DreamCast: Warnings About a New Partner

Trust Your Gut

Alya in Montreal, Canada writes:

I started a relationship with a person from a dating website. I talked to him once on the phone, and the same night I dreamt that I was marrying someone that turned out to be my brother. I felt sick and tried to run away, but he came looking for me for revenge with some other guys and with the intention of rape. As I was fighting for my life, I woke up very sick and scared! I was totally disturbed, mentally and emotionally. Do you think I should continue this relationship?

“Sleep awakens the intuitive nature within each of us.” Psychic Reba ext. 5508

Hello Alya,

Because the dream happened on the night of the phone call, it may indeed be a warning that something is amiss with your new guy. You need to trust your gut instinct. The next time you talk with him, mentally check in with yourself to see how you’re feeling. If you feel anxious, tense or depleted, then end all contact with him.

As for the dream, your brother may indicate that your guy has some negative traits that remind you of a family member. Or this new relationship may be inappropriate in some way, such as a wife still in the picture. The revenge scenario is disturbing, to say the least. It implies a man who is controlling and doesn’t respect your wishes. I looked up your chart and discovered that transiting Pluto is nearing a square to your Mars in Aries. This influence, which is in effect until the beginning of 2015, may bring someone into your life with negative Pluto characteristics. Considering your dream, it’s not surprising that Pluto is associated with revenge, control and force. We attract people with traits that mirror something within us. Do you have an issue that needs to be resolved concerning powerlessness, control, anger or a craving for excitement? The clearer your psyche is the better chances you’ll have of attracting someone compatible who will treat you well.

Sweet dreams,


“Take constant small steps toward what you want and don’t focus on the timeframe.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265

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4 thoughts on “DreamCast: Warnings About a New Partner

  1. Nancy

    Anytime I’ve had a dream awake me, it’s been a spiritual message coming through. Every time this has occurred, the dream came to be. Definitely listen to the message you’re getting.

  2. Karen Atkinson Garrison

    I’m in complete accord with the idea of listening carefully to my intuition and to one’s “gut”
    when Alya next talks to the new man.Rape power and control is a scary thing to dream about and I’d want to know too, that I will be safe!
    Agree that the “brother” piece is likely to mean something inappropriate is afoot.
    I wondered if the real brother of Alya, is someone unsafe, as Alya didn’t dream of marrying her brother and find herself laughing together with her brother, or even confused or disappointed.
    She reacted with fear and revulsion. If nothing is wrong re:Alya’s brother, than I’d say the brother image is a stand-in for another family member Alya doesn’t want to even think about consciously or unconsciously, but something reminds her of a problem.

    The entire dream *may* not mean the new date is someone dangerous himself,but he might bring problems in terms of a relationship she may not be able to get out of if she wants to.
    Some people are so needy and manipulative that if we’re not strong within ourselves, we may feel responsible for making them happy etc.

    This may sound like obvious and oft-told advice, but if you haven’t met the perosn yet, or have but don’t know him well at all yet, be very slow to be alone with him.It might sound silly to continue to see him with other people, and/or in public places, but you can *always* change that in time.If we rush ahead and he is *not* safe, no amount of wishing it wasn’t so or “if only” will matter one iota.


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