Psychic Pauline: You Could be Living With a Narcissist

Are Your Living With a Narcissist?

Everyone can be a little selfish at one time or another in a relationship. After all, we are only human. However, if this behavior is the rule rather than the exception, you could be involved with a narcissist. Here are the warning signs:

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Makes Promises They Won’t Keep

Narcissists make a lot of promises, but they never deliver. They always make excuses for not keeping their promises, and they rarely apologize for letting you down. If something goes wrong, they tend to put the blame on others, including you. Narcissists are great at playing the victim.

They Are Pathological Liars

A narcissist can look you straight in the eye and lie to you. They invent tall tales with themselves at the center of everything. They make themselves the hero. As time goes by, their stories become more outlandish and the story always changes. You’ll hear a story one way today, but a few months from now it will have totally changed because it wasn’t true to begin with.

When it comes to romantic relationships, narcissists lie about what happened to make themselves look good. They want you to think they’re a wonderful catch. They may say that all their exes were extremely attractive, and they’re doing this to intimidate you or make you think they’re doing you a favor by dating you. But there is never any evidence that these previous partners exist. They have no names and there are not photos to back up the story.

They Aren’t Interested in Your Life

No matter what’s going on in your life, it’s of little interest to a narcissist. They have no sympathy or empathy for you, and they are quick to make the conversation about them again. They crave constant attention, which gives them a sense of self-worth. Narcissists are extremely insecure and uncaring. Without your constant attention and praise, they are forced to look at themselves and see who they really are.

They Don’t Have Close Friends

The narcissist doesn’t have close friends—only acquaintances—and that’s because they think they are better than everyone else. They tend to belittle all those who surround then in an attempt to make themselves feel and look superior. They like to discredit people and create falsehoods. They have no sense of guilt or remorse.

They Are Master Manipulators

Narcissists always have an agenda. They are excellent manipulators. If they do things for others, it’s only because they expect something in return. They are control freaks and their first priority is to charm the victim before isolating them. The isolate their victims because they don’t want them interacting with anyone else who associates with them.

Narcissists are excellent actors. They are very good at faking human emotions, like love, caring and empathy. They live in constant fear of being exposed.

They Can’t Handle Criticism

When criticized in any way, shape or form, narcissists fly into a rage. Any criticism they are subjected to will quickly become an attack on you and the attack is psychological. When you are not admiring and adoring the narcissist, you are of no worth to them so they swiftly punish you with their outrageous and sadistic tongue lashings.

Walk Away From the Negativity

If you have a relationship with a narcissist, the best thing to do is to walk away. Turning your back on them prevents them from controlling you and inflicting emotional distress on you. Total detachment is the only resolution.

You can choose to be a victim of these twisted individuals or you can choose to be a survivor. Surround yourself with positive energy and never hesitate to ask the Universe for assistance. When you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and create joy and peace in your life, the Universe will always support you.

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50 thoughts on “Psychic Pauline: You Could be Living With a Narcissist

  1. Tachena

    My ex that I just split up with 2 days ago displays the same actions!!! He was honest enough to tell me when I met him that he ad issues but I didn’t know it was this. He pampered me in the beginning and told me that our relationship was the best one he has ever been in. he lured me into moving in with him by telling me our relationship would not work if we didn’t live together because his past relationships caused him to have trust issues. He has no sympathy or emotion to me when I’m hurting or when he sees me crying. He just stares at me like I’m crazy or walks away. He blames me for everything that goes wrong in our relationship. Just 5 days ago I made an expensive dinner for him. I took him to the emergency room the next morning because he got sick over night and started complaining about stomach pains. The doctors told him that he had a mild stomach virus but he suddenly became convinced that I purposely poisoned him. They offered to do blood work but he refused. When I first noticed something was wrong in the middle of our relationship I contacted his ex-wife of 7 years on facebook I explained his actions and questioned why she left him. She blocked me!!! I never new why. But for the last few months I have been putting 2 and 2 together and I think she’s terrified of him. Anyone who trys to destroy his character he will go far and beyond to make their life a living hell. She knows if he finds out she gave me any info about their past he would make her life hell again. The good thing for me is that he’s gone. The bad thing is that it’s only been a few days since we split and the love is still there. Another bad thing is that all the furniture was his he took that and things I had bought for our house as well. This is the beginning of my healing process. I’m going to fight the pain and move on.

