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Anna Mae of the Philippines says:

I always wanted to be in contact with my spirit guides. At times I meditate, but I don’t know if I’ve encountered one already.

I’m always sensitive to things around me. One night, before I went to sleep, I meditated. Then I was awakened by my baby around midnight. While we were playing, I heard a beautiful sound of something like a church bell. The following night I heard it again. Then, at dawn the following day, I was awakened because someone was calling my name two times.

Would all these series of encounters mean something from the spiritual realm? Please help me, I’m desperate about this.

Dear Anna Mae,

You are naturally very mystical, and through many past lives have developed the ability to be a very powerful psychic and channel.

My sense of your abilities is that you are meant to express your spiritual and psychic gifts through your religion, through prayer, healings and mystical insights. Are you by any chance Catholic? And are you familiar with the mystic St. Teresa of Avila? Her energy hovers around you very strongly, so she’s either a spirit guide, or was an important influence in a past life.

Whether your chosen religion seems to be open to mysticism or not, my sense is that, truly, nothing can keep you from this part of your life path. You’ve invested in a long soul evolution to reach this point, and it’s inevitable that you will express your gifts in some important way, and may already be doing so. Your guides and angels help assure that this happens. Whether you will become famous, I don’t know, but you will have a healing and transforming influence on many, many lives, perhaps through simple every day contact, or perhaps in a more formal setting.

What’s the best way to be sure an experience is, truly, spiritual? It’s actually pretty simple. Just ask yourself, “How did it make me feel?” If, at the moment of the experience, you felt uplifted, expanded, awestruck, renewed, hopeful, blessed … then it was a mystical, spiritual, positive experience, one which will lead you to your highest good.

If you felt depressed, or closed in, or fearful during the experience, then it wasn’t. It’s natural, especially when you’re first opening up spiritually, to feel a bit of fear and doubt afterward. But if you have no doubts while it’s happening… then have no doubts!

Since you provided astrological information with your question, I was able to see that you also have one key to happiness and success which may surprise you. In addition to your mystical gifts, you have been granted the ability to be organized, practical and shrewd. Since these are probably new abilities for you, it may take a while to perfect them, but they’re an important part of your life path, so be sure to value and develop those practical gifts as well as the mystical ones.

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6 thoughts on “Spiritual Insights: Find Your Spirit Guides

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  2. jodlen

    As you all – I’m just a visitor to this Blog –
    I have been in the metaphysics for almost 40 years now. I just want to say that what most of what you(s) experience, is most often real/genuine. You should appreciate and cherish it and never be afraid and know that many other people experience things too – they just don’t talk about it.

    Happy adventures to you all.

  3. fenx57

    Hi Verbena I love to read your newsletters I find them very interesting and informative, I too have tried to connect my Guides I not sure if I have. I feel the hurt and pains of other people around me or maybe I just hate to see people hurting and I’m feeling sympathetic and it has nothing to do with any spiritual gift. I would love to talk with you a little more and maybe you could help me understand just what it is I’m feeling… I’m unable to right now, a money issue as soon as I am able I will concact you…. Thank for all you do for people like us…. May you continue to be and have a blessed life.

  4. jodlen

    Anna Mae of the Philippines

    Just because you heard something that sounded like a church bell does not necessarily mean your path has anything to do with religion. Mysticism and Spiritualism stand all on their own. Almost Everyone knows that nearly 90% of the population in the Philippines is Catholic.
    You heard what sounded like a church bell two nights in a row and then the following morning you were awaken by someone calling your name twice. The beautiful sound of the church bell was to heighten your awareness sort a speak and then you were able to hear your name being called., which was probably by one of your spirit guides. You have several guides that you yourself chose before entering this Earthly adventure.
    Appreciate the experience you had and remember the space and the feeling of when you heard the bell sound, then ask again for a name so as your communication may become more fluent and common.
    Be patient and know that it will happen – Accept, Allow and Trust

  5. Isabel Lorenzo Brocket

    I was born on July 16 1959
    My father & first cousin on his side were extremely psychic . As a boy of 3 dad had visions which he blurted out & was severely beaten because of them.
    I don’t understand some of the things I’ve seen throughout my life; floating lights at night in my room that comforted me; my long gone grandmother, German side, standing behind me in the kitchen just talking to me as if she were alive; my cousins mother who almost everyone in our family sees just BEFORE they die; I saw her when I was on life support, in a coma, had already seen the doctors working on my body for an instant before traveling to a magnificent place of indescribably bright luminous light, then I saw what I thought was a foggy beach & walked towards the “water”, blissfully happy but my aunt jumped out of what seemed to be millions of ” people”; she appeared angry & told me I had to go back immediately but I didn’t want to return. She grew angrier & pushed me several times until I ” woke up” in my body in excruciating pain.

  6. starspirit

    I love this blog.
    Ever since I became interested with the spiritual world.. a lot of ‘weird’ stuff has happened to me.. I guess It’s my guardian angel contacting me in some way.. I’ve been interested for a good few years now.. Hmm I’ve always had a spiritual side to me, but when I finally talked about it to my family I realised there was a reason. It’s like I can sense people’s feeling without actually being there with them.. or have these sudden bad instincts about people/ places. I have talked to a lot of people about this, but guess Im open to the wrong people.
    I know I’m very young (18), but it’s like I know a lot without actually experiencing something beforehand..
    Idk if this actually makes sense but yeah this is how I feel..


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