Self-Confidence: How to Get Aggressive When You Need to Be

Sometimes Getting Aggressive is in Your Best Interest!

While the old adage, “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” is usually true, there are times in life when being sweet about a situation just won’t cut it. At these times, timidity or tenderness fail and empathy falls short. Whether you’ve been screwed over by someone special or overcharged by an online retailer, there are instances when rectifying a wrong entails getting aggressive—in the most productive way possible, of course. Unfortunately, being aggressive doesn’t always come naturally for everyone. So, if you’re among the throngs who sometimes struggle to speak up for themselves, read on… Herein lies tips for those times when getting your needs met requires a pedal-to-the-metal mentality and an aggressive approach!

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Aggressive vs. Angry

Okay, so you’re angry. And you have a right to be. But no one likes a hot head—and they certainly won’t listen to one. Furthermore, being aggressive doesn’t have to mean acting out of anger or excess emotion! In fact, focused calm will render far greater results than an onslaught of insults or vitriol. So, before you do anything, take a deep breath and channel your frustration in a positive manner. Try to expunge some of the emotional buildup before dealing with the situation.

Properly Address the Situation

Now that you’re calm, you can take some time to properly address the situation. What went wrong? What could’ve been done differently, and most importantly, what are you asking be done as a result of the error? Whether it’s a refund, an apology or attention to a matter that’s been inappropriately handled, you’d be well served to map out what you’re going to say about the situation, what you’re going to ask for in return and how you’re going to approach it all before you confront the other party. This will help you to stay calm if they anger you.

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Know What You’ll Accept as a Compromise

Your plan should include not just your desired result, but also where you’ll draw the line in a compromise. Negotiations often go awry because one party feels desperate and wants to grab onto something—anything—rather than be left with nothing. Not a pleasant situation and certainly not productive. By giving yourself a guideline, you’ll prevent spur-of-the-moment mistakes. Knowing your absolute bottom line (the minimum you can accept and still walk away satisfied), gives you guns to stick to and ensures you won’t walk away feeling bamboozled or disappointed.

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Respected is More Important Than Liked

Sometimes, what stops us from asking for what is rightfully ours is the fact that we don’t feel worthy of it. We’re afraid to be bothersome or make someone angry. God forbid anyone dislike us! As a result, we come off as pushovers and get treated as such. The result is that our needs are never met and we harbor resentment or sadness about it. No more. By taking on a stronger—healthier—persona when approaching difficult situations, you may or may not make friends, but you’ll earn respect and be treated accordingly.

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9 thoughts on “Self-Confidence: How to Get Aggressive When You Need to Be

  1. jula

    Don’t try to stay in a relationship where you’re not wanted or appreciated. There are other
    opportunities and persons out there who can and will appreciate you. Sometimes you just
    have to learn to take the high road and walk away with your dignity intact. Don’t lower your
    own morals and self-worth by being with someone who has no integrity within themselves.
    Learn to love yourself and then you will love life and attract a better quality of people. If
    you’re being ‘screwed around’ by some corporation or government, go directly to the people
    at the top and find an advocate or social support person to help guide you if you are uncertain.

    God Bless you all!

  2. jula

    I’m feeling the same feeling with ‘the system’ as Tired is. But I will continue to fight for myself
    and others. My son’s home was destroyed in a flood caused by human negligence. Having to
    deal with the insurance company is so frustrating and I realize they’re basically criminals and
    just taking advantage of my son because he has a brain injury. I went to everyone for advice
    and managed to find us a legal advocate to help us navigate the process. It is the people who
    say enough is enough and fight to change the systems who makes the world a better place.

  3. Tired

    I’m so tired of the system and it does you no good to fight it then they look at you like a terrorist cuz your trying to fight the system and I know I’m right and they just wanna lie so how do I do it alone who do I ask for help when all the lawyers work for is the courts revenue $$$$ And not for the people. Will arizona become a martial law state? Sorry that’s two questions

  4. Mary Lou

    this computor is for shit,as i was saying he paid me under the table and there is nothing I can d,he cheats on his wife,lies to every one about everything,is evil,and says to me are you mad at me cause he wouldn’t pay me,esp., for the times I already cleaned for him,and all this time I thought he was a friend,what should I do ,Mary Lou

  5. Mary Lou

    I was orking 1 da a week for 4 yrs.,formthis man whom I thought was my friend,I work my ass off keeing up hisbarber shop,then all of a sudden he ,says to me h can’t afford m,I was making him go broke etc., he tried to attack me sexually several times bt sine he was aying me under the table,what was I do ,he ilied to meso many time,he forgot what he even told me,usedGod, saying he ws a minister or some BS,sothe last time I cleaned his shop ,was bfore Easterand after,he never paid m,wouldn’t take my calls,hid when I went to talk to him, so I gave up.but I’m so pissed about what he did,tried to do,lied,used God to get to mewhat should I do,hi shop is filthy & no he hasthe old barber cleaning it,not sure if he was told to clean or the guy couldn’t stand the filth any more.How do I handle this, I was told I couldcome back in the fall, yeah right,Help me,Ireally need the money badly,I could go on,but it’s too much to ,tell,need your helpMary Lou,thanks

  6. Edna

    what do you do when you see your man being in the bathroom at 3:00 do i ask him and let him lie to me because i no for a fact he is not a man at that time we have been here before so what do i do this time i went off last time and he still lied for a whole 6 months

  7. melanie martin

    I am going thru some things at work right now…. a friend at work likes me a lot… just got over a divrorce and wants a relationship… and is no ready for it…I told him that we sould be friends for now and is mad at me for it now….. we have always been close and there oe each other….. I don’t want to have any hard feelings between us…… I think we will wok this out soon……

  8. Illa Isnardy

    It really sounds like me today my spouse took my deer hide n sold it prolly for his stupid fucken alcohol I fell angry n frustrated n hurt I treat him good n he wants to return it by tipping me off screw him he’s out hard work down the drain

  9. lindiwe

    Yes sometiome we have to give a direct massage to peoplle so that they can get the massage clear rather than swallow your thoughts.


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