Red Responds: Her Son’s Potentially Big Break

Michelle from Boston writes:

I have an 8-year-old son who is a model and actor. He does very well with print commercials and has done a movie on Showtime. We have gone to New York to audition for an Adam Sandler movie, but we havn’t heard anything back yet. He does really well and everyone always tells us he is adorable. We just need a big break. My question to you is will he ever get this big break Adam Sandler movie and advice would be great. Thank you for your time.

Dear Michelle,

Your son has a more impressive resume than many adults! You should be very proud of what he has accomplished so far, and proud of yourself for the support you give him. Quite a kid you’ve got there!

This ambitious and driven young man of yours will eventually capture his dream. While he will enjoy some more “minor” successes on his journey, his “big” break is going to come when he is fourteen. I see that your son is going to continue studying his craft, and he already possesses poise and talent that is beyond his years. He has chosen a tough field, and does quite well. All you can do is what you are doing – giving him the means and encouragement to continue.

Even though his audition seems like it went fairly well for the Sandler movie, I don’t believe this was the “right fit.” Don’t think of the silence as discouragement. While the role would have been a good experience for your son, it does not seem like this role is one that would have made him a “star.”

Be careful what you wish for! It looks like you are going to have a teenage heart-throb on your hands.

Good luck!
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