5 Fun Ways to Find Love and Have Fun This Summer

5 Fun Ways to Find Love

Do This Summer Differently

As we propel toward June faster than a bullet train, people all over are either graduating from somewhere or marrying someone to start the summer. They may be ending certain chapters in their lives or beginning new ones, but what if you aren’t? Does summer feel like just another collection of months where nothing is going to change? It sounds like you’re in a rut! How about trying something different this summer and putting your own spin on it instead? Here are five great suggestions that are fun and could also help you find love.

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1. Hit the Beach
If you’re comfortable with your beach body, you probably can’t wait to slap on a bikini and some sun block. But even if that’s not you, you can still feel comfortable and happy at the beach. Everyone deserves to feel positive about their body and enjoy walking around (where appropriate) in a lot less clothing. So even if you feel a little intimidated after seeing articles since January telling you how to get a beach body, flip the standards. Don’t let the pressure of trying to change yourself ruin your fun or hinder love opportunities. You are always ready to enjoy summer!

2. Go Natural
Are you the type who won’t leave the house without your makeup and hair done? Summers are hot, and it’s hard to keep a fresh look when it’s running down your face and neck due to the heat. So go natural and skip it! Use the summer as an opportunity to strip away your normal routine and let people meet a different version of you. Get comfortable in an old band t-shirt. You could be approached by a single hottie with the same taste in music! Isn’t it better to be approached by someone who’s interested in your interests, rather than just your assets?

3. Meet the Sun In a Meaningful Way
Sure, you could get a tan by lying out in the sun like the rest of the sun worshipers. Or you could get a tan doing something more meaningful. Why not volunteer for a cause outdoors or plant your own edible garden? Come fall, you could have some tasty treats to share with friends, loved ones or a new partner that will taste even better because you nurtured them.

4. Find a Better Beach Read
Instead of reading about what to wear to the beach, how about joining a book club and getting suggestions about what to read on the beach? The good news is you can put on whatever your like and you won’t worry about keeping up with fashion trends because you’ll be so lost in a good book. You could meet someone different on the beach, because you and your book will stand out among the rest. And imagine yourself reading a great book that happens to be the favorite book of that interesting stranger who’s about to walk right past you. They’ll want to stop and talk to you!

5. Go to a Local Festival
Beer and food fests have become really popular summer events. See if there is one in your area. You can even look for discounted tickets on the Groupon or LivingSocial apps. You could meet someone who shares your love for fermentation and hops and get to know each other over a pale ale, a plate of bacon, or a cube of tofu.

Your goal this summer should be to get out and have a good time. If you find love, that’s great, but don’t pressure yourself to make it happen. At the very least, you’ll have a good time meeting new people and connecting with friends—new and old.

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