Day in the Life: Psychic Cesar

Day in the Life: Psychic Cesar | California Psychics

We believe that a better understanding of our psychics can only deepen your connection with them when you call for a reading. In our continuing series, we talk to our psychics about their day to day lives. In today’s “Day in the Life,” California Psychics interviews Psychic Cesar.

Tell us an interesting story you think readers would like to learn about you.

The most interesting thing that I can say I’ve experienced in my life has been the way I completely changed direction regarding my career. Before I became a psychic reader, I had a career in transportation. For 12 long years I owned and operated my own 18-wheeler. That was a very unique and interesting experience. I would say that the best thing was being able to travel everywhere in the lower 48 states.

I have been through villages, towns, and major cities all over this country. Like any other career it has its pros and cons. One major con with a trucking career choice is the financial and physical responsibility. Financially, it costs thousands of dollars to keep an 18-wheeler running and too many oppositions can definitely become a make-it-or-break-it moment, so all truckers, some whom are in my family, have my respect. Physically speaking, truckers are responsible for very heavy equipment at high speeds, sometimes in congested areas, which can be the perfect recipe for disaster.

I would never say that I regret my career choice as a truck driver because I learned so much and experienced much more. However, I would say that the most important lesson I learned during that 12 year cycle is that my passion and my gifts are definitely in enlightening others, and through the talents that I have developed I was able to pursue this wonderful career that I am currently in.

How do you relax/clear your mind after being on the line all day?

As soon as I get off the line, I meditate for about 10 minutes, which helps me release the day’s work energy and allows new home energy to come in. Then I take my dogs for a walk.

What are the fun things that you like to do in your free time?

I am blessed with the fact that although I have a busy schedule, the things that keep that schedule filled are the very same things that I do in my free time. I do manage to enjoy a bit of travel from time to time though, and I love many outdoor activities, such as barbequing.

What does a typical day off look like for you?

I normally get up around 7:30am. I start by stretching, then I join my wife in walking our three dogs to a dog park. While I’m there, I take the opportunity to run a few laps around the park. Normally we get back home around 9 am. Once we get back home, I stretch again and clean up. Afterwards, I eat breakfast with my wife and two kids, and we catch up while we eat together.

Around noon I go to my office and meditate for about 15 minutes, which really helps me clear my mind. Meditation is a way I nurture my gift. From that point I start to do research about different perspectives on Astrology, Tarot, and many other metaphysical belief systems. I normally do that for a few hours.

At 5 pm, I stop doing research and I go have dinner with my parents. After dinner, I give my personal readings and just spend a few hours with them before heading back for quality time with my family.

Around 9 pm my wife, kids, and I get together again and watch some TV, or we play video games until about midnight. Finally, around midnight I stretch again and hit the sack.

How does being a psychic affect your day to day life?

Being a psychic can feel like being a walking, talking punching bag. Although that may sound harsh to you, to me, it’s not that bad. I have such a powerful awareness of my surroundings that I automatically connect to a person’s intention and actions, but it can be frustrating for me to receive both of those energies at the same time.

It’s my understanding and empathy that allows me to always make logical sense out of those energies. So, while it may initially feel like getting punched, metaphorically speaking, my gift allows me to release that perspective so I can easily adapt to my surroundings.

Did you develop your psychic abilities in an interesting way?

I’m rather certain that I was born with my psychic abilities. What I have had to develop is my ability to express them. I continue to work on expressing my psychic abilities through my life experiences. Each and every experience I have with clients or in my personal life leaves me with new knowledge that I can utilize to further my psychic expression.

Do you have any hobbies outside of the psychic industry?

I can play various musical instruments and I enjoy singing. My musical talents are the things that I always turn to whenever I am navigating through a metaphorical storm in this game called Life. When I feel depressed, I sing sad love songs and that helps me push the sorrow away. Whenever I feel anxious, I play the clarinet or the bass clarinet. And whenever I feel like celebrating, I play the drums, the trumpet, I sing rock songs, or any other kind of uplifting music. I am currently learning how to play the tenor saxophone and I do that whenever I feel frustrated or angry.

Have you helped a client in a memorable way?

I would like to think that I help every client in a memorable way, even with the clients that I do not connect with. With every client that I do connect with, they become enlightened with knowledge that they forgot they had within themselves. With the clients that I do not connect with, they too will become enlightened within themselves with a different perspective. It may be a perspective that seems opposite to the one they expected, but it is a perspective that, with time and life experience, will make sense.

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