Numerology: Your Heart’s Desire Number

Your Dreams – Your Heart’s Desire

What is your heart’s desire? Numerology knows, and you can find the answer in your Heart’s Desire Number. It is the motivation behind all you do and it influences just about every decision you make personally and professionally throughout your life. You can always fulfill your heart’s desire, but there may be some challenges to meet in order to fulfill the desire completely.

How to Find Your Heart’s Desire

Your Heart’s Desire Number is found in the vowels of the name you were given at birth—your first, middle and last names. The vowels are “A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y.” The rules about the letter Y as a vowel or a consonant are fairly simple to understand, but not as easy to explain, so if you have a Y in your name and you’re not sure if it’s a vowel or a consonant, ask yourself this: If you took the Y out of your name, would it still make sense? If your name is Andy, then Y is a vowel. If it’s Bradley, it’s a consonant, because you could still say it without the Y. If you’re still not sure, consult a numerologist for accuracy.

The Numerical Value of Letters

Write your name on a piece of paper—first name on one line, middle name on the next line and finally, your last name on another. Circle the vowels in your name and find the corresponding numbers for those vowels below. Add up the value on each line separately, and reduce each to a single digit. Example: If your first name is Anne you would add 1 for A and 5 for E and your first name total would be 6. If you come up with a Master Number (11, or 22) don’t reduce it.


Heart’s Desire # 1

You like to be the innovator with a strong desire to be the first to do something and to be the best at it. The key is to be balanced in all you do.

Heart’s Desire # 2

Like your love of music, you want everyone to live in perfect harmony. You like when everyone feels at ease and everything is running smoothly, and you do it all from behind the scenes.

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Heart’s Desire # 3

You’re social and witty and express yourself through writing, comedy or acting. A successful life can be yours if you find the courage to go deeper into your own emotions instead of just glossing over them.

Heart’s Desire #4

Your organized and orderly life may hide your heart’s desire from others, and that is to give and receive love. You can live a sparkling clean life as long as you lose your fear of messy emotions.

Heart’s Desire # 5

Experience is your teacher, freedom is your passion and making those that you love deeply happy is your deepest desire. Oddly enough these differing emotions do not have to be mutually exclusive.

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Heart’s Desire # 6

You are warm and passionate and you want to embrace everyone around you with love and harmony. You strive to make love the basis of all you do and say and in every place you go.

Heart’s Desire # 7

You’re smart, analytic and a great learner. But it is through trust in yourself and in feeling real emotions that you fulfill your heart’s desire—to share your knowledge with the world. Go beyond the superficial.

Heart’s Desire # 8

Your heart’s desire is for fame and fortune and to be a person of power. Use your power to help others. Also, allowing yourself to face emotions head-on is your key to being the happiest of the Heart’s Desire Numbers.

Heart’s Desire # 9

You desire to be of service and helpful to others. You also long to be appreciated and admired for your great mind and generous heart. Stay humble by remembering that your first love is people.

Master Number 11

You dream of making the world a better place. You treasure your closest relationships and also desire to please others, which often puts you in the position of peacekeeper. Your Master Number status is a gift.

Master Number 22

Your heart’s desire is to create something of lasting value that will inspire others and create awareness. Like all the possessors of great gifts, as a Master Number you must strive to remain humble while accomplishing great things.

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