It’s Okay to Put Your Needs First

Put Your Needs First

Put Your Needs First and Love Yourself

When we are born, we are not aware of the needs and desires of those around us. All we know is that we have needs and desires and we will make those needs and desires known until they are met. Period. A baby knows the importance of having its needs met. It needs what it needs and it needs it now! But somewhere along our growth and development we begin to realize that we should take the needs and desires of others into consideration. Often, this is taught with the heavy hand of guilt and shame attached. As a result, it is a struggle to keep resentment out of the mix as well. I’m here to tell you it’s okay to put your needs first.

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The Needs of Others 

Soon, we learn to put the needs of others in front of our needs. While this is a wonderful and benevolent idea, it is in direct opposition to the natural course of action and desire. There is a great difference between being consumed with one’s own desires (to the exclusion of all others) and allowing yourself to become a martyr, waiting to be saved by those for whom you are sacrificing everything. It is in the difference of these two extremes that balance and genuine self-appreciation rests. The target for a truly happy and fulfilled life is hiding in plain sight between these two points of excess.

The First Thing You Think of Upon Rising

When you begin your day, do you think of something you want to do for yourself or are your first thoughts about the needs of others and how you are fighting to find the time to cram everything into a meager 24-hour day? When do you find a moment to fulfill your needs? Can you put your needs first?

Value Yourself

If you start to find small moments in the day to do something you want to do, something that is just for you and no one else, a very beautiful picture of life begins to develop. It is a slow process because it has taken you a lifetime to reach the place you now reside.

Begin to value yourself. As the old Golden Rule states, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Most people get stuck on the idea of loving their neighbor. They forget there is a second part to the rule: love yourself that much, too. Remember to put your needs first.

Love Yourself

In the busy days ahead, begin to love yourself more and make yourself a priority like the other people in your life. As you begin to appreciate yourself more, you will notice that others are beginning to appreciate you, too. People will treat you exactly as you tell them you expect to be treated.

Let your needs be defined and noted. Know that you deserve the dignity and priority that comes with the human experience. Allow your psychic self to guide you into a natural and powerful truth! Listen to your intuition and remember who you are! You are here in this journey to have your needs met and desires answered, too. Do not allow the shame or guilt manufactured by others keep you from living your truth!

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10 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Put Your Needs First

  1. Jesse 9027

    My precious Miss Krystal,
    Happy Holly Daze! Wish I could have made it to the party but there is always next year. Have a great holiday season and thank you for your wonderful comments on my articles.

    Many Bright Blessings,
    Jesse 9027

  2. Jesse 9027

    Good for you! 2015 is a year filled with great potential. Numerologically it is the number 8, which corresponds with strength as well as the infinite. Allow yourself the power to get stronger and heal on every level.

    Embracing your unique abilities and gifts is never a bad idea. The Universe is waiting to empower and explore with you!

  3. warriorqueen

    I am happy to read this coloumn today, as I am with a partner almost two years now, recently I have noticed the display of physical and verbal abuses.

    However, we are in the process of opening a business, i procured some funds on Friday Dec 12th, went to work on Sat Dec 13th, he text me several rude n abusive words over the weekend, therefore, i took the money yesterday Dec 16th, n bought some stuffs i really wanted in my home.

    He packed his clothes cuz he states that I am dumn & stupid, I dropped him off with his clothes @ his home this morning as requested. I drove to work feeling so guilty, but I guess if he did’nt leave now, he would leave some other time especially when I pumped all my money in the business.

  4. dr mukundan

    I was thinking that doing unto others as you would wish they should do to you in similar circumstances,was the dictum ordained by the LORD.I gave selfless service to all my people without detriment to myself or connections,fully under the belief that all things made in this world are for OUR good and share it well within limits.Had I put my needs only in front, my entire family would have been beggars,and it would still have been distressing and a social stigma.Hence,I would say whatever I have done good, it was only to boost my social image and my ego,and if I don’t expect anything in return,is it not OK?Had I not parted with my wealth to look after my people who are not that well endowed,it would have been very distressing to be known as the brother of downtrodden.Hence it was ,finally my ulterior ego which prompted me to part with all my money to elevate my people in the social strata.thankless indeed,by ultimately very invigorating experience.When time with me shall be no more,I should not have the burden of regrets,that I should have done my duty to them.My sacrifice with respect to my academic carrier is nothing compared to the immence pleasure I derive out of seeing my people out of penury.I am no preacher,these are the hard lessons I have learned through bitter experiences in RAW LIFE

  5. Charles Honeycutt

    My exlover just couldnt leave his ex lover alone,thats why he is my ex.I finally thought of my self instead of him.Being alone is uncomfortable,but its better than being used.

  6. susan g

    Thank you so much for this post. I am facing a life threatening situation and didn’t want to do it because I was thinking of everyone else-and was feeling sorry for myself. Thanks t0 you and the nice nurse who spoke to me today I decided to at least have the tests before it is to late. I’ve been alone for some years with 3 kids and grands 600 mi away and one kidgrand 100 miles. And a cousin who takes care of her 92 yr old with a dad who needs 24 hr care. I am in luv with a Dr. who won’t even say-have the surgery. He has pushed my buttons for a year now but is married. Have never been out with him Thank you again.

  7. Theresa Hendrickson

    I was pissed off with Dad last week for making Excuses this week And we never went out to dinner on every tuesday not Wednesday same with MOM x-mas dinner on Wednesday. I need your major HELP Do not say and type BE FEXILiBLE


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