witnessed, and Asia ext. 5486‘s insights showed that she not only saw the situation accurately, but was able to perceive possible outcomes and advise the best ways to handle things. I felt very reassured and now I have the confidence to know that I was doing the best possible thing. It was very empowering, and I was able to relax and recover from the stress very quickly!

Since your initial reading, how have things turned out? What made the experience a success?

Asia ext. 5486 predicted the outcomes and timeframes very accurately, and things happened just as she said, but in a way not possibly affected by suggestibility or ambiguity. I was able to take the actions she had recommended, and make grounded decisions based on the confidence she imparted.

This process has resulted in a deep, timely and much-needed restructuring of my life and relationships, and I am happy to be starting this new chapter in my life! With Asia ext. 5486‘s guidance and support, I have been able to transform my life into one of freedom, joy and abundance! I am so grateful for her help.

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