Psychic MissKrystal

Psychic MissKrystal

What To Expect

MissKrystalhas been told that she “makes the truth go down like honey.” She offers more than 25 years of intuitive experience during which she has provided astoundingly accurate readings to hundreds of clients, including many celebrities. Excellent at making adjustments, she will show you where things have not been working, and give you an improved approach to achieve better results. Miss Krystal will first ask for your name, birthday, and general location. As you speak, she connects to your vocal vibrations by closing her eyes and channeling. Her guides lead the way as she receives psychic symbols in the form of still and moving images. It’s like going from photographs to film strips. Her amazing gift is in how she explains what these spiritual symbols mean and how they apply to your past, present, and future. Her world travel formed an integral part of her metaphysics education as it helped her broaden her multicultural awareness. During readings with Miss Krystal the most common phrase she hears uttered is: “Keep going, don't stop." She developed her psychic abilities as a small child. Miss Krystal first recalls tuning into what questions her teachers were going to put on tests, studying those very same topics, and then wow – her grades improved big time! She enjoys helping people who are really down, upset, or in shock. She sees herself as a virtual shoulder to lean on. Miss Krystal does not need tools, but can use Tarot, and Astrology upon request.

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