Mercury Retrograde Ends in Capricorn

Mercury Retrograde Ends in Capricorn

Mercury’s Travel Through Two Signs

Each sign of the zodiac represents a “house” in astrology. And these houses represent your money, your partnerships, your work relationships, your family relationships, etc. Your Sun Sign is also your first house, and the sign following it is your second house, and so on. So each Sun Sign will feel astrological events, like the current Mercury Retrograde, in a different way because it is directly affecting a certain house.

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This Mercury Retrograde affects all Sun Signs in two different houses. It began in Aquarius and ends in Capricorn. Let’s take a look at how Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn impacts your sign and your life.


After Mercury slips into your career house, your thoughts turn to your work and making positive changes in the year ahead. With the recent Aquarian influence, you’ll also be focused on your friendships at work and aligning yourself with positive, motivated people.


Mercury Retrograde may have caused you to go over some work-related/end-of-year stuff, but once Mercury moved into your ninth house, thoughts of getting away from it all may have taken over. After the 29th, go ahead and make a plan so you have something to look forward to.


This year is going to be a game-changer. If you don’t already know it, you’re feeling it. With Mercury now in retrograde, reviewing and planning your career year ahead is the wise road to take. While you’re at it, why not rethink everything that isn’t working?


It’s a new year and you’ve got some changes to enact, especially in your career and your relationship with money coming in and going out. As Mercury switches to your partnership house, your relationship with a love and/or a business partner may also need a second look.


At the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde a review of your partnerships, both business and personal, may have taken center stage. Now a review of your daily working life comes to mind—anything from what you earn to your relationships with coworkers.


Your focus turns from your daily work to your love life. Is it possible to have it all? Of course it is; you’re a Virgo, right? If you’re thinking of taking a gamble at work or in love, this is a great time to think about the future but not to jump into action. Wait until next month.


Both Mercury and your ruler, Venus, will tempt you to take advantage of sales and revamp your love nest—maybe even your whole home. Just keep in mind that the bills you paid this month will be due again next month. Throw pillows can change a room just as much as new furniture. If you share your nest, remember to consult your partner.


Important relationships of all kinds are in your thoughts—especially family. As Mercury slips into your communication sector, you may want to share some of your thoughts, but until Mercury turns direct, keep them to yourself as you may change your mind.


Mercury Retrograde turned your inner thoughts into expressive communication, and now your focus turns to the other important factor in your life—your finances. You realize that your approach to finances needs a better plan. Explore all your options and pick your path in February.


Your house of money was Mercury’s focus as it sets out in retrograde. If you’ve come back to work with tons of ideas in mind, you may feel frustration if you feel you’re not being heard. Your ideas are great. Just work on your delivery and unveil them all in February.


A little introspection works well with Mercury’s trek first through your house of self and then your house of dreams. There may be three weeks where you don’t socialize much, but you’ve got important plans to make for the year ahead and some ideas about the past you choose to leave behind.


At the start of Mercury’s retrograde you were connecting the dots between your dreams and visions within real-life situations. Now, important associations, friends and partnerships all come under scrutiny. Your time is valuable, so avoid squabbles and surround yourself with people you trust.

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  1. LJ Innes

    Thanks Gina Rose – I know not everyone wants a lesson in astrology; some people just want to know how it affects them. I like to write for both those in the know and those who might like to learn. I’m glad you agree; it means a lot. Thanks

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  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Astrology can be very complex, but extremely interesting as one learns more about it.

    Glad to see this type of forecast, not only for those of us with advanced knowledge and understanding of astrology, BUT also for those eager to learn more about astrology.

    Nice job, LJ.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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