Shopping For a Mate

You’ve probably heard the old saying love finds you when you least expect it – and usually that’s true! After all, the universe works in mysterious ways, especially when it comes to l’amour. Still, it never hurts to up your odds, and there’s no better way to invite a change than to make one! So this year, instead of sitting back anticipating another Christmas alone on the couch, put your seasonal time to good use!

You may not realize it yet, but the holidays offer plenty of opportunities for expanding your horizons – and your love life. Let’s face it, we all have the tendency to spy things we’d like for ourselves while we’re out shopping for everyone else on our holiday list. So this year, shop for multiple things – a mate being one of them! Remember, it is by giving that you truly receive… Besides, you’ve been naughty and nice this year and you deserve the same in return!

Shop… for a mate
If you think shopping for a mate sounds crazy, consider this: stores are overrun at this time of year (just think about your local mall parking lot) and the modern shopping facility (town center, mall or super store) dictates that all kinds of people flock to the same places. So before you head out, set the intention of seeing or meeting someone special while you shop! Remember to start simple, if you’re after an outdoorsy person, make a pass through a sports store. If a family-oriented lover is important, take note when you shop for your parents or grandparents – like-minded shoppers will be doing the same.

Heads up
Wherever you go, take note of the people around you. Don’t be afraid to ask a question of someone who sparks your interest! Whether it’s about the item they’re perusing or anything else (keeping it related to your surroundings is an easy ice breaker), find a way to initiate contact. You might be surprised at what you take home (a phone number for starters)!

Chance it
There are certain traditional events that we all have to attend – the office holiday party, the family dinner, your best friend’s cocktail hour. But odds are, you’ll get at least one invite from someone you don’t know that well – or an offer to tag along to an unfamiliar place with someone you do know. Rather than making excuses, or deciding that your night would be better spent in (after all, you’re so tired from all that shopping – and you don’t know these people!), just say yes when you would normally say no.

No harm, no foul!
You probably know from experience that some of the best times are had when you’re not expecting to have them (there’s a theme here, you see) and expanding your social circle is one surefire way to attract more potential partners. Plus, with the social lubricant the spirit of the season provides, you’ll have a few built-in talk topics like your upcoming celebratory plans and stories of holidays past. In the off-chance that something goes wrong (you make an embarrassing slip of the tongue, or simply aren’t interested in someone who’s chatting you up), worry not! As you said before (you know, when you were trying to wriggle out of this thing), you don’t know these people – at least not all that well – so the pressure’s off.

It may be hard to imagine sparing a single second between running around shopping and attending holiday parties (nevermind throwing them!), but now is the time to volunteer at your local soup kitchen or community center. There are so many people in need of joy (you’ll be surprised at how much a smile can do) and the sorts of people you’ll meet while donating your time are exactly the right ones for dating! Think about it. People who give of themselves with their time know the true spirit of this season. They’re living proof that love extends beyond the romantic variety. While that may be what you’re ultimately after (aren’t we all?), forging a friendship with someone whose principles you share, whose heart is in the right place is certainly a step in the right direction. After all, it’s probably a little late to be deeply committed in a relationship by Christmas, but laying the foundation of a solid one to come, can start at any time.

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