Your Mercury Horoscope for October 2013

Mercury, Ulterior Motives and More!

Oh, the depths of the human condition. That’s what Mercury in Scorpio seeks to understand. It’s a transformative time of year where ulterior motives abound. Add to this complicated time a Mercury retrograde beginning on the 21st, and things could get hairy unless you know what to do about them.

Read on to find out how Mercury impacts you this month and prepare yourself!


Like it or not, there’s no time for superficiality right now. You’re asking yourself deeper questions about everything. There may be a clash of values with someone or something. Endure and it will bring you the clarity you seek!


While practical matters are at the fore, recognize that there may be some unexpected changes on the horizon that will force a new way of doing things. It’s an inspiring shift if you’re open to it. Keep your wits about you and stay calm.

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You’re focused on the how of things this month, Twins, as opposed to the why. Whether that translates into learning a new (practical) skill or getting your paperwork in order at the office is to be seen.


You’re feeling more appreciated these days, Crab, and what a wonderful feeling that is! It’s time to start exploring your creative ideas. The juices are flowing and you’re fully capable of expressing your thoughts to a meaningful end.


Mercury and Saturn team up to make you particularly sensitive this month, Leo. You may find yourself feeling less energized or more vulnerable in some way. Worry not. As long as you don’t burn the candle at both ends, you’ll emerge unscathed.


You’re learning things and teaching people this month, Virgin. Translation? You’re making inroads wherever you go. Be clear about what you’re saying (particularly once Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st) and you’ll do just fine.

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Conversations take on a practical slant this month. You’re focused on property and financial matters, but don’t get lost in the superficial. This is the time to look at the present and future realistically and chart your course.


Don’t expect yourself to process things rapidly, Scorpio. Information has to sink in and pass a gut check for you to move forward. Meanwhile, work on listening rather than talking out of turn. And if you don’t understand something, ask.


You’re returning to the past and connecting with kindred spirits under this influence. You may feel less social than normal. Make the most of working from the wings as your ideas form and get ready to take flight in late November.


You know what feels right to you. On that note, don’t be afraid to be decisive—at least before the Mercury retrograde on the 21st. That doesn’t mean you need to express your plans just yet. You’ll know how long to keep quiet and be sure to protect yourself.


The past is on your mind this month, Aquarius. You’ll need to assess where you’ve come from in order to grow. The Mercury retrograde may make your process murkier than it would be otherwise, but you’re headed in the right direction.

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You’re feeling refreshed and as such, inclined to pursue new things. Whether this means travel or education in the literal sense is uncertain, but you’re experiencing figurative expansion everywhere you turn.

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    Thank you for the info iwant to know how my business will go which I have just started four months before in U A E
    DOB 19 3 1949 RAMPUR INDIA

  2. sunshine

    I have a lot of volatility going on in myife right now. DOB is 7-12-1962. I doesn’t fit the prediction, that I read for October. Please comment if you can.

  3. tamisha

    I need to know what and where is my life headed and am I on the right path and will everything with this case get throw out and think you for helping me

  4. Stephen

    Seems that I am “retired” when I have no wish to be.

    I need to be actively employed……but no one will hire me or so it seems

  5. ukastrologer

    Great information for horoscopes…….Mercury Horoscope for October 2013 gives lots of good information. I want to gain more updates through this blog in future.


  6. kuldeep

    mercury transits into next sign will impact only on your intellingence and when it become retrograte and approach sun it will make one lazy and inactive .


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