Soul-Cleansing Tips

Whether you are a professional psychic, or just carrying a heavy load, you’ll need to soothe your soul every now and then – and recharge those spiritual and psychological batteries. Here are some simple approaches.

Although psychics are unique in many ways, we still have to balance our own energy – and develop our own signature means of dealing with stress. A psychic’s work load can be intense, and it usually requires extra mental energy – so most of us are experts in how to revitalize, rejuvenate and relax in order to cleanse our souls. Believe it or not, my great grandmother – on the other side – has been warning me for many years about the need for more peace of mind. I’ve begun to take this very seriously!

I have always been the type of person who wants to learn from others. Being a professional psychic for the last 18 years, I have gathered a lot of facts and knowledge about the practices of people in the metaphysical realm, including psychics. Psychics are talented people – especially those who have learned to control their emotional states. Interestingly enough, one does not have to be a psychic to provide self-comfort – some people have made soothing the soul into a real hobby. Yet I have known many psychics who have developed brilliant and simple remedies for stress.

I have personally been seeking the most productive forms of tranquility and comfort for a very long time, and I have held on to my sanity and promoted peace of mind via such means as hot aroma baths surrounded by candles, with oils and incense derived from the sea and natural earth.

Sometimes I listen to the sounds of the ocean, or those from rain storms. I strongly suggest these, by the way, if you have any strong planets in water signs. (For instance, I have a Scorpio moon – so the sound of water is like an instant cleansing, and a natural sedative for me.) I’ve also received tremendous benefits from hot chamomile tea at night, occasionally accompanied by a slice of key lime pie – or sometimes frozen custard. I also recommend sleeping an extra hour in the morning when the stress levels rise too high. Once in a while I treat my soul by starting out the day with some whipped cream in my coffee, instead of milk.

When my soul is particularly battered I try listening to music that features instruments such as harps, violins and flutes. Once in a while I’ll engage in musical healing while holding my Star of David in one hand, and my cross in the other – it’s important to keep the symbols of my faith nearby! I’ve also found that fresh sunflowers can be a spiritual boon, when added to my environment – it is the simple little things that assist me when I need to stay in tune and keep my peace of mind.

How do you soothe your soul? It is excellent karma to pass these valuable tools along to others! When we give good things to the world, we also do good for our souls. Please share your little comforts. If you are not a psychic – but you have found your own soul-soothing comforts – please post them here and contribute to the “karmic pot.” Remember: it is the simple things that keep us going and put smiles on our faces.

Many blessings! I wish you all peace of mind!

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