Your Karma Horoscope for October 2013

Slow and Steady Saturn Unveils Karma…

Finally out of the shadows and moving directly ahead, the zodiac’s taskmaster is nearly halfway through its Scorpio transit. What does that mean for you and your karma?

Read on to find out what Saturn has in store for your karma this month!


You’ve never been the best with nuance. It’s simply not an Aries trait. That begins to shift this month, as your skills of perception improve. This may manifest in an increased appreciation for your nearest and dearest, among other things.


Though you’ve been frustrated with people in various areas of your life for some time, this month, you finally begin to understand them a bit better. It may not mean you agree (or approve), but at least you can empathize.


You’re not always cooperative, Twins. And why would you be? Being two people in one takes balance! That said, you’re learning to compromise with others and it may just open the door to long-held dreams becoming reality.


You’re a striver, and for that reason, tend to be more patient than most. However, you also wind up stuck in the details. If you release yourself from that attitude and embrace a think-big attitude, you may be ready for a breakthrough.


Unfinished business is beginning to take its toll. It will require digging deep, but if you can finally take responsibility for yourself on a meaningful level and change your way of doing things, you’ll escape the path of your parents.


Oh Virgo, you do have an eye for details. And opinions. But that doesn’t mean they’re always spot-on. The good news is, you’re starting to learn that. This month. Big stuff, right?


Now that you’re more settled (It’s been nearly a year since Saturn departed your sign.), you’re seeing things in a new light. The good news is that this month, you’re actually laying the groundwork for expansion beyond your brain.


Your imagination is on fire this month, stinger, and your efforts are about ready to bear fruit. Nearly halfway through this brutal transit, you’re beginning to make the shifts you need to be internally balanced and solvent in the day-to-day.

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You’re not usually super introspective. It’s not that you don’t examine yourself, you’re just not the type to wallow. This month, however, you begin to really connect to what’s going on beneath the surface. Don’t worry. That’s a good thing.


While you’ve long been in pursuit of success, this month, Saturn helps you achieve your goals via self-exploration rather than the usual hard work. As you understand yourself (and others), your choice of actions will be better informed.

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You’re the type whose work is most satisfying when linked to your greater purpose. If you know what that purpose is, fantastic. If you don’t (far more likely in light of recent shifts), now is a great time to define it.


Accept that progress takes time if you can muster the wherewithal. By letting things unfold naturally (rather than forcing an issue, or descending into your desired outcome blind to current realities), you set yourself up for success.

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4 thoughts on “Your Karma Horoscope for October 2013

  1. Kaleb Wolfe

    God it certainly does suck being a Scorpio, I was born at 6am on November 21st in 1981, I just can’t wait till Saturn leaves my sign and hopefully it leaves with me being unscathed whew

  2. Randy

    All my life I have held back afraid I might hurt some and your rite’ I don’t wollow in anything expectually petty. I don’t have time to worry about what some don’t like about me some one’s junk is another person treasure but hey I might get used to me and ,my little dogs and grand daughter. I don’t think I have time for anyone else to tell me I want another new purse and being selfish and a jealous control freak. Thanks for the insight looks good from here.

  3. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    spot on, my karmic horoscope is exactly where I am and where I am going. living in the moment but taking a peek at the future. and I must say it is looking pretty good.
    thanks for my lovely prediction.

  4. Kate

    I had the pleasure to listen to Sonja, at 1:40 p.m. – Sept. 28th. I am usual pretty chatty but, this time I gave over the control to her, for 18 minutes!
    I came to her with a relationship issue (re: Mike) It was awesome talking to you Sonja.
    The last thing you were able to say to me was “Don’t Give Up”.
    Do you have any books you could suggest I read to learn more about transits and other terminology connected to where the planet are and the resulting energy resulting in their placement?
    Thanks again! Kate


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