Success With Sandy

Remarkable Success in Psychic Readings for a Remarkable Client

Shortly after I began working for California Psychics, I was introduced to Sandy, with whom I had remarkable success. Quite memorable with her uncertain voice and slightly apprehensive demeanor, she proceeded to disclose her less than admirable love life. Tony is her husband, who is incarcerated. His energy is controlling and ungrateful and exhibited several heavy addictions. She had been stuck in that energy for so long that she actually felt she belonged there… yet had desires of seeking love elsewhere. Tony expected Sandy to be there for him when he was released. She had mixed feelings. He had been incarcerated before and had relapsed several times, in spite of his constant empty promises of saying he would remain clean. There was guilt and there was fear. How would she tell him she was ready to move on? What about their child? Was she doing the right thing? Sandy had many fears and apprehensions. And so, we began our psychic journey into all of those questions.

Our weekly readings indicated and validated that remaining with Tony would only cause her to revisit a karmic lesson that she has already learned. The lesson would remain the same and so would the outcome, causing a repetition of hurt and disappointment, not to mention a negative influence on her child. When she made a conscious effort to close that door and shift her energy to Robert, the man she simply had a crush on at the time, she opened a world of excitement and romance. I have walked this journey with Sandy. I helped prepare her for the challenges and the thrills of dating Robert. When she did not know if he would even be interested in her, shifting her energy and helping her understand the law of attraction increased her confidence, self- esteem and courage. Just as the guides had predicted, Robert and sandy began a romantic relationship. Just as the guides predicted, she was fully prepared for his fear of commitment and quirky personality traits. Milestones have passed as predicted, including Robert using the “L” word and bringing their children together in a “family gathering” sort of way.

The predictions were not just for love. Sandy, with all of her beautiful characteristics also is tremendously intelligent and highly ambitious. Words cannot begin to express the level of confidence that grew from wanting to start a real estate career to knowing this would indeed happen. In this short period of time of reading for Sandy, she has received her broker license, started building her clientele and set a date to leave her current dead end job. More importantly, she has set her five year goal of making three million dollars. She has and will achieve her dreams—all of them.

When I reflect on the Sandy I first talked to and the Sandy I know today, she is a brand new woman of confidence, happiness, hope, faith, encouragement and stamina. She embraces the Law of Attraction, she is aware of negative energy and its effects, and she knows her dreams have no limits. Sandy and I frequently discuss all the changes for the better and the path she has chosen versus the lifestyle to which she could have fallen prey. Sandy is so special to me. I have literally watched and felt this growth and development in her life and I am moved to tears by all of her accomplishments and for those to come. She attributes this growth to her readings with me and my guides and thanks me frequently for the help. But, to you Sandy, I owe gratitude. It has truly been an honor to assist you and I look forward to celebrating with you the remaining predictions to come.

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  1. StacieStacie

    This is amazing Aliza. This is how I see you and feel you are with me. You give me the proper steps and guidance and its up to me to follow through with that guidance and it truly works (minus my free will now and then). I sure hope I can stay on track as Sandy has and have an amazing outcome with my life and with ‘N’ as Sandy has had in her life. This gives hope and reassurance. Thank you for everything you do for all of us!


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