Love & Marriage: The 10 Things Keeping Him From Marrying You

Why Marriage Might Not Be in Your Future

As a guy, I never thought about marriage much—until I met my wife. I believe that men (and women) know within the first few minutes of meeting a person whether or not they are marriage material, but I also think that fate plays a big role in love. There are many things that can influence a man’s decision to get married, including his experience, age and perception of marriage. If you’ve been with your guy for years and he has yet to “pop the question,” you may be wondering why. Well, here are 10 reasons why marriage may not be in your future with him.

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1. Media

Think about the way husbands have been portrayed on TV. They’re often a source of humor and emasculation. In TV marriages, the wives often call the shots and the husbands make all the money for the wives to spend. While this isn’t an accurate portrayal of all marriages and while it might not be an accurate portrayal of your marriage, it may make marriage a huge turn off for your guy.

2. Sex

Marriage ruins sex. It’s not true for everyone, but there are many married couples who report a drastic dip in their sexy time once they’ve said “I do.” Some reports even suggest that married sex isn’t as satisfying as dating sex or cohabitation sex. But changes in your sex life are a normal part of any long-term relationship.

3. Age

The older a man gets, the less interested he is in walking down the aisle. So when a man turns 38, his desire to get married starts to diminish. And after 45, trying to get him to marry you may be a hopeless cause. But if he’s been married before, chances are good he’ll want to get married again. Well, the chances are better than trying to get a man over 45 who has never been married before to marry you.

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4. Faithfulness

One of the things that help a man determine if you’re marriage material is whether or not he think you’re capable of being faithful to him. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or sexy he finds you; if he can’t trust you to be faithful to him, he won’t seal the deal.

5. Loss

Many men see marriage as a loss—of their freedom, options, space, money and friends. If he is more focused on what he has to give up to be with you than what he would gain by marrying you, chances are you’re not getting married.

6. Compromise

According to surveys, men are more likely to marry women who want the same things they do. While compromise is an important part of every relationship, the more compromises a man is expected to make early on, the less likely he will be to perceive you as his forever soulmate.

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7. Happiness

As long as a guy has everything he needs, he may see little reason to change the way things are. While living together has its good and bad points, if your goal is to one day be married, make sure that you reserve some happiness for after the wedding bells. In other words, if you want a man to look forward to marriage with you, give him something to look forward to.

8. Expense

Getting married can be the equivalent to a three-month world tour when you consider the amount of money it could end up costing. Guys do not often dream about their wedding day, so they rarely have the same expectations as women.

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9. Mom

Living with mom can keep a man from reaching his full potential. Also, it can give a man a false sense of how his wife should treat him. Mom caters to his every need, so why shouldn’t his wife? Also, is any woman going to live up to his mother’s standards? If your guy is too attached to his mother, or if her opinion matters more than it should, there’s a good chance he won’t be meeting you at the altar.

10. Other Marriages

Are his parents happily married or are they divorced? How about his grandparents, best friend’s or sibling’s marriages? If your guy is surrounded by unhappy marriages, chances are he won’t be rushing to get married. But if all his friends are married and happy, he’s likely to get married too.

18 thoughts on “Love & Marriage: The 10 Things Keeping Him From Marrying You

  1. Babycakes

    Well, we have been together off & on for 13 years! I’ve been married 3x; him, not once!
    on paper, sounds hopeless, for sure. It’s just that “all roads lead back to him”- the heart
    wants what the heart wants..and I feel it to my soul, he’s the one. Four’s a charm?
    It’s our lives. What is good for us- our relationship has really evolved over time- he has emotionally matured because he has been gun shy from past heavy relationships. I get that. But also, he’s so jealous about me, but I’ve proven he can have faith in my loyalty despite he hasn’t put a ring on it!

  2. Carvel lee

    Men r all dogs . All the reasons that Jenna gave r dead on target with my man. After being together for 25 and living for 3 I don’t think he will ever marry me. But am saying good ridrence to bad rubbish.

  3. Kennedy

    Am not oky with the comment of Tinuke, marriage is a game eighter yu win or yu lose,
    But be prayerful nature will offer yur choice.

