Astrology Forecast for Thanksgiving

Astrology Forecast for Thanksgiving | California Psychics

A Holiday New Moon

Late 2019 is a fascinating period when each holiday ties to a New Moon – Halloween/Samhain/Dia de los Muertos (Scorpio), Thanksgiving (Sagittarius) and Christmas/Saturnalia (Capricorn), which is also a Solar Eclipse. Each holiday period builds on the last, bringing us to 2020 – the most dramatic astrological year since the 1960s.

Thanksgiving Astrology

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to appreciate what you’ve accomplished and have – no matter how humble – and share it with others.

Astrologically, the Thanksgiving holiday period begins on the Tuesday November 26 New Moon in Sagittarius. Ideally, wherever Sagittarius is in your chart is generous, wise, and spiritually aligned with your finest self – perfect preparation for something special.

The moon and Venus are entering Capricorn over Thanksgiving weekend with Jupiter quickly following after a year in Sagittarius. Capricorn will be full of planets in 2020 with slow-moving Saturn and Pluto demanding major transformation and correction in every structure of your life, including family and friends’ mutual support, your business or job, and your relationship with your government and your environment.

Here is how the Thanksgiving holiday astrology will affect your sun sign:


If you’re planning holiday travel, Tuesday, November 26 would be a good day. If you’re working or staying home, studies and legal issues can work to your benefit. On Thanksgiving, your positive attitude and energy work lovingly with parents and your public image.


Your sun-sign ruler, Venus, moves into Capricorn as the November 26 New Moon takes place. This gives relief as aggressive Mars opposes Uranus in your sign. If situations appear to demand rash action, always take a loving approach before moving forward. Waiting through holiday celebrations will allow a much better perspective.


The November 26 New Moon brings intense energy, particularly in the area of partnerships. Use smart self-examination to reach out to others through the Thanksgiving holiday. Everyone needs to recognize the fact that we sometimes unconsciously  associate love with loss. Incorporate the healing from recognizing and releasing these wounding experiences.


Work, pets, and health are emphasized on the Sagittarius New Moon on November 26. You intuitively know what is needed and wanted in these areas, so speak your truth about functions at work and what serves everyone. Thanksgiving offers every variety of relationship challenges and joy, and the opportunity to show appreciation.


Creative efforts, romance, and children are highlighted on this Sagittarius New Moon at the beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday period. Not surprisingly, your home life and parents are emphasized during this family-oriented celebration. Work plans will come more into focus on Thanksgiving Day and weekend. This could be very inspiring, so take note.


The spotlight is on your home life on the November 26 New Moon. Thanksgiving and its weekend offer a wonderful opportunity to find joy in precocious children, energetic lovers, and your own creations. If you’re the holiday chef, you’ll likely have success and a lot of pride.


You are committed to looking for balance in your life and you have the wise words to speak to this situation during the New Moon on November 26. You’ve dealt with so many demands at home that the Thanksgiving weekend will give you an opportunity to let family know that you need support.


You’re in the middle of a period of self-analysis and are ready to take creative action. The holiday New Moon of November 26 puts emphasis on your finances and values. Give this thought as the Thanksgiving weekend brings opportunities for clear communications about needed changes in relationships so that the love flows fully and joyfully.


The opening of Thanksgiving week is the New Moon in your sun sign on November 26. Your sun sign ruler, Jupiter, is finishing his job in Sagittarius, and you are feeling a change over the Thanksgiving weekend because of it, so be alert for what’s next.


Meditate on the New Moon on November 26 to prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you’re wondering how to handle family and friends, use your powers of perception. You’ll be the powerhouse by the holiday weekend, encouraging people to move forward on their dreams and plans.


You’re inclined on the New Moon of November 26 to invite everyone you enjoy to your Thanksgiving celebration. Be certain before you do this that you can emotionally and financially handle this event. Maybe suggest a potluck, and if you have different cultures involved, this could please and enlighten everyone.


The New Moon on November 26 asks that you pay attention to career and your public image. You might want to expand your family for the Thanksgiving holiday to include co-workers and friends. Many people can be your loving family at any time – supporters and loving friends are valuable and should be thanked, along with family.

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