How Connected Are You to Your Partner?

One particular direction that my learning comes from, I find, is from our callers. It never ceases to amaze me how diverse they are—not only where they live, but their viewpoints and their questions. Some are so open-minded about new concepts that I am astonished! Often they call to see if we can help them along the way in their search for knowledge in a specific area.

One of the callers this week was curious if I had ever seen or experienced an almost telepathic connection with another person. She had a male friend and they had an almost inexplicable knowledge of the other’s movements, thoughts and so forth. As a result of this, she felt an intimacy she had never had with another.

My husband and I have developed a small amount of this over the years. I believe that many of you have the same in your close relationships. But with this lady, she was puzzled that while the mental intimacy was there, in various areas, her man friend showed no signs of wanting to deepen the relationship into more than a friendship. She felt that what they had was so valuable and unusual that it was a sign of the possibility of a more intense relationship. To her, this was almost an indicator of something meant to be.

This conversation was very enjoyable. If it were possible, I know we could have conversed for several hours about this. But the bottom line was that my caller wondered what to do with this connection—should she doggedly pursue it, or just accept it as it was?

I can see how such a deep level of communication would not only be fascinating, but rewarding. And it would seem truly wonderful for this to turn into an even deeper relationship. But the problem was that the friend did not show any signs of wanting anything more. I told her that from what I could see he enjoyed this but did not feel it was a potential sign. His placid acceptance of this did not indicate that he felt more was desirable between them.

Such connections are rare but do occur. But from I have seen in the past with others, things such as this are pleasurable but don’t necessarily mean that two people are destined to be with each other. In my opinion, sometimes two people’s minds will in effect resonate on the same path but while this is unusual, it could mean possibly that it was just their mental “software” matching on some level.

Of course I don’t claim to be an expert in this area. But the lady wanted to know if she should pursue this or go on to someone else. What I saw was that even though there was this marvelous connection, there was not enough on the man’s part to sustain a fulfilling relationship. It appeared to me to be a dead-end for her.

I advised her that although free will is always involved in our actions, that I could not see that pursuing this would be a good thing for her. My thought was for her to accept that something truly unusual had happened in her life and to learn from this. I did see that there would be someone else coming in her future, a man who would want what she wanted.

Learning comes from so many different directions in our lives. To me, it is truly a pleasure to speak with our callers. It’s as if knowledge is reaching out to me in a phone call. From night to night, I never know in what form that knowledge will arrive. One thing I am certain of, however, is that from each caller I will learn something new and valuable.

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One thought on “How Connected Are You to Your Partner?

  1. nez

    this is so true i had a girls weekend once in which my partner will not call or check up on me all weekend untill i get home and tell hi, all about it as thats the point of a girls weekend. when i was out one saturday on a ggirls weekend and not due home untill monday my drink got spiked at about 11 at night and when i fell down in a crowded pub and couldn’t find my friends my phone was in the back pocket of my jeans and it started ringing madly long enough to keep me awake on the ground long enough for me to clutch on to a friends ankle then flake out! the next day i returned his call he was calling for no reason just that he got a really strong urge to call right then!


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