  2. brenda

    I live with a daughter who is like this and I can tell you[even being a spiritualist] that you can never do enough to change the energy in this person. WHO IS THIS PERSON? she not only rules and ruins her life, but behind everyone’s back they are never right and good enough. every time I say something, she has to come back and make this long story of the same thing I just said. she put’s me down in front of people and over rides everything I say. CONTROL ISN’T EVEN A BIG ENOUGH WORD. she is so negative I have all I can do to stand, because I feel i’m never enough. she has been this since a child. born that way. has never moved out and is 46,dah. I can’t effort to move. if I go out by myself or with someone she makes my life miserable .comes home at nite and goes thru the whole house to see if anything is different or not done her way. and this person was given all the love that anyone in the world could have. I do know that in another life she was a princess and I was her hand maiden. if I tell her to stop she goes off in a fury to me. then I can’t sleep all nite. then the next day all is kissy . I go to my group of physics and mediums and etc. come home feeling refreshed from the groups and wham. the pain is a killer. I have never done anything to the person to deserve this.

  3. she

    WOW! Great article. It took me 32 yrs to understand that it isn’t me now I am going for a divorce. I could write a book about my ordeal (husband) and it would be the best seller. “best seller” I am sorry I couldn’t get away earlier in life. He had all the control over my life and this is why. Don’t let a narcissist have the control.

  4. Diana

    Wow how right this article is about narcissic behaviour, it seems to appear more often in men. I battled on for years trying to correct what he said I was doing wrong in our relationship, he drove me to the very edge! They have no sympathy, no feelings for others and use you like an object for their own needs, controlling and manipulating, being soooo nice at times to get what they want. I saw he destroyed other people who did not play his game, it was always other people’s faults anyway, never his. I learnt the hard way. I heard that it could be a family genetic thing and was worried about my daughter, as she came to be in her teen years it appeared in her too, sadly. I am a foreigner in this country with no family, and now I have lost the family I so wished to make a life with and for. It is to late for me to return home as I have lost everyone there now, it has ruined my life to a point, but I have learnt to protect myself from these two individuals I loved, but receiving no love or care in return, I now do not expect anything from them and keep out of their way the most I can. They find any little word as an attempt to fight and make trouble, which I am sick of and do not need in my life. If things had been different, I would have got out of this a long time ago. I live “beside” them, you can never live with these narcissics as there is no exxchange of anything as everything returns to them and their needs and what they think is the only correct way. They are charming on the outset and it becomes stranger and stranger as time goes on, and we don’t realise what is wrong.
    My advice is get out as soon as possible as the damage with living or working with these people is terrible and marks for life.

  5. Ann

    To say this article is ‘On’ is an understatement. All the flags fly with such accurate descriptions, clear and to the point. Although one may suspect all the signs that are otherwise blurred with love, loyalty, optomism and faith, one can STILL overlook the obvious. Thinking love can cure/be the answeror more time, can manage this sort of personality however one NEEDS TO SEE IT ALL IN WORDS. Tough to deny the black and white statements. I am in the beginning phase of this heartache, knowing it will be a torturous journey for myself. A boyfriend/girlfriend living relationship of over 4 years minus a 8 month break up that had me crying, nightmaring, shattered, crying at ANY moment all those months apart. Small consolation was ‘ at least I was not geting verbally abused anymore’ However, at Christmas time, who calls out of the blue to move back in, unemployed, broke and although to be just temporary, has ended up back into the cycle. How could I turn away someone who meant so much to me? I had JUST stopped the crying when he resurfaced. So, a (very) little wiser, and moving forward with the first step of RECOGNIZING the same theme, and the few crumbs of happiness I get ‘doled out’ on pccassion, is not enough to live on and being the only one loving is not healthy either …. my goal is to effectively remove myself from the relationship. Setting bounderies is tough for me, as I am an ‘ all or nothing’ kinda gal. Hurting this guy hurts me everso much more than it should. I have zero family, and isolated from any friends to burden this with. My goal is by the end pf the year to fly solo once more. tears and all. Hating myself for doing it will have to be a hill to successfully overcome. I’m crying even this moment. Thank you for the article, most was common sense and know if I were to be truthful. IDENTIFYING the FACTS in print makes thoughts clearer and obvious. I take rsponsibility too, as I have allowed myself to tolerate so much all this time. Next move is mine, slow and steadfast. And prayers.

