Share Your Mother’s Day Love and Enter to Win a 10-Minute Reading

Share Your Mother’s Day Love, Enter to Win a 10-Minute Reading

Here’s an open question to our readers: What do mothers deserve more recognition for? What would you like to recognize your mother, or the mothers of the world for? Here’s your chance to offer a bit of love and recognition for a group of people who don’t get enough thanks!

We encourage your open commentary on the blog—we’re looking forward to your feedback, and a lively discussion!

One lucky winner who posts the most inspiring entry will receive a free 10-minute reading—now’s your chance!*

The contest will end May 14 at 5 p.m PST… on your marks!

* 10-minute reading applies to calls that cost $3.50 – $4.00/minute. Stories containing specific names, legal or medical information, or pertaining to illegal activities, will not be posted. Psychics cannot enter to win. All content is owned by California Psychics. Names will be changed to protect the authors.

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3 thoughts on “Share Your Mother’s Day Love and Enter to Win a 10-Minute Reading

  1. lisaLisa

    Mothers deserve recognition for their unconditional love and support for their children, regardless of age. Motherhood is not for sissy’s. I find the older my kids get the tougher it gets. My secret weapon to handling tough situations is my own mother. I always look to my mother for guidance whether it was when they were babies and dealing with colic and potty-training patience, or when I cried when they were off on their first day of Kindergarten, dealing with girls that broke my son’s heart then boys who broke my daughter’s heart, then the wonderful teenage rebellious stage to then tears again when they graduate from high school. I would never had made this far it without my own mother’s love and support.


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