  4. wes

    I think marriage among middle aged adults becomes a less attractive option in life it’s a piece of paper that can be very expensive to resolve I think a commitment can be made without marriage for me personally I did make the life commitment and was in a long happy marriage life throw curves you marry the love of your life, live right give it all this person becomes your world you connect on all levels this experience between two is something some may never feel true love you live for that person . Then out of the blue that perfect world ends without reason I lost my best friend the wife part was the easy part to get over the emptiness of losing your best friend I guess may last forever. I dated a lot after my marriage ended I did notice pain in the hearts of the ladies I dated I could see the pain of the past trust is the biggest issue from a males point of view keeping men and I think women from marriage . I have a wonderful lady in my life right now is she my soul mate no will she become my soul mate I am not sure are we lucky enough to have two in a life time? Failure in a marriage isn’t easy to forget and it has been very difficult to put in the past I have a damaged hart and I know it and by discussion with my current partner I keep no secrets from she understands I lost the love of my life . My thoughts you can love and care for a person that’s a choice overtime something happens you become one that’s when Marriage is supposed to happen it should not be pushed. I may never remarry but I can say I do love and care for the lady I am with.

  5. Cindy

    Hay if man live with u for 3years or more than he is not going to marry u no way because u do everything marry couple do .

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Tiffany gave the best advice I’ve seen in here in a long while.

    Way to go, Tiffany.

    and Andrea, I applaud your independence !!!!

    And what Jen says is very true as well….

    great bunch of comments from our readers !!!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  7. Tinuke olosegbuhua

    you can never satisfield a man, marriage is for you to procreate, have your own child. i was married b4, then i remarried, men are just the same. God his our helper.

  8. Fleuret

    I met him 7 years ago, never came to see me or send even flower no birthday, valentine or holidays, just phone calls, every single days. Threaten to stop talking to him, I did. He promise to come and make it right. He did come see. Move together for almost a year promise marriage, but never happen. I accepted all his flaws he always has conditions for me. I am tired of not kept promises and conditions. Saying I am his world, but doesn’t want to commit. Am I stupid…
    YES I AM. I gave almost a decade of my life. HE WANTS ME back, but still have conditions
    Please tell me I am stupid I need to hear it….”….

  9. Mary

    For me it seems love is out of reach. Been on/off with a guy I would describe as perfect in every way except one…he is a nitpicker, a Virgo. I am an Aries. I just like things to flow. I’m not messy, I like clean, I look good, but he continuously finds something to complain about. I love him so very much but it’s hard to deal with that part of it. I’m too old for this and wonder if it’s time to throw in the towel. I have talked to several psychics, they tell me to hang in there and he will come around. Whatever. I’m devastated by this. Really. Don’t know what to do. 🙁

  10. jula

    I agree with Andrea and Geeta and Pop. Our society has programmed us that we should all
    strive to be married, even if the marriage is destructive. I am an adult now and I own my
    own home, self-supporting, and raised a great son who also doesn’t want marriage in his life.
    He has seen too many bad marriages with his friends, and doesn’t want to fall in that trap.
    At this time I just want a man that is fun and frisky without too much baggage. Marriage has
    never really appealed to me, but close friendships matter much (with both men and women)

  11. Tiffany

    @Cindy you should always let the man tell you he loves you first. A woman saying it first comes across as desperate and clingy. Once he says it feel free to say it as much as you like. If you start saying it and he isn’t saying it as often as he use to you stop saying it. Let the man be a man, follow his lead or at least make him beleive your following his lead when in fact your the leader 🙂

  12. Lori

    I believe that a man who loves his mother is very likely to be the kind of man who would make a good husband

  13. Jen

    You can be with a guy for years he can marry you and still not stay. The boyfriend I have now says he loves me and is in it for the long haul but runs home when things get too stressful. I don’t bitch or complain. Asking probing question just so I understand makes him angry. I love him and give him whatever he wants and hope when he says he will marry me it is true. I want a home family and kids. It’s what I pray for daily. Yet I am not sure of anything. The only thing I know for sure is that you can’t make them live you or change men to fit your ideals you must accept them for who they are and give them the space they need while making time for yourself.

  14. pop

    Marriage got to be blown all out of proportion by religion and business making money off marriage. Hollywood glamorized it and the media advertised it everywhere you look. Marriage should not even be a consideration in out modern enlightened world, commitment is all it takes to be happy for the rest of your life.

  15. andrea

    why would any woman get married? i,m not waiting for Mr Nice guy to “helpme” i am my own help thank you very much!. At my age I want to have a play mate , I dont need his dirty laundry to wash or his “smell” in my bedroom, as soon as that happens He’s OUT O HERE!! NEXT!!

  16. cindy

    Not been together for years he was married before I said I love you it freaked him out he ran Never to see hi. Again second time this has happened to me makes no sense


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