  6. Angel

    Me and my husband has been together for 25 years we have 4 kids together and he has 2 from another he treat me great but all the above from this email does sound like him he gives me everything I want but there is one thing I still today don’t understand he holds all the money, creit cards I ask him about it he says u don’t do with out and that the bank won’t give him too cards I no better then that I never changed my last name so I don’t go by his last name don’t no how to find his passwords to get In on the Internet and that goes with the cell phones he won’t give it to me he can go in find out who I talk to who calls I love this man he and I have been though a lot I mean homeless and every time I talk about getting a job he wants to pick it and then he will say you don’t need to work your place is here you do your job here so if he is all theses things how do I change it not leave him but to get him to lisen to me he don’t lisen it always ends up in a fight he’s always right but if anyone has anything to say to help me I would live to here thanks so much and god bless all theses women god live you and he would want us too go though theses abusive acts

  7. Nely

    I have a friend that is absolutely %100 fit the profile of narcissist. We started out to be as girlfriend/boyfriend and then now he wants us to be friends. The more he gets the more he takes from me and the more he wants. He always has financial difficulty. People always for him wrong after he treated them fairly. He is extremely critical but very sensitive to critics. His tongue is very kniffing with words and he never done nothing wrong. He has no remorse. The only time he is nice sweet attractive charming and seductive is when he needs something from me.

  8. Elizabeth

    How do I get away?? He tells me it’s me and my daughter believes him and not me..I’m so sad right now he buys her everything when i don’t make as much money…short story he gave me his card July 10th 2014 so i could take he shopping and said there was 80 dollars in there for now and i said thank u. I spent 42.18 then another 17. He called me and asked me why i over drafted his account. I told him i didn’t and he called me a liar. He called me a liar over and over again when I said u just want to be a hero to my daughter and called me crazy. I laughed at him and said ok ur right I’m crazy..what should I do and I have more story to say but I’m so anary after hearing this.

  9. Cris

    Now I’m enlightened.. All of the above describes my husband… A husband who thinks single for the past 16 years of our married life… Selfish bastard who just think of his own self.. Never minding the future of his son..

  10. Amanda

    I am still trying to come to terms, with the man who has tried to control everything in my life, he was very let down when he couldn’t win over my mother, and that’s because she saw straight through him, so I used to lie to her, to protect her from ever knowing that he was still in my life, his temper to me and his actions, had to have the police more than a number of times, he even tried to charm them, I have been going to victim support for the last two years, he has absolutely destroyed me Nd taken everything I own including my health, I have cancer, he has no emotions, and has completely made a fool out of me, and convinced my friends that I am mental, I have two degrees and a doctorate, so clever are these people at manipulation, no one would believe me, especially when I kept on taking him back, I start some form of psychotherapy soon, he has destroyed everything I worked so hard for in my life, I thought I was independent, but I’m at the bottom of the pit, and I don’t know how I’m going to get up, never drunk alcohol in my life, but it seems to be the only thing I can talk too, have a long way to go

  11. kathy

    I live with a bunch of Narcissists in my basement and they drive me insane with there uncontrollable behaviors

  12. Janelle

    Thank you so much Pauline! I have been sooooo stupid!!!!!!! I am also hurt beyond ever being able to imagine becoming this stupid at 49 yrs of age!…..the victim and this happens to be a double whammy…. My best friend of 14 years and my… I suppose, i hoped, husband/high school sweetheart after 31 years of letting that love be but out of no where there he was! I thought what a love story we will have to tell. I just cant tell you how so wrong and stupid and just plain worthless I am or rather have let these two very important….the most important I thought completely crush my entire self worth, dignity, respect etc….. as if I had a half an ounce to begin with. I just want to curl up and DIE! There is nothing that could make me feel more humiliated and worthless at this moment nor any possible way to ever, ever trust another human being with what ever I am, have, know or anything….EVER! If 14 years and 31 is not enough time to make for sure then there will never be a person in my life I could ever truly give anything to. I will foreve, automaticallyr be questioning eveyrthing from everyone. Every word! There is no other way. I could have bet my own life these two would never ever have a reason or ever just crosss their mind to do what they have done to me. That type of thinking wI will never understand and if there are miricles it wouldnt change the memory, feelings and let me ever trust agai. I will remember every single second of torment these two have subjected me to for as long as I live! The most profound and ridiculous thing about these two inhumane men is I now will always remember n o matter how much I love and care for anothe person as long or short as I livee could will never entitle me to accept any explaiation/understanding as to why a person could be so …. so… there is o word I could possibly think of for this type of behavior in any form from anyone and for any reason ever!!!!!!! What can I do but most importantly….how could I ever teach my children about these types of animals whom will completely convince you they care when that IS SO FAR FROM ANY TRUTH i WILL EVER KNOW. DADDY I MISS YOU SO MUCH AND WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW TRULY PERFECT YOU ARE/WERE TO ME AND WILL ALWAYS BE. YOUR LOVE IS ALL I WILL EVER HAVE TO CARRY WITH ME FOR THE REST OF MY DAYS HERE WITHOUT YOU WHICH SIMPLY HAS ABSOLUTELY OR MEANING OR REASON FOR MY ENTIRE professional-neuma-tattoo-machine-air-powered

  13. parker

    It is very strange that I got this particular email message. I have lived with my husband almost 24 years, and I knew after just a few months of dating and into marriage that something was wrong in my husbands thinking, actions and conversations. Actually, his whole way of thinking was not “normal”!!
    And believe me-the tongue-lashing is vicious!!!
    I am at the stage in this relationship that I just don’t listen to him anymore-there is no point-he just hears what he has to say and that’s that!
    One more point, he lies continuously!! Anything that I mention about our kids or anyone else-it always resorts back to him and how the situation applies to him and him only!!! He always complains-but does nothing to solve anything. Everything that happens to him is always
    someone else’s fault.
    I am the point in my life where -my life would be much better if he weren’t’ in it anymore!!
    He’s negative and lazy!! Only does things that would profit him and nobody else but HIM!!

    Above all. I don’t listen anymore-and I don’t care anymore! I am not playing anymore “head-games” !!! I am not “IT” in his mental circus!!!

    Trust me-if I had a million dollars-I wouldn’t look back- I’d run as fast as I can to savor my sanity!! And that is the honest-to-God’s truth!!!!!!!

  14. rockchick66


    I kicked that no good…..fake a** friend…instigating ..narcissist B****outta my life…….and it felt good!

    that low life caused so much friction between my relationship with my boyfriend…….and other friends….that I had to walk away.

    and the stupid psycho still thinks I like her…..??????

    she has successfully pushed her daughter out of her life over her devilish ways.
    not to mention the people who tried to be her friends…but have now left her behind….

    its sad that she wants to keep people away with this venom …..

  15. Mary

    Great article. Need more like these, as there are way too many people that are trapped by another’s twisted mind, which normally comes out at first as wit and charm. Webs are hard to detangle from.

  16. TARA


  17. patrice

    OMG!!!!!! You have described my ex to the Max!!!!!! He recently moved out and my daughter and myself couldn’t be happier. We are at peace!!!!!!

  18. Mary

    What is described here is a heart rendering ordeal. I fell in love with a person, who I thought cared for me. In time, I realized all of the things that are described came to pass. Deeply hurt,
    I have departed from the person I cared deeply about. It will take some time to recover from
    this 2 yr relationship. I have given more than I needed to but wanted to be special and thought
    that the person would begin to come my way. I will need to go through the grieving process.
    However long it takes. When the areas described hit me in the face, I knew I needed to continue to move forward. It has been several weeks since I have seen this person however,
    it confirmed to me that I am doing the right thing. Life is not always fair and we need to roll
    with the punches, head held high and trust in the Lord with all my heart and forgive the one
    who has lost someone who deeply cared and loved. I gave my all. He has lost out.

  19. phyllismontana

    I’m in a relationship I met this man on line an in the beginning we use to chat on the an the phone through text an talking on phone all the time,.The other day he told me he loves me very deeply like I do him. But the other day he told me he had internet problems an other things to work on. I text him every morning he never gets back to me now I will have to wait for him to get in touch with me . I feel he has a problem an when hes better hell get back to me

  20. lorraine

    I was once in a relationship with some one who was bipoler not on meds. It took me a long
    time to figure this out until finally he admitted to being diagnosed with it. As I read this
    article I can’t help but think how similar this guy was to what a narcissist is had some but not to the extreme symptoms as a narcissist. At any rate it was the most painful relationship I
    have ever known and took me a long time to walk away and left scars on me that are still
    healing 3 yrs. later. My advice to any one who even thinks they may be with some one like
    this is not not waste any time get away from them before more damage is done and don’t look back.

  21. wandabrown

    ive been living with this guy for 13years and he lies to e because hes on drug but I tink when fathe Jehovah deliver him he will not ly so much,so im gonna keep praying for him.also hes always saying hes gonna leave me because we haven’t had sex in over 8 months.ill he ever leaveme/

  22. Psychic Fiona ext 5178

    What an informative article. Great information to help many people. Narcissists thrive on chaos–if there isn’t any, they will create it. It gives them a buzz making them feel more in control than when things are peaceful. They have to keep things stirred up to feed off the energy.

  23. sienna

    Thank you! Perfect picture of my parent. Living with a narcissist when you’re a child is crazy-making and it takes a long time to overcome the damage. I wish more people could just walk away and not inflict this personality upon a child.

  24. GEMINI

    Thank you Pauline for your description of a Narcissist. By your description I was dating
    a man (Gemini) who is a narcissist. Looking back all these 8 months I was with him, it makes
    sense to me now by the way he acted and made me feel at times and never told me he
    cared for me.

  25. Martina Perry

    Your article on “psychopaths” is absolutely brilliant.
    Everything written, & stated is totally accurate , & to the point.
    Please make sure that this informative post is circulated widely.
    I am so impressed that I want to put this up on my Facebook page for all to see.
    Is it possible that you could e – mail me this information?
    It needs to be out there, as soon as possible.

    It is , by far, the best, most accurate, piece of writing, that I have read in a very long time.
    So, thank you .

  26. Angela

    oopps…sorry, continuation…After the description given above and the type of person he was, is there any doubt that this marriage could not be successful?
    There are a lot of positives to the end of this marriage, one is that I learned a lot.

  27. Angela

    I am a survivor!!!
    I was married to a man that fit the above description EXACTLY…and then some.
    The unfortunate thing was that not only did his stories often portray him as the hero, he more often was the victim. His story was how he always treated everyone SO well and in return they treated him badly. This made me feel he was treated unjustly and made me want to make things right.
    I often did see how his family and ‘friends’ did treat him badly and thought that I could be there for him and make up for it.
    My family also treated him well, respected him and welcomed him…but he turned around and treated us in the most horrible way.
    Our marriage only lasted 19 months and we had been together about 5 years in total.
    At first, he was dedicated and very good to me, but after we got married and as time went on he became more controlling and cruel. All I ever got from him was ‘you’re not my family, you are only my wife’. Also, that once married, the woman is the man’s chattel and he can treat her any way he wants…’some of my friends even beat their wives’.
    is After the description given above and the type of person he was, there

  28. DEB Kendrick

    Yes,I was in a relationship everything was always his way. Recently went to spend time with his kids .told me wants nothing to do with his ex that she a bitch. Yesterday he got mad took his things from sisters house and move in with her.when she kicks him out she will gain his possessions he took with him. I want to move on from him.

  29. DEB Kendrick

    Yes,I was in a relationship everything was always his way. Recently went to spend time with his kids .told me wants nothing to do with his ex that she a bitch. Yesterday he got mad took his things from sisters house and move in with her.when she kicks him out she will gain his possessions he took with him.

  30. Elizabeth

    Wow! This is the most accurate description of a classic narcissist! I know someone who fits this profile to a tee!!

  31. norm

    i have a brother who is an extreme narcissist. I walked away yeras ago.It is the ONLY way to stayin alive….with peace and tranquility.

  32. Janel

    Thank you for your post. I have lived with 2 of them and also have a daughter who fits this description….it becomes a very painful existence. Have cut them all out of my life= much happier life!! They will most likely NOT heal because they can’t see they have a problem.

  33. Nancy

    So true. I was married to a narcissistic controlling person. The best thing I did was get a divorce. This person still tries to control me and destroy me . Walking away was the best thing I could have done.

  34. David Lavenski

    Hello, I just read your info on Narcsist’s
    i hope i spelled that right lol, anyway,
    I do beliveve I am living with one.
    Please Help

  35. Mary

    This is very accurate… I know I was married to a narcissist for over 20. He was very emotionally abusive as well as physical.

  36. Chrissi

    How many of these are a definite diagnosis my father has a couple as does my husband- more so as he has got older and if he is under any kind of ‘stress’

  37. Yvonne Howeth

    I don’t live with a narcissist. My son is a little on that side if anyone I would know. Not bad.
    My husband passed away and I am alone now. My life is depressing and stressed. I own 3 business and after my husband passed I take care of all of them. I have always been in to the world of Psychic for many years. What a great thing it is.
    Keep up the good work the world needs more of you…

  38. Marc from the uk

    Great article. I’m sure we can all relate to someone like this. Don’t punish yourself for letting people like this in your life. We all make mistakes 🙂 it’s a learning curve

  39. Ted

    You are spot second wife was a narcissist.
    The only way I could keep my own identity,and stay self confident was to totally detach myself from her,have total control of my life and business with out her,I eventually divorced her after she tried to turn my whole family against me,and found she was cheating on me at the same time.

  40. Dyan

    Thank you so much for posting this. Both of my parents are narcissists, and when I read about narcissism, it sinks in a little better that I did nothing to deserve this kind of abuse, it’s their handicap that is inflicting this pain.


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