Your Weekly Money Horoscope for July 15 – 21, 2013

Your Money and Trines, Conjunctions and  Retrogrades

Mars draws closer to a conjunction with Jupiter in Cancer and Jupiter moves closer to a perfect trine with Saturn in Scorpio. Add Neptune in Pisces and the water theme grows stronger. Money is spent as fast as it comes in. Mercury, ruler of commerce, goes direct again on July 20. The good news is that next week everyone’s overall money horoscope improves.

When planets retrograde, they are said to act the opposite of normal. Mid-week Uranus, the planet of “anything can happen,” goes retrograde until mid-December. This means that over time you may find there are fewer unexpected events draining the contents of your wallet.


Uranus retrogrades in your sign this week and soon you’ll see the benefits of this transit. Even sooner you’ll feel the financial benefits of the trine in water signs, but for now you still need that budget.


Your weekly money horoscope still insists on making important connections to advance your financial future. The energy is only building, not waning.


Your second house of earned income lights up like a Christmas tree, especially once Mercury goes direct in Cancer on Saturday.

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As Mercury goes direct in your sign you’re gearing up to make a long-held ambition come to fruition. You also have Jupiter and Mars on your side. Hard work brings financial success down the road.


Your money horoscope will pick up even more next week thanks to Venus in Virgo. For now be on the lookout for small treasures you may find at antique shops or garage sales.


You are already benefiting from the trine in water signs and the energy increases as it moves into next week. You should be networking and preparing for the benefits of Venus in your sign.


Continue networking and getting the word out that you’re available for the right job with the right raise. It’s the right time. You work better now on your own. You don’t need a partner.


As Saturn in your sign makes a direct connection with Neptune and Jupiter your water sign energy is working in your favor as well with Venus in your career house. Don’t let minor setbacks discourage you.


After the 20th, Mercury goes direct. As a result, you may be able to refinance, get a loan or receive a financial gift. If you need work done on your car or house, be sure to get two estimates.

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Next week’s New Moon in Capricorn will remind you to stay on point with your budget. Avoid any temptation to overspend this week and you’ll feel good about your decision to be frugal.


Your money horoscope still revolves around your career. You’re making great strides and improving your financial portfolio. Keep up the good work and avoid negative people.

“Money is an energy.  Nothing more.  It does no good to put either too much importance on it, or by the same token, too little.  Give money credence and realize that for any service there is work (of some sort) out and money in. ” – Psychic Ariel ext. 9775


With so much energy in your fifth house, you may be working on a creative endeavor. Just don’t neglect the money-making end of your money horoscope. Give your energy to work that pays.

4 thoughts on “Your Weekly Money Horoscope for July 15 – 21, 2013

  1. Eleanor G. Conrad

    Thank you for your inputs which can make EVERYONE’s day.
    What a very good deed – hoping for monumental reward for you


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  3. Susan

    I am a Sag. I am wondering when Mercury goes retrograde I will have the luck I had 3-4 weeks ago when I think Jupiter went retrograde. This I have been told, if I understand it correctly is the beginning of a long period of luck for me,

  4. marialaloca77Maria

    Continue networking and getting the word out that you’re available for the right job with the right raise. It’s the right time. You work better now on your own. You don’t need a partner